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Minutes 10/27/2008 DRAFT

Capital Improvement Committee Minutes
Town of Bellingham – Municipal Center
Monday, October 27, 2008, 7:15 p.m.

1.      Present: Michael Tobin, Joseph Collamati, Roland Lavallee, Toni Picariello

2.      Absent/CIC: Mary Beth Cuomo

3.      Meeting called to order:  7:15 pm

        Appearing:  Robert Russo (Maintenance), Debra Paige, Denis Fraine, David Fischer (Superintendent), Ronald Martel, Michael O’Herron, Francis Cartier, Jorge Cruz (Flansburgh Architect).

        Mr. Cruz explained the Flansburgh report.  They need to submit a report to the State for funds, which deadline is November 15, 2008.  The statement of interest will state outline:  Is there a facility in Town that needs to be repaired.  They need to propose the school cost and will suggest Macy School based on age.

Joseph Collamati commented that on student use, doesn’t Stallbrook have more needs.
Mr. Cruz stated that Stallbrook is a bigger and newer school and Macy is older.

        The State ranks the needs on what a Town thinks.  There are 9 categories and one is an upgrade for energy efficiency modernization.  The steps to obtain funding from the state are:

  • Submit Statement of Interest by November 15, 2008;
  • Meet with consultants;
  • If the state approves the bid and feasibility study, MSBA will meet with the Town.  At this stage the funding is approximately$200,000.  The Town would have to prepare a RFP.  The Town would have to go to Town Meeting to request $100,000 (1/2 of the funding).
  • Present to the State;
  • Further Study to approve funding;
  • If the improvement is funded 50%, the Town could be chosen for the funds.
Joseph Collamati feels that Macy is under utilized.  Macy has 270 students and the capacity is 400; Stallbrook has 259 students, 124 early childhood students and has capacity for 500.  There are approximately 20 students per classroom.

Roland Lavallee stated that there are a lot of facilities.  How are they being utilized?  What is the game plan?
Superintendant Fischer said the School Committee with prioritizes the needs.

Toni Picariello would like to see the report on the website, since the taxpayers in town paid for the Report and believe the parents would be interested.

Joseph Collamati feels that the School Committee should look not only at the age of a school, but where to expand and how to utilize.

Mr. Cruz mentioned that the focus was on safety and health issues.


        A.      Setting up a meeting with Board of Selectmen re: Ambulance issue        
                        Roland Lavallee wants to know what private ambulance companies and other Towns do regarding recycling of ambulances.  What is the real life cycle?  Raymond Szczepan said they look at running hours.  The ambulances need to go to the closest cardiac catheterization labs when transporting a heart attack victim.  What is the number of runs per year?

Adjourned:  Joseph Collamati/Michael Tobin motion to adjourn.  VOTE:  4/0.  8:22 pm