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Board of Health Meeting Minutes 11/17/2016
November 17, 2016
Minutes of Meeting


Chairman Vincent Forte, Jr., Vice Chairperson, Patricia Leclair, Member, Kelly McGovern, Health Agent Michael Catalano

        Chairman Forte called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

        The Board discussed the Livestock Committee.  The members have been chosen as follows:
Tricia Leclair, Chairperson, Carolyn Duhaime, Dan Spencer, Ernest Renda, Luke Lavallee, Brian Salisbury and Tracey Taddeo.  They must get sworn in at the Town Clerk’s Office.  The first meeting will be held on December 6, 2016 at 6:00 PM.  The Committee Members will be notified by member, Ms. Leclair and Agent Catalano.  The meeting is open to the public.

        The board interviewed 3 candidates for the Minutes Clerk Position.  Tina Griffin, Stacy Vann and Calie Senna.  Myra Loud cancelled earlier in the day.  They explained the job duties, the work schedule and what the BOH does.  After hearing from all the candidates the board made their decision.
A motion was made by Ms. McGovern to offer the position to Tina Griffin, with Stacy Vann being second choice; her motion was seconded by Ms. Leclair and passed.  Laura will notify her as soon as possible.

        The board discussed as to what order contractors should be listed on handouts to the public.  Some contractor’s felt if their names were at the end of the alphabet they were not getting the work they could be.  The board discussed this and felt it was the most appropriate way to list any of our licensed people or businesses. Ms. McGovern motion to keep the listing printouts to read in alphabetical order.  Ms. Ms. Leclair second.  All in favor.
        Legalization of Marijuana was put on hold until the Tobacco Agent could be in attendance.  Marilyn Edge, Tobacco Agent would be asked to attend the December 1st meeting.

        The board discussed the offer to choose a designee, one member form the board, to sign payroll and invoices during non-hearing days/times (per Municipal Modernization Act, section 58).  This is being offered as to make the payment process quicker.  The board felt it would be best to keep our system the way it is and have the majority of members sign all payrolls and invoices.  Ms. McGovern motion to continue to require a majority vote for financial documents.  Ms. Leclair second.  All in favor to keep the current signature requirements in place.
FY 2018 Budget Schedule is attached and will be put on hold until the next meeting.  Laura and Agent Catalano will work on the figures.
Ms. McGovern moved to pay Michael Sarasin $365.00 for food inspections.  Ms. Leclair seconded and the motion passed.
Ms. McGovern moved to pay Marilyn Edge $275.00 for tobacco compliance inspections.  Ms. Leclair second and the motion passed.
A motion  was made by Ms. McGovern, seconded by Ms. Leclaire and the motion passed without objections approving payment of $3, 400.00 to Colonial Engineering and Paul Munro of 786 South Main Street.
15 Pearl Street – Ms. Mcgovern moved to approve the application for a new disposal system permit for Jeremy Ballerino, no variances, seconded by Ms. Leclair and the motion passed.
29 Indian Run Road- Ms. Mcgovern moved to approve the application for a new disposal system permit for Norman Decelles, no variances,  seconded by Ms. Leclair and the motion passed.
Ms. Mcgovern moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:20; motion was seconded by Ms. Leclair and motion carried.