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Minutes 09/15/2008 DRAFT

Joint Finance Committee (FinCom) and Capital Improvement Committee (CIC) Minutes
Town of Bellingham – Municipal Center
Monday, September 15, 2008

1.      FinCom Present:  Henri Masson, Roland Lavallee, Gary Maynard, Carol Dill, Raymond Szczepan, Toni Picariello
        CIC:  Roland Lavallee, Toni Picariello, Mary Beth Cuomo

2.      FinCom Absent:  Joseph Collamati
        CIC Absent:  Joseph Collamati, Michael Tobin

3.      Meeting called to order:  7:15 pm.

        Deputy Steven Garon appeared.  Amount requested $220,000.  The committees have heard the information regarding the Ambulance at past meetings.  Roland Lavallee has concerns about the 3 ½ year rotation and low mileage on the ambulances.  Deputy Garon informed the committee that Bellingham will have to transport patients who have life threatening injuries or health problems to hospitals that have specialized services if the Life Flight is not available.  This could mean that the ambulance would have to travel to either Providence or Worcester.  The $220,000 requested would cover:        Ambulance       $208,000
                                                3 Radios        $5,500
Misc. Equip.    $3,500 (splints, backboards, etc.)              $217,000

This vehicle would replace Rescue 1 which is a 2002 International 4300/Horton Body and has approximately 64,000 miles.

Roland Lavallee wants the CIC to discuss the equipment recycling at their meeting.

The FinCom will send a letter to the Board of Selectmen suggesting that Rescue 1 - ambulance be sold.  Per the Fire Department the trade in value is not very much and the ambulance could be sold to a small town for more that the trade-in amount.

FinCom:  Roland Lavallee/Henri Masson motion to recommend $220,000 for an ambulance.  Funding:  Borrowing.  VOTE:  6/0
CIC:  Mary Beth Cuomo/Toni Picariello motion to recommend $220,000 for an ambulance.  VOTE:  3/0

        Chief Daigle appeared.  Amount requested is $55,000.

        This request had been discussed at the August 11, 2008 meeting.  To reiterate:

Gerald Daigle, Police Chief, and Denis Fraine appeared.  Amount requested is $55,000.  A Roof Inspection and Evaluation Report was submitted.  The roof would be stripped down to the original roof (which is 45 years old, being built in 1963), and rebuilt.  The Board of Selectmen put out a bid for a new roof and the bids will be open the week of August 18, 2008.   

        The Board of Selectmen had appointed a committee to look at the feasibility of a new police station.  They will re-create the committee.  There needs to be a plan for a new police station in the near future.

        They are looking for approximately $55,000 to repair the roof permanently.  They temporarily repaired the roof 3 years ago.  The FinCom recommended transferring around $30,000 from the Reserve Fund to the Municipal Buildings Account in 2006.  The temporary roof repair job only lasted 3 years.  The original $30,000 was not spent, hoping there would be a new police station, and the remaining balance went back into the general fund.

        The last roof leak was in February 2008.  The police department needs to cover all equipment so it will not be ruined by the leaking water.  There are 3 layers of roofing that will need to be taken off.  They want rubber membrane roofing.  

FinCom:  Henri Masson/Carol Dill motion to recommend $55,000 to repair the Police Station roof.  Funding:  Free Cash.  VOTE:  5/1 (Raymond Szczepan vote not to recommend because he felt this was wasting money on the old building.)
CIC:  Mary Beth Cuomo/Toni Picariello motion to recommend $55,000 to repair the Police State Roof.  VOTE: 3/0.


The Police Department usually requests 3 marked cruisers, but because of the budget restrains, only 2 cars will be replaced this year.  The older cars are given to the Town for use by other departments.  Each car will cost approximately $32,000, which includes all the equipment (i.e.: 2-way radios, laptop, lights, etc.).  These cars are Ford Crown Victoria’s.

FinCom:  Henri Masson/Raymond Szczepan motion to recommend $64,000 for 2 marked cruisers.  Funding:  Free Cash. VOTE:  6/0

School Committee members Stephen Patrick, Michael O’Herron, Ronald Martel; Superintendant David Fischer; and Robert Russo appeared.  $55,985 is requested.  This was discussed at the August 11, 2008 meeting.  To reiterate:

This is for security for the entrance to all the schools.  National security issues have risen and the schools are taking a pro-active position for the safety of the children.  The PTOs, teachers, and administrators have approached the School Committee requesting security regarding people entering the school buildings.  

Per the Proposal submitted from Custom Alarm Service, the security system would consist of 2 Audio intercoms, 2 19” DVR video recorders, 1 outdoor color camera, 1 electrified door release.  This would cover the front doors to the schools only.  

