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Board of Health Meeting Minutes 02/11/2016
Board of Health
February 11, 2016


Chairperson Kelly McGovern, Vice Chair Vincent Forte, Jr., Member, Tricia Leclair, Health Agent Michael Catalano and Minutes Clerk Elizabeth Donovan

call to order

Ms. McGovern called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.


A motion was made by Mr. Forte to approve the Minutes of January 21, 2016; Ms. Leclair seconded the motion and motion carried.


Food Inspectors – Inspectors Tara Gurge and Bill Fisher were present for this portion of the meeting.  The 2016 Food Establishment Inspection list and schedule were distributed for review. Inspectors present agreed to contact the board if they discover five or more critical findings.  Health Inspector Catalano will do the follow up inspection if necessary to ensure that critical are addressed right away. This will also facilitate violators’ timely presence before the board.  Inspectors will sign the same contract as last year and proof of insurance coverage will be required like last year.

Choke Saver Training – The Fire Chief has offered to provide this training.  Choke Saver training and certification will be a requirement for establishments that serve food and one certified employee must be present on each shift.

Tobacco Retail Training Evaluations – Sarah McColgan, MA health officers Association forwarded the summary of the evaluations received from the training back in September, 2015 for review.


Zika Virus – Mr. Forte reported that last week this virus was found in FL, this week it has been found in 26 states and one case in MA. A Zika Virus fact sheet from the MA Department of Public Health  was distributed. Eighty percent of people who are exposed to Zika virus do not get sick. Symptoms may include fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis.

Complaint - Jim Sullivan was present with another complaint regarding trash being blown against the fence.  He seeks documentation that will allow him to pursue the matter in small claims court. Agent Catalano explained the new regulation that will allow us to use a fine for private land.  Litter will be added to inspection reports.

Trustee for Twin Brook Condo – A discussion ensued regarding whether the Board would consider a $120K Betterment Loan. There are 32 units.  Discussion included charging per unit, having each unit apply separately. Another option would be to ask for $120K just for Twin Brook separate from the other betterment money.

Public Nurse – Sara Waskiewicz will be invited to the March 3 meeting.

Circle C Ranch – The Shops at Bellingham are off the agenda and not ready to go forward as quickly as originally anticipated. Jefferson development is not an option, the owner will be invited to the March 17th meeting to discuss plans.


Sarah McColgan, MA Health Officers Association sent a summary of the evaluations received from the training for tobacco retailers in Bellingham.  


Ms. Leclair moved to pay WB Mason $83.43 for office supplies; motion was seconded by Mr. Forte and passed.

Ms. Leclair moved to pay HF Group $99.30 for food inspection forms; motion was seconded by Mr. Forte and passed.

Ms. Leclair moved to pay Sarah Waskiewicz $270 for public health services for January; motion was seconded by Mr. Forte and passed.


A motion was made by Mr. Forte, seconded by Ms. Leclair and passed without objection to approve payment of $11,105 to John Slaney and J. Hockman for 256 Theresa Road.

Notice of Betterment Agreement

Mr. Forte moved to approve the agreement for Anthony and Jill Karakeian of 705 Wrentham Road; Ms. Leclair seconded and motion passed. Signatures were notarized.
Mr. Forte moved to approve the application for a Betterment Loan for 1451 Pulaski Boulevard; Ms. Leclair seconded and motion passed.  

Mr. Forte moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:20 p.m., motion was seconded by Ms. Leclair and carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Donovan,
Minutes Clerk