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Minutes 04/27/2009 DRAFT
Finance Committee and Capital Improvement Committee Minutes
Town of Bellingham – Municipal Center
Monday, April 27, 2009

1.      FinCom Present:  Joseph Collamati, Carol Dill, Roland Lavallee, Raymond Szczepan, Henri Masson, Gary Maynard, Toni Picariello,
        CIC Present:  Joseph Collamati, Roland Lavallee, Toni Picariello, Michael Tobin, Mary Beth Cuomo

2.      FinCom Absent:  N/A
        CIC Absent:  N/A

3.      Meeting called to order: 7:15 pm

        Appearing:  Michelle Laczkoski, Milford Daily News; Bob Donahue, Budget Review Committee; Ronald Martel, Cheryl Gray, Stephen Patrick, Francis Cartier, School Committee; Debbie Page, Business Coordinator; Mr. Fischer, Superintendant; Marilyn Matheau, CFO
        Article 16, Procurement-Petition to the General Court

        This article would match what is stated in the M.G.L. c.30B, §149 with regard to procurements.  
        This Article will authorize the Board of Selectmen to petition the legislature to allow Bellingham to do the following when it comes to procurement for the construction, reconstruction, installation, demolition, maintenance or repair of any Town building.  When the amount requested is:
Less than $5,000                Require written price quotes;
$5,000 to $9,999.99             Require 3 written quotes;
$10,000 to $24,999.99   Posting Contract and scope of work, Require                             written price quotes;
$25,000 to $999,999.99  Require competitive bids, open in public and                            award to lowest responsible and eligible                                        general bidder;
$100,000 and more               Require competitive bids and award to                                   lowest responsible and eligible general                                         bidder.

Raymond Szczepan/Henri Masson motion to authorize the Board of Selectmen to petition the legislature.  VOTE:  7/0.

        Article 1 – School Department Budget

        Amount requested:  $19,697,486.
        They are hoping that the Circuit Breaker money will help with the reimbursement cost for SPED - the amount of money is a percent, and figure by a formula.  The town pays $33,000 per person and the state reimburses the Town directly 70%, which does not include transportation.

        Carol Dill asked about the cost of sports.  The School Committee is looking at options.  Coaches cannot volunteer.

        Raymond Szczepan mentioned that the school will combine the curriculum director and MIF directors positions and duties.  The Superintendent is proposing hiring an Assistant Superintendent to do both jobs.  Raymond Szczepan also mentioned that this position could be looked at negatively by the public and the position title should be changes.  The School Committee is going to discuss this on April 28, 2009.

        The Superintendant mentioned that they have a Refer for Future Reference (RFFR) where the public submitted about 40-46 different items and ideas for consideration.

        Gary Maynard stated that he thought getting rid of the technology director was going backwards, since it was that person, who got the technology up and running.

        Mr. Patrick mentioned that they budgeted $60,000 for books, but really needed between $250, to $300,000.

        They will be getting extra money from the federal stimulus package and it will come through a grant.

        Superintendent Fischer informed us that this year he has a challenging task and would seek input from Town's people, parents, etc.  A lot of people disagree with the school budget as it is.  The School Committee will continue to look for creative ways to cut costs.

Joseph Collamati/Henri Masson motion to recommend the School Committee budget of $19,697,486.  VOTE:  6/0/1 (Gary Maynard abstained because of a family member working for the school department).

5.      DISCUSSION WITH Department of Public Works
        Donald DiMartino appeared.

        (DPW)Article 24, Water Treatment Facilities Improvements (with CIC)

        The FinCom heard this on March 16, 2009.  To reiterate for the Capital Improvement Committee.
The Town received $222,000 from the MTBE groundwater contamination class action suit.  This suit was against fuel companies who used MTBE (Methyl tert-butyl ether).   DPW would like to use this money per Donald DiMartino’s email, below:

Here are the three project CIC forms that I have completed for the expense of the entire MTBE Settlement and then some.  The total of the project is well over the available roughly $222,000, but is the list of projects I feel is a logical plan for expense of these funds.

1.      Modifications to Pump. Chemical Feed, and Control Systems – Very preliminary estimate of $115,000
2.      Cross Street Facilities (Wells 1, 2, and Corrosion Control Bldg) – This is in case we need more than the funds previously appropriated Aux Power and Oct 2009 -  Potential extra needed of $107,000 -  Appropriations
3.      Hartford Ave Facilities (Wells 7, 8, and Water Filtration Plant – Some of the many options include extensive study of the existing wells $195,000 and Rehab of existing filters $325,000.  

