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Board of Health Meeting Minutes 06/06/2013
Board of Health Minutes
June 6, 2013

Present:     Ms. Leclair,  Ms. McGovern, Mr. Forte, Jr., Mr. Catalano Ms. Donovan

Guests:       Nick Lombardi, Kristina Stefanski, Patricia Damport Arrida, Diana Crooks, Sheila Vincini,
                    Joanne Arcand, Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Dutremble

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Forte at 7:30pm, a quorum was present.  


Approval of the Minutes of May 7, and May 21, 2013 were approved as amended.

New Business

Litter from 50-70 Pulaski Blvd/RK Center collecting at 41 Carrier Street:  

Mr. Sullivan, Dutremble and Murray were present to support this complaint. The homeowner, Mr. Sullivan, presented his grievance and shared pictures, a video clip, and two bags of litter he collected from his yard.  

There were no representatives present from other involved parties (CVS,/Dunkin Donuts) Mr. Lombardi, Ms. Stefanski, and Damport, were present representing Stop & Shop. Ms. Stefanski and Mr. Lombardi outlined the various steps taken to address the issue of litter blowing from the RK Center into Mr. Sullivan’s yard.

Ms. McGovern, Agent Catalano, and Mr. Forte have made trips to the location involved and shared their observations with the board. A discussion ensued and the following steps were agreed on by all parties present:

  • An enclosed trash receptacle will be placed in the parking lot
  • Recycling bins would be added to collect used store flyers with signage
  • Cooperation and involvement by other tenants will be sought via letter from Agent Catalano  to David Baker, RK Centers
  • The matter will be reviewed in three months at the September 5, 2013 meeting

                Page Two
                June 7, 2013

Town Common Trustees Signage:  Ms. Arcand, Crooks, and Vincini were present to discuss concerns over the number, location, size, and pole material for the new No Smoking Signs. A discussion took place Board Members conceded to:

  • Four signs being placed at the entryways of Route 126, Route 140 (Veterans Memorial), Depot Court Walkway and the Top Lot behind the receptacle.
  • Posts made of wood
  • Posts not higher than four feet
In addition, Agent Catalano agreed to attend the June 18 meeting of the Trustees in the regard.

Old Business

Food Establishment Tracking Report: Members reviewed the food inspections time line spreadsheets Ms. Renaud prepared. Ms. McGovern and Mr. Forte suggested two additional columns be added one for “paid” and one for “risks”. There were no objections.  Mr. Catalano will ask Ms. Renaud to add both columns to the spreadsheets and will also ask for an updated report.

Fines:  Discussion took place regarding fees, fines and suspensions.  It was agreed that in November letters would go out to the Food Establishments with a warning that if fees were not received by the 15th, a fine doubling the original fee would go into effect. If the fee was not received by 30th of the month, the establishment’s license would be suspended.

VNS Agreement: Agent Catalano reported that the MA DPH requires compliance with the Massachusetts Virtual Epidemiologic Network (MAVEN) in association with communicable diseases. Both Agent Catalano and VNS of Greater Rhode Island need to be trained. A motion was duly made, seconded and passed to add MAVEN Trained to Page Two of the Agreement between Visiting Nurse Service of Greater Rhode Island and the Town of Bellingham, MA under Intended Services: (2) Control of communicable disease.

Tobacco Compliance Checks: Only one violator has responded in writing and they will attend the June 20 Board of Health meeting. Other violators will be contacted by Agent Catalano via phone and asked to attend June 20, 2013 meeting.

The following penalties for violators will be presented at the ad hoc Tobacco Task Force Meeting to be held on June 18th at 6:00 p.m. in the Arcand Room:

  • First Offense: $100 fine and appear before board
  • Second Offense: $200 fine and 10 day suspension of sale of tobacco products
  • Third Offense: $500 fine and one year suspension of sale of tobacco products
Task Force recommendations will be presented at a public meeting.

Board of Health Summer Schedule:  On a motion duly made, seconded and unanimously approved, there will be one meeting during the months of July on the 18th and August on the 1st.

                                                                                        June 6, 2013
        June 6, 2013
        Page Three

Charter Review Committee: - Members had no additions to the town constitution.

Beaches Report:  The Bureau of Environmental Health released their Marine and Freshwater
Beach Testing report on May 24, 2013; Agent Catalano will request a hard copy.

Bills:  On motions made by Ms. Leclair, seconded by Ms. McGovern the following bills were unanimously approved for payment:

Reports now being sent to DEP
Alternative Printing
New Letterhead
Perma-line Corporation of NE
Tobacco Signage
Visiting Nurse Services
Michael Catalano
May 21 – May 31
Laura Renaud
Two rolls of stamps
Michael Catalano
MAVEN training

Septic Plans for Review

728 South Main Street – Mr. Forte reported that infractions have been addressed and home is in compliance.

20 Orchard Street – On a motion duly made and seconded, request for upgrade and 25% reduction in leaching field size was unanimously approved.

New Construction: Mr. Forte announced that a public hearing will be held on June 12 at 9:30 p.m. at the Bellingham Municipal Center to review a proposal to construct a Chapter 40B project on Lot 10, Silver Lake Road.  An advertisement has been placed in the legal section of the Woonsocket Call by the Conservation Commission.

Sharps Program: Agent Catalano reported that he has been working with Republic’s  Steri-Cycle mail back program. Citizens will receive prepaid envelopes (boxes) at no cost to return used needles. The town will cover the cost of postage.


On a motion made by Ms. Leclair, and seconded by Ms. McGovern, Mr. Forte adjourned the meeting at 10:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Elizabeth Donovan