Also included is a camera and card scanner.  The low bid is from Pasek Corporation of South Boston.  The cost breakdown for the schools is as follows:

        a.      Stallbrook, Macy & Middle               $7,947.00 each  $23,841.00
        b.      Primavera & South                       $7,947.00 each  $15,894.00
        c.      High                                                            $  9,381.50
        d.      Early Childhood Program                                 $  6,868.50

FinCom:  Roland Lavallee/Carol Dill motion to recommend $55,985 for school buildings security system.  Funding:  Free Cash.  VOTE:  6/0
CIC:  Mary Beth Cuomo/Toni Picariello motion to recommend $55,985 for school buildings security system.  VOTE:  3/0

        Kyle Parson appears, he is the food service Director for Aramark.  Amount requested $14,500.  The Town has a 1 year contract with Aramark for food service.  The state reviews the contract every year.  The Town is responsible for the equipment.  Aramark checks the equipment and submits a request for new or repairs to equipment each year to the School Department.  They are responsible for the upkeep and repairs, but the Town pays the bills.  This year there are critical needs.  The requested equipment is corroded, does not work properly, and is not safe.  They need the following:

                South School            Freezer                 $3,200
                Macy                    Freezer                 $2,300
                Stallbrook              Freezer                 $3,200
                Primavera               Oven                    $3,500
                Primavera               Refrigerator            $2,300
The CIC want a copy of the Flansburgh Assessment.  Toni Picariello will request it.

FinCom: Raymond Szczepan/Henri Masson motion to recommend $14,500 for cafeteria equipment.  Funding: Free Cash  VOTE:  6/0


The existing By-law requires that the Town go out to bid for projects/items $10,000 or more.  It is being requested that this proposed By-law replace the existing so that the Town would now bid on projects/items costing $25,000 or more.  Any project/item that would cost $10,000 to $24,999 would need 3 written proposals.  This is in-line with M.G.L. c.30B.

Raymond Szczepan/Roland Lavallee motion to recommend this article with the following amendment: Any project/item that would cost $10,000 to $24,999 would require3 written proposals, phone calls are not acceptable.  VOTE:  6/0

        Donald DiMartino, Superintendent of DPW appeared.  Roland Lavallee and Joseph Collamati met with Donald DiMartino and reviewed this project.  The $400,000 for the repair is not needed at this time.  The DPW can do the repairs within their budget.

        Amount requested is $150,000.  
Roland Lavallee had concerns that existing projects were not getting finished.  This extra money will complete ongoing projects, such as (per DPW):

• Hartford Ave Improvements west of Maple Street
• Reconstruction of Lake Street Culvert at Cross Street
• Westminster Street – Reconstruction and Drainage Improvements
• Crack Sealing Several Streets (Several Major Roads and Some roads in the Wethersfield Area
• Wrentham Road at Bungay Brook Culvert Reconstruction Design near Squire Lane – ConCom permitting. (We are not ready to do the construction. Also this project is not a priority by the Road Committee; therefore, the $400,000 noted in the agenda can be removed. If another section of the culvert collapses, we will simply repair it.)
• Pulaski Boulevard leveling Harpin Street to the Franklin town line. This project will improve the ride and reduce the noise levels for residents. (The TIP Project has an anticipated start date of no sooner than 2010 and more likely 2011. This is too long to leave this road full of patches.)
• Finish the improvements to Lakeshore near Scott Hill Boulevard and Andrew Street that we started last year.

FinCom: Roland Lavallee/Henri Masson motion to recommend $150,000 to be added to the Chapter 90 Funds.  Funding:  Free Cash.  VOTE:  6/0
CIC:  Mary Beth Cuomo/Toni Picariello motion to recommend $150,000 to be added to the Chapter 90 Funds.  VOTE:  3/0

        Amount requested $10,000.  

This is an ongoing project which will map underground water pipes, sewer pipes, graves in the cemeteries, etc.  BETA group is the company involved in this project.  Talking about web based program and will include the dam mapping.

Raymond Szczepan/Carol Dill motion to recommend $10,000 for MIS/GIS Mapping.  Funding Overlay Surplus.  VOTE:  6/0.

Amount requested $106,000.

Per DPW:  As I noted at the August 8th meeting, Marilyn estimates that we will have a Sewer Surplus of about $150,000. After other expenses and leaving some in the account for a rainy day fund, we should have $106,000 available to appropriate to start an Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) Identification and Reduction Program. I request that this amount be transferred from Sewer Surplus. I have received a draft comprehensive five step program from SEA. It has a price tag of $241,300, and that is for the study only no leak repairs.

There are various steps in any I&I program, all of which are designed to find leaks.

