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Board of Health Meeting Minutes 09/21/2017

SEPTEMBER 21, 2017

Chairperson:  Tricia Leclair
Vice Chairperson:  Kelly McGovern
Member: Vincent Forte, Jr.
Health Agent: Michael Catalano
Minutes Clerk: Tina Griffin

Ms. Leclair called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.

A motion was made by Mr. Forte to approve the minutes of September 07, 2017, as submitted.
Ms. Leclair seconded and the motion carried.  Ms. McGovern abstained from the motion, as she was not present at the last meeting.

The Board discussed the recent compliance checks and violations that were issued due to sale of tobacco products to underage buyers.  Locations that received violations were:  Bellingham Grocery, Mobil Gas Station, Walmart and Cumberland Farms on Hartford Avenue.  Board members discussed the fines and penalties that have been issued for these locations.

Ms. Leclair had a template that she had emailed Board members with suggestions for dog waste signage.  The Board agreed on the template and a fine of up to $500 for violators.  
Mr. Catalano told the Board that he would speak to the DPW regarding the details of the sign and will also check with Mr. Denis Fraine to see if town counsel needs to approve the signs before having them made.

Mr. Catalano discussed the lack of communication from Mr. Machado regarding his livestock violations.  Mr. Machado has not filled out the application for the free livestock permit that was due by July 1st.  In addition, Mr. Machado has not responded to the letters that were sent to him regarding the complaints that have come in about his chickens and possible rooster violations.  Mr. Catalano told the Board that he will visit Mr. Machado over the next week or so and bring him a copy of the livestock permit application.  Mr. Forte said he would like to go to the residence with Mr. Catalano and will schedule a time to go before the next Board of Health meeting.  

Ms. McGovern discussed some of the details about the Fall Litter Clean-up Day that is scheduled for Saturday, September 30, 2017.  The event will be held from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm.  All volunteers are asked to meet at the Municipal Center located at 10 Mechanic Street.  
The town will provide safety vests, protective glasses, gloves, bug spray, waters and a lunch at noon time.  
An advertisement was placed in the Bellingham Bulletin newspaper, as well as local cable television channels.  More volunteers are needed for this event in order to cover as many areas as possible.
Mr. Catalano said that he talked with the Vendetti Bus Company and they will be donating a bus and driver to shuttle the volunteers to the designated areas for cleaning and then back to the Municipal Center when done.

Mr. Forte stated that he would like to know who receives the administration fee for the flu shot that Medicare is being billed for.  Mr. Forte told the Board that he would be contacting Medicare to get the details on the billing process and will bring the information to the next Board of Health meeting on October 05, 2017.  

The Board acknowledged and discussed the Milford Pot shops and State Supreme Drug Sobriety items that were on the agenda.  Mr. Catalano said that he would talk with Mr. Denis Fraine and town counsel and asked to put these items back on the agenda for the next Board of Health meeting.

Board members discussed the current food inspection schedule and paperwork that has not been received from the inspectors as of today.  Mr. Catalano advised the Board that he believes all inspections are done and up to date but he will contact Mr. Fisher to get copies of his reports that have not been submitted yet.  
Ms. Leclair expressed that this seems to be an on-going issue with Mr. Fisher and the Board should take some sort of action regarding this delay.  Ms. McGovern suggested hiring another inspector to ease some of the work load off Mr. Fisher.  
Mr. Catalano told the Board that he would speak to Mr. Fisher about his paperwork delay and that this topic should be added to the agenda for the next Board of Health meeting.  

The Board reviewed the Title V addendum.
Mr. Forte made a motion to add a Title V regulation addendum to the existing regulations, governing 310 CMR 1500.
Amendment as Follows:
  • Use of cameras to determine a Pass/Fail for a residential / commercial inspection is prohibited.
  • Cameras can be used to locate components; however, it must be an open inspection.
  • Please make statement on comment area that a camera was used in the inspection process.
Ms. McGovern seconded and the motion carried.

Mr. Francis Cartier and Ms. Leslie Cartier were appointed as burial agents for the town at the Board of Health meeting on September 07, 2017.  Board members signed the appointment paperwork tonight.

A motion was made by Mr. Forte to pay $111 to Techno Publications for the September ads in the Bellingham Bulletin newspaper.  Ms. McGovern seconded and the motion carried.   

The Board discussed the application process for betterment loans and the requirement that the first two pages of applicants 1040 Tax Forms will be required to be submitted with the application, as proof of income eligibility.  

A septic plan for 25-29 Elvira Street was reviewed by the Board.  
This plan is for the two houses on the one lot to share the same system and houses will not be able to be sub-divided in the future.

Mr. Forte made a motion to approve the plan for 25-29 Elvira Street as noted:
  • Local upgrade approval to offset the SAS (Soil Absorption System)  from 4’ to 3’ per
310 CMR 15.405(i)
Ms. McGovern seconded and the motion carried.

Ms. McGovern moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:55 pm.  Her motion was seconded by Mr. Forte and carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tina M. Griffin
Tina M. Griffin