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Board of Health Meeting Minutes 11/03/2016

November 3, 2016
Chairman Vincent Forte, Jr., Vice Chairperson, Patricia Leclair, Member, Kelly McGovern, Health Agent Michael Catalano

Chairman Forte called the meeting to order at 7:32 PM.
A motion was made by Ms. McGovern to approve the minutes of October 20, 2016 as amended.  Ms. Leclair seconded and the motion carried.
Ms. McGovern motion to appoint Mark Bascio to Food Inspector.  Ms. Leclair seconded, the motion passed.  Agent Catalano stated he was working on getting the Food Inspectors their insurance under MIAA, all together as one policy.  It would be more convenient and hopefully less expensive.   
Agent Catalano explained Michael Sarasin did the Food Inspections for Bamboo Express Restaurant.  He found critical issues (temps in walk in fridge, Storage, Labeling)   that have not been taken care of and have been repeat violations.  Mike Sarasin explained they needed to get things in order there.  Ying, owner of Bamboo Express stated she was only there approximately 2 days a week and it was difficult to keep up.  Michael Sarasin offered information on taking a ServSafe class from a certified Asian teacher.  He explained one person on each shift must be servsafe certified.  The board will also be offering anti-choke training and Allergen Awareness classes after January 1, 2017.  The board allowed 30 days for the owner to sign up her employees up for ServSafe.  The owner was in agreement.   
Ms. Elliot was in attendance for the Minutes Clerk position.  The board explained the board meets the first and third Tuesday of each month, approximately 7:30 to 10:00.  They showed an example of the minutes and explained they would like the draft sent to Laura (Admin. Asst. ) within 48 hours.  They are then reviewed at the next meeting.  The Clerk can take the notes of the minutes any way she would feel comfortable (recorder, laptop, shorthand) There is a stipend paid monthly of $ 141.66.  They explained the duties of the BOH, which could take some time to understand it all, but questions are welcome during the meeting.  Ms. Elliott did not have any further questions. She stated she is not a Notary Public.     The board stated they would be in touch.  
Livestock Committee-Agent Catalano spoke with Town Counsel about creating the Livestock Committee.  Letters will be sent out to Animal Control, Planning Board, Board of Selectmen and Board of Health seeking one member from each board to join.  And three residents that signed up at the previous meeting will also be asked to join.  As they go along they can ask Conservation Commission or other boards if needed.  The committee can decide when and where they want to meet. Ms. McGovern motioned to form the Livestock Committee consisting of one person from Animal Control, Planning Board, Board of Selectmen, Board of Health and 3 interested residents.  Ms. Leclair will be Chairman. We can also have backup members if needed.  Ms. Leclair seconded and the motion passed.  
Litter Bylaw – Agent Catalano stated it must go to the Attorney General.  
Chairman Forte spoke about the EOC (Emergency Operations Center) Training. He explained the board already watched the videos (ICS) online.  They will need backup.  Laura took care of the recent drill.    
Chairman Forte would like to put a permit in place to make sure there is clean fill being brought in.  He is concerned about contaminated soils being dumped in town.
Agent Catalano updated the board that  he spoke with Denis Fraine and it was agreed that Laura Renaud, BOH Administrative Assistant will get 4 hours pay at her hourly rate for doing the minutes until a new Minutes Clerk is hired.  The board was in agreement.
Agent Catalano spoke with Don DiMartino and the owner of Circle CG and they would be starting their project on Monday, November 14th.  It would take approximately 2 days.
Agent Catalano updated the board on a Tobacco Complaint within the DPW.  Marilyn Edge, Tobacco Control Agent received the complaint directly about smoking at the DPW yard and in the town vehicles.  Agent Catalano did receive the same complaint last year and talked with Don DiMartino, DPW Director about it.  He (Don) said he would take care of at that time. Marilyn Edge would be visiting the site and speaking with Mr. DiMartino.
Agent Catalano noted that he and Chairman Forte would be attending the MAHB Conference on November 12th in Marlborough.  
Ms. McGovern motioned to pay Michael Sarasin, Food Inspector $ 215.00 for one inspection at Egan’s Pub and the BOH meeting attendance.  Ms. Leclair seconded, motion passed.
Ms. McGovern motioned to pay Laura Renaud $ 8.80 for postage reimbursement.  Ms. Leclair seconded, motion passed.
Ms. McGovern motioned to pay Techno Publications $ 131.00 for Flu Clinic Advertisement.  Ms. Leclair seconded, motion passed.  
Ms. McGovern motioned to pay Marilyn Edge $ 550.00 for Tobacco Compliance Checks.  Ms. Leclair seconded, motion passed.
Ms. McGovern motioned to pay Dave Brown and Robert Dumont $ 15,000.00 for 19 Pelletier Road.  Ms. Leclair seconded, motion passed.

The Betterment Agreement for 61-63 Brisson Street was re-signed as an error in the owner’s name was noticed.  It was corrected and signed by the board.  Laura Renaud will notarize.
786 South Main Street – Ms. McGovern moved to approve request for local upgrade310CMR:15.405 (i) separation from groundwater 4’ to 3’.  Ms. Leclair second, motion carried.
Ms. McGovern moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:27 PM; Ms. Leclair second and the motion carried.