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Minutes 06/09/2008
Capital Improvement Committee Minutes
Town of Bellingham – Municipal Center
Monday, June 9, 2008

1.      Present:  Joseph Collamati, Michael Tobin, Mary Beth Cuomo Roland Lavallee, Toni Picariello

2.      Absent:  N/A

3.      Meeting called to order:  7:15 pm

4.      POLICE DEPARTMENT – BUILDING ISSUES (Denis Fraine & Chief Daigle)

        The Board of Selectmen had a meeting on this night and Denis Fraine could not attend our meeting.  It is rescheduled for Monday, July 14, 2008.


        Marilyn Mathieu attended and informed us again that there is no money for capital.  If the Town wants to approve capital a 2 ½ debt exclusion or 2 ½ override would be needed.  Everyone agreed that this is not the time to ask the taxpayers for an override.  The CIC would still like the capital requests to be sent out to see what equipment or projects are wanted.  Marilyn Mathieu will send out the requests and update the 5-year capital plan spreadsheet.

        Joseph Collamati mentioned that we need a 5-year capital plan, so the departments should be prioritizing.  The 5-year road reconstruction plan is not going forward.

        Michael Tobin asked what is being done to cut expenses.  Marilyn Mathieu mentioned that we are drawing down our reserves.  If the State aid is cut, we will need to start cutting expenses.

        Stabilization Fund has $1.2M, but we need to take $500,000 for snow and ice account.

        Projected revenue:
                1.      Depot Street Co-Gen plant is putting up a huge building to cover turbines.      
                2.      Sports Complex on Maple & High Streets.
                3.      Proposed Faford Condo project.
                4.      Shoppes of Bellingham at Rte. 495.

        Is any of the debt going to be paid off?  The debt exclusion for the Sewer projects of 1993 and 1996; we still have about 20 years to go.  Debt service is about 12% of the budget and our debt per capita is very low.  If needed a debt exclusion would give the Town about $700,000.

        Marilyn Mathieu mentioned that there was a meeting for all the Unions in Town regarding the State Insurance and ONLY the Teacher’s (MTA) union attended.  Town pays 80% of the insurance.

                A.      Vote on Chairman and Vice Chairman

                Joseph Collamati/Mary Beth Cuomo motion to nominate and appoint Roland Lavallee as Chairman.  VOTE:  4/0/1 (Roland Lavallee abstained)

                Toni Picariello/Mary Beth Cuomo motion to nominate and appoint Joseph Collamati as Vice-Chairman.  VOTE: 4/0/1 (Joseph Collamati abstained)

                Toni Picariello mentioned that she did not want to serve as Clerk any longer.

                Joseph Collamati/Mary Beth Cuomo motion to nominate and appoint Toni Picariello as Clerk.  VOTE:  4/1 (Toni Picariello voted against).

        B.      Accept Minutes dated March 24, 2008.
        Mary Beth Cuomo/Michael Tobin motion to accept the minutes for March 24, 2008 with corrections.  VOTE:  5/0.

Adjourned:  Mary Beth Cuomo/Joseph Collamati motion to adjourn.  VOTE:  5/0.  8:00 p.m.
(Accepted July 14, 2008)