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Minutes 07/14/2008 DRAFT
Capital Improvement Committee Minutes
Town of Bellingham – Municipal Center
Monday, July 14, 2008

1.      Present: Toni Picariello, Michael Tobin, Mary Beth Cuomo

2.      Absent:  Joseph Collamati, Roland Lavallee

3.      Meeting called to order:  7:15

        Marilyn Mathieu appeared.

        Regarding upcoming Capital, these departments have requested:

        School Department:      Building Security System, $56,333 (See Endnote).
        School Department:  School Lunch Equipment, $43,100.
        Fire Department:  Ambulance
        DPW submitted items for Articles, including a request for a 6-wheel dump truck.  Marilyn Mathieu will speak to Donald DiMartino regarding all his requests.

        Denis Fraine & Chief Daigle appeared.  Amount requested is approximately $50,000.

        The Board of Selectmen had appointed a committee to look at the feasibility of a new police station.  They will re-create the committee.  There need to be a plan for a new police station in the near future.

        They are looking for approximately $50,000 to repair the roof permanently.  The temporarily repaired the roof 3 years ago.  The FinCom recommended transferring around $30,000 from the Reserve Fund to the Municipal Buildings Account in 2006.  The temporary roof repair job only lasted 3 years.  The original $30,000 was not spent, hoping there would be a new police station.  (See Endnote.)  

        The Board of Selectmen will put out a bid for a new roof and it could be around $50,000, plus or minus.  The last roof leak was in February 2008.  The police department needs to cover all equipment so it will not be ruined by the leaking water.  There are 3 layers of roofing that will need to be taken off.  They want rubber membrane roofing.  The original roof is 45 years old, being built in 1963.

        This request will be added to the Capital Improvement article on the October Town Meeting.

        A.      Accept Minutes dated June 9, 2008.

Mary Beth Cuomo/Michael Tobin motion to accept the minutes for June 9, 2008.  VOTE:  3/0

        B.      Misc.

                1.      DPW emailed “Stormwater Heads Up”, indicating “The US EPA under the Federal Clean Water Act will soon require that all existing Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional properties in Franklin, Bellingham, & Milford that have 2 acres or more of impervious surface retrofit their system.  The retrofit will have to reduce phosphorus loading from the property by 65%.”  There was more to the email.

                2.      Mr. & Ms. Morse email regarding the sale of their business at 200 Center Street and offering the property and buildings to the town for $1.3M.

Adjourned:  Michael Tobin/Mary Beth Cuomo motion to adjourn.  VOTE:  3/0.  7:50 pm