If the estimates of expense on 1 and 2 are correct there will be no money for 3.  The tasks proposed in 3 have lots of possible phasing options; therefore, I want them in as possible expenses.  If we have even minimal funds left over after 1 & 2 we can get some positive work done on 3.

I suggest the motion read to fund “WATER FACITILTIES UPGRADES” and the FinCom booklet can list these three possible projects but without dollar figures beside each allowing maximum flexibility and full appropriations and expense of the MTBE settlement funds

FinCom recommended this article on March 16, 2009: Joseph Collamati/Roland Lavallee motion to recommend the following:  Modifications to Pump. Chemical Feed, and Control Systems and Cross Street Facilities (Wells 1, 2, and Corrosion Control Bldg); and if there is enough money left, Hartford Ave Facilities (Wells 7, 8, and Water Filtration Plant).  Funding:  Not-to-exceed the MTBE Settlement proceeds.  VOTE:  5/0
CIC - Joseph Collamati/Mary Beth Cuomo motion to recommend this article.  Funding: Not-to-exceed the MTBE Settlement proceeds.  VOTE:  5/0.

        Article 21, Pulaski Boulevard Project Temporary Construction Easements

Amount requested:  $100,000.  The DPW is still working on getting the 5-year temporary construction easements.  Appraisals are being completed on the property owners who have not agree to the easement.  MassHighway has proposed possibly bidding on the Pulaski Blvd. Project around August 2009.

Raymond Szczepan/Carol Dill motion to recommend this article.  Funding:  transfer from Chapter 90 money.  VOTE:  6/1 (Toni Picariello because all the property owners have not agreed to the takings or easements)

        Article 22, Revision to Town Zoning Bylaw Section 4900 Water Resource Districts

        This was heard on March 16, 2009.  To reiterate:  This article would limit a home owner from putting whatever he/she wants on her property (driveway, swimming pool, shed, etc.) if there is not a certain percentage of “green” left on their property.  This would be a hardship on homeowners with small lots.  Donald DiMartino stated that this would affect 618 property owners in Town.

        Donald DiMartino mentioned that he was going to amend the article that is printed in the warrant by adding the term "prohibition" and the Building Inspector would be making the ruling on a property owners request.  The DEP and EPA are pushing for Towns to adopt this type of Bylaw.

Joseph Collamati/Raymond Szczepan motion to recommend this article.  VOTE:  2 in favor/4 against/1 abstained (Joseph Collamati, this could affect family property)

        Article 23, Federal Economic Stimulus Plan

Henri Masson/Carol Dill motion to pass over this article.  VOTE:  7/0

        Article 25, Acceptance of Public Ways

        This was heard and recommended by the FinCom on March 16, 2009.  

        Article 26, Buffy Road and Penny Lane Acceptance as Public Way

        This was heard on March 16, 2009.

Raymond Szczepan/Joseph Collamati motion to pass over this Article.  VOTE:  7/0

        Article 27, High Ridge Road and Rhodes Way Acceptance as Public Way.    To be announced.

        This was heard on March 16, 2009.  The Contractor is doing the work.  The bank is petitioning to release the bond.

Raymond Szczepan/Joseph Collamati motion to pass over this article.  VOTE:  7/0

        A.      Warrant Article discussion
                No additional discussion on warrant articles.

        B.      Commission on Disability - Position?
        Toni Picariello bought up as an "FYI" that in the COD minutes it was suggested that the revolving fund money be used to a paid position.  FinCom members mentioned that when the COD was set up, it was with the understanding that there would not be a paid position or salary included.

        C.      Accept Minutes for April 6, 2009 (Raymond Szczepan).
                These minutes will be voted on at the next meeting.

        D.      ATFC Annual Meeting on 10/24/2009.
                Just a reminder to all FinCom members.

Adjourned:  Fincom: Roland Lavallee/Raymond Szczepan motion to adjourn.  VOTE:  7/0;  8:41 p.m.
                CIC:  Roland Lavallee/Joseph Collamati motion to adjourn.  VOTE:  3/0  8:41 p.m.