  • The first two steps are designed to narrow the area of possible leakage problems.  
  • Next the problem areas are inspected (manholes and pipes) and finally repairs are done.  
  • The first, Flow Evaluation by Pumping Station and Flow Metering Sub-Area ($55,550 proposed fee) is a logical step and will define the scope of the subsequent steps. This step is a desktop comparison of water meter use records with sewer flow meters at pumping stations and other such locations to identify where there is a discrepancy, and therefore where unwanted waters could be entering the sewer system.  
  • The next step is Flow Isolation in Prioritized Sub-Areas ($41,200 proposed fee). This step is noted in the proposal to isolate 67,000 feet (half of our system) for further flow isolation. I hope the Step 1 report will help us focus on smaller areas and therefore leave funds available for inspection and sealing of leaks. I will not authorize SEA to proceed with the Step 2 until we carefully review the Step 1 report to focus it on key locations at which point their scope of work and fee will likely be revised.
  • The next step would hopefully be some combination of manhole and pipe inspection by specialized contractors who are equipped to repair leaks they may find.
Raymond Szczepan/Carol Dill motion to recommend $106,000 for the Sewer Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) Reduction Program.  Funding: Sewer Retainer Earnings Account.  VOTE:  6/0
Mary Beth Cuomo/Toni Picariello motion to recommend $106,000 for the Sewer Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) Reduction Program.  VOTE: 3/0

        Amount requested is $50,000.  This is a transfer transferring $50,000 from Water Retained Earnings Account to the Water Reserve Fund.  The money in the Water Reserve Fund can only be transferred with a FinCom vote.

Roland Lavallee/Henri Masson motion to recommend transferring $50,000 from Water Retained Earnings Account to the Water Reserve Fund.  VOTE:  6/0


Per DPW:  “The modifications changed a lot of text but are fairly minor in substance. Our existing and proposed bylaw is based on the model made available by the Mass Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP). The revisions also take into account the fact that our need for future use restrictions will likely be driven less by our ability to pump enough water to meet demand and more by MDEP requirements of our Water Management Act withdrawal permits.”

Raymond Szczepan/Carol Dill motion to recommend this Article.  VOTE: 6/0

        Amount requested $1,000.
        The temporary easements are like renting the property from the owner in order to do required work.  The Town will ask for Certificate of Donations from 112 property owners who are involved in this temporary taking and they have only received approximately 20 as of this meeting.  These easements would be needed for property along Pulaski Boulevard from the Franklin Town line to Orchard Street.  $1,000 will be needed for recording the takings at the Registry of Deeds.  The DPW is requesting $50,000 to have incase a property owner requests an appraisal and payment for the easements.  These easements would expire in 5 years from date of taking.

Per DPW: “The project will require that work be performed just off the Town right of way along the edge of the road. Temporary Construction Easements (TCE) are the areas at the edge of the right of way where the contractor will be required to match the grade with the improvements being done on the Town roads and sidewalks. The work within a TCE typically involves reconstruction of a portion of [a property owners] driveway, regrading and loaming and seeding lawns, and/or removal and replacement of fences or walls. …These TCE’s will automatically expire at the end of five years…”  

Roland Lavallee/Raymond Szczepan motion to recommend this Article.  VOTE:  5/1 (Toni Picariello voted not to recommend because she feels it is wrong for the Town to take any one’s land without their consent)  


        The DPW requests that this Article be passed over.  He feels that the town will not vote for it.  

Per DPW:  The modifications are fairly minor text changes, but place a much more stringent trigger to the  special permit requirement. Our existing and proposed bylaw is based on the model made available by the MDEP the only significant difference is the special permit trigger. In our present regulation the trigger for a special permit is if a property owner creates impervious surfaces greater than 30% of the total lot area. The revisions will change that to creation of 15% of the total lot area or 2,500 square feet of impervious surface, whichever is greater.

This bylaw does not affect existing properties. It only applies to properties where additional impervious surface area is being created.

Roland Lavallee/Raymond Szczepan motion to recommend passing over this Article, per DPW.  VOTE: 6/0


        A bill was submitted from the ZBA for legal services from Deutsh, Williams, Brooks.  The services were preformed before July 1, 2008.  Amount owed is $3,681.50.  These service are for legal representation in regard to the case with Faford Construction’s 40B project at Silver Lake.  

Raymond Szczepan/Henri Masson motion to pay Deutsh, Williams Brooks $3,681.50 for the unpaid bill.  Funding:  Free Cash.  VOTE:  6/0.

        A.      Accept Minutes for August 11th (Carol Dill), August 25, 2008 (Carol Dill) and September 8, 2008 (Henri Masson).

        The FinCom will vote to accept the minutes at the next meeting.

Adjourned:  FinCom:  Raymond Szczepan/Carol Dill motion to adjourn.  VOTE: 6/0; 9:20 p.m.  
CIC:  Mary Beth Cuomo/Toni Picariello motion to adjourn.  VOTE:  3/0; 9:20 pm.

(Accepted October 27, 2008)