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Board of Health Meeting Minutes 03/03/2016

Board of Health
March 3, 2016


Chairperson Kelly McGovern, Vice Chair Vincent Forte, Jr., Member, Tricia Leclair, Health Agent Michael Catalano and Minutes Clerk Elizabeth Donovan

call to order

Ms. McGovern called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.


A motion was made by Mr. Forte to approve the Minutes of February 11, 2016; Ms. Leclair seconded the motion and her motion carried.


RK Plaza Litter
An e-mail from Mr. Sullivan from 2014, was reviewed, in it, Mr. Sullivan stated that if a chain link gate was installed, he would be satisfied that RK has fulfilled their obligations relative to his complaints concerning debris blown onto his property.  Members were agreement that every time the BOH has asked Stop & Shop to clean the trash, they have responded.  Motion by Vinnie that we not levy fines for Stop & Stop for debris providing they continue to clean the area every 12-24 hours. Agent Catalano met with Grant Gray, new manager of Stop & Shop who will be invited to an upcoming meeting.  


Maple Street Mulch Pile
Agent Catalano reported that when the matter was brought up originally, the Fire Department never got complete compliance with everything they wanted.  Jim Kupfer, Town Planner, will follow up with counsel and Michelle Delmare, DEP, is ready to step in when needed.

Agent Catalano reported that the Selectmen passed the BOH budget.

Ms. McGovern will be reappointed at the end of March; at that time the BOH has the option to reorganize.

Public Health Nurse
Sara Waskiewicz was invited but was not present.

Agent Marilyn Edge will resume compliance checks in March.

Adopt a Highway
Ms. McGovern offered to look into finding a business that would be interested in sprucing up the 495 off ramp area for Bellingham.


Ms. Leclair moved to pay Town of Bellingham Alternative Printing $50 for business cards; her motion was seconded by Mr. Forte and passed.

Ms. Leclair moved to pay McIntyre Engineering & Septic Services $290; her motion was seconded by Mr. Forte and passed.

Ms. Leclair moved to pay Vincent Forte, Jr. $39.95 for reimbursement for Septic System Design online course, Ms. McGovern seconded, Mr. Forte abstained, her motion carried.

Ms. Leclair moved to pay Sarah Waskiewicz $270 for public health services for February; her motion was seconded by Mr. Forte and passed.


A motion was made by Mr. Forte, seconded by Ms. Leclair and his motion passed without objection approving payment of $600 to Cook’s General Contracting and Cathy McClellan for 81 Lakeshore Drive.

Notice of Betterment Agreement
Ms. Leclair moved to approve betterment agreements for Kevin and Brittany Overshiner for
10 Cutler Street, Bruce Smith for 65 Blackstone Street and Daniel Haddad for 17 Bellstone Drive.  
Mr. Forte seconded and motions for agreements passed; signatures were notarized.

Ms. Leclair moved to approve application of Edward McGrath, 183 North Street for the Community Septic Betterment Program. Mr. Forte seconded the motion and his motion passed.

Mr. Forte moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 p.m., his motion was seconded by Ms. Leclair and carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Donovan,
Minutes Clerk