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Board of Health Meeting Minutes 01/16/2014
Board of Health Minutes
January 16, 2014


Chairman Vincent Forte, Ms. McGovern, Ms. Leclair, Health Agent Catalano,
Elizabeth Donovan, Minutes Clerk
Guest: Sarah Waskiewicz, R.N

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Vincent Forte at 7:31 p.m.

Old Business

The December 5, 2013 Minutes were approved unanimously on a motion made by Ms. McGovern and seconded by Ms. Leclair.

VNS Termination Confirmation – A copy of the January 14, 2014, letter to Ms. Franchitto, Interim President & CEO, VNA of Greater RI was reviewed. This letter requested a detailed report of duties performed in the past three months before final payment of $666.67.

New Business

Public Health Nurse Interview – Sarah Waskiewicz, R.N.
Worcester VNA Care Network & Hospice Services- Agent Catalano reported that Maureen Sentrowski, VNA Care, Worcester, was unable to attend; she has submitted a drafted contract agreement (attached) for consideration.  Agent Catalano reported that she has agreed to do everything requested: BP screening. Flu clinics, Maven education, etc.

Sarah Waskiewicz, R.N.’s was present and was considered in this matter. The benefit of contracting with Worcester VNA or paying a flat hourly rate to Sarah Waskiewicz, R.N. was explored. Agent Catalano brought up potential coverage issues when hiring an individual rather than a service and that Sarah may not have the access to grants that VNA has. Also, VNA services bring their own supplies; supplies would need to be included in the budget for an individual contract.  Members felt that the benefits of dealing with one nurse would be an advantage.

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        January 16, 2014

Ms. Leclair motioned to hire Sarah Waskiewicz, R.N. as public health nurse for a one year period. She will be reimbursed at $45 per hour not to exceed $9,500 per year. Ms. Waskiewicz agreed to provide her nursing and insurance credentials. Ms. Leclair’s motion was seconded by Ms. McGovern and passed unanimously.  Ms. Waskiewicz’s name will be added to the Board of Health website.

Annual Operating Budget
The 2015 Budget has been reviewed and will be submitted to Selectmen on January 23, 2014.
The Board of Health will request  that a revolving fund be created from revenues received from Tobacco Permits and Violations and to authorize the use from these funds for tobacco surveillance of the tobacco regulations and for tobacco education and training, not to exceed $12,000; the cost of 30 permits.  

2014 Food Inspection Schedule - Agent Catalano reported that 98% of inspections were completed for 2013 and anticipates 100% will be completed in 2014.  

Annual Report – Chairman Forte summarized the Board’s initiatives and actions (attached) into The 2013 Board of Health Annual Report.  His report was well received and members agreed that it accurately reflected the work accomplished in 2013.


Motions were duly made by Ms. McGovern, seconded by Ms. Leclair and passed without objection to approve the following invoices for payment:

2 rolls of stamps
$ 5.05
Laura Renaud

The VNS bill for $666.67 for January remains tabled.


A motion was made by Ms. McGovern to adjourn the meeting at 9:25 p.m. her motion was seconded by Ms. Leclair and passed without objection.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Donovan, Minutes Clerk

Approved 2/5/2014