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Board of Health Meeting Minutes 10/20/2016

Board of Health
October 20, 2016


Chairman Vincent Forte, Jr., Vice Chairperson, Patricia Leclair , Member, Kelly McGovern, Health Agent Michael Catalano

Other Attendees:
James Kupfer, Town Planner
Jay Talerman, Town Counsel
Tracey Taddeo, Animal Control Officer

call to order

Chairman Forte called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.


A motion was made by Ms. McGovern to approve the Minutes of October 6, 2016; Ms. Leclair seconded the motion carried.

        A motion was made by Ms. McGovern to appoint Mark Boscio as part time Food Inspector, Ms. Leclair second and the motion carried.  He will be asked to attend the November 3rd meeting.  A contract will be given to him for review.

        Mr. Forte read the public hearing notice.  He asked each resident that wanted to speak to come up and sign their name and address for our records (attached).  Agent Catalano explained that Bellingham currently has a gap in the bylaw.  There are no BOH regulations and there have been many complaints (30 -50) regarding noise and odor.  Mr. Kupfer, Town Planner explained this began last spring and with the heat came odor complaints. The concern is small lots.   This regulation is for the health and welfare of all neighborhoods. There were approximately 50 to 60 residents in attendance.  They felt the regulations were penalizing all livestock owners of their rights to own livestock (mainly chickens) and it should be the ones that had complaints against them. Their chickens are their pets, they rely on the eggs, and they are healthier and less costly than store bought.  They felt the regulations were not well thought out and too restrictive.   The board explained that the regulations were a draft and nothing was going to be voted on at this meeting.  They were willing to hear all residents’ concerns.  The board stated there needs to be some regulation.  There are many concerns:  odor, noise, waste going into wetlands, which destroys groundwater, free roaming livestock. Selectmen Soter was in attendance and suggested a committee be formed, consisting of a member from BOS, ZBA , BOH and livestock owners and non-livestock owners.  The regulation would have input from all sides.  This could also possibly be put on hold until the next town meeting for the residents vote.  Animal Control Officer Taddeo was in attendance and spoke in favor of having a regulation.  It is for the safety and welfare of both the livestock and the residents.  She was in favor of a permitting process, whether or not there was a fee charged.  It would be helpful to know where all the livestock reside.  They escape; they roam and can get hurt.  They have no way of knowing who and where they belong.  Agent Catalano explained the board spent a lot of time putting the regulation together and had input from other towns and professionals.  The regulation will not be adopted at this meeting.  There is no cutoff date.  A motion was made by Ms. Leclair to continue this hearing to November 17, 2016 at 7:45.  Ms. McGovern seconds the motion and the motion carried. The hearing will not be advertised again but can be found on the town website.  


        Chairman Forte requested that EOC training and contaminated soil be added for 2017      topics of discussion.
        Discussion of the litter Bylaw at November 3rd meeting
        Discuss Task Force –Livestock Regulations

HEALTH AGENT UPDATES: Agent Catalano announced the upcoming Family Flu Clinic on November 7th to be held at the Town Municipal Center 2:00 to 6:00.  

        The Bellingham Senior Center recently received a grant to implement the Elder Mental Health Program.  As part of the grant process, the BOH was asked to submit a letter of support and agreement to participate in the EMHOT (Elder Mental Health Outreach Team) process, consult with and/or refer seniors who may benefit from this program and attend team meetings with other members of EMHOT (Elder Mental Health Outreach Team).  This was completed and forwarded to the Senior Center.

        Agent Catalano asked the Board Members to sign a Thank you letter to Walgreens for coordinating the recent Employee Flu Clinic a BHS.  It was well attended.


Ms. McGovern moved to pay Techno Publication $50.00 for legal advertising; her motion was seconded by Ms. Leclair and passed.

Ms. McGovern moved to pay MAHB $ 230.00 for Agent Catalano and Chairman Forte to attend the MAHB Certification program on November 12th, her motion was seconded by Ms. Leclair and passed.

Ms. McGovern moved to pay Marilyn Edge, Tobacco Agent for Tobacco Compliance checks and postage reimbursement, totaling $ 241.70; her motion was seconded by Ms. Leclair and passed.


A motion was made by Ms. McGovern, seconded by Ms. Leclair and his motion passed without objection approving payment of $ 350.00 to Cook’s General Contracting and Robert Dumont, 19 Pelletier Drive.

Notice of Betterment Agreement
Ms. McGovern moved to approve a betterment agreement for Marcel and Carol Tancrell, 61-63 Brisson Street. Ms. Leclair seconded and motion for agreement passed; signatures were notarized.

Ms. McGovern moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:00 p.m., her motion was seconded by Ms. Leclair and carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Laura Renaud
Administrative Assistant  

Approved 11/3/2016