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 Finance Committee & Capital Improvement Committee Minutes
Town of Bellingham – Municipal Center
Monday, April 11, 2011
1. FinCom Present: Raymond Szczepan, Henri Masson, Roland Lavallee, Joseph Collamati, Toni Picariello, Carol Dill, Katie Quinn
CIC: Mary Beth Cuomo, Roland Lavallee, Joseph Collamati, Judy Manning, Toni Picariello
2. FinCom Absent: N/A
3. Meeting called to order: 7:15 p.m.
Attending: Denis Fraine, Marilyn Mathieu
4. Introduction of State Representative Ryan Fattman.
Representative Fattman introduced himself and gave a "macro" explanation of what the State budget could be and the upcoming votes.
There should be a 2% increase in c.70 (Special Ed) funds. The Town received a letter stating that c.90 (roads) funds have increased. The state aid from the lottery will be cut 7%. The State's biggest expenditures are pension, health care and debt interest.
ARTICLE 10 - Capital Outlay - School Technology Plan ($185,000 from Free Cash)
Appearing: Frank Cartier, David Fischer, Frank Gauvin, Cheryl Gray, Steve Patrick, Butch Fleury, Billy Jean Lavallee, Ed Featherston, Ron Martell, Debbie Page, Mr. Testa, and Michael Garafoli.
Mr. Garafoli explained that this is year 2 of the 5 year technology plan. They are asking for 150 computers, 40 network switches and 2 servers.
Joseph Collamati asked if a client server is better. Mr. Garafoli said that Bellingham is in a 12 school consortium. No one is using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) yet. Bellingham is not ready for the "desktop in the cloud". The "cloud" is not comparable in cost nor is it feasible at this time. They are open for the possibility in the future. Katie Quinn asked if the school could apply for a pilot program. Mr. Garofoli stated that they could do a pilot program, but they are not offered for free and they are not cheap. There are a bunch of companies who offer the programs. DRAFT MINUTES 2 C:\Finance Committee\Minutes, 2011 April 11 With Notes-History (Fincom & CIC).Doc
Judy Manning asked what the computer labs are used for. Mr. Garafoli stated that the labs are used for math, spelling, and other certain computer applications. State standard require K-12 to learn certain technology in class. Judy Manning was concerned that students are spending too much time in front of a machine and there are teachers to teach not a machine to teach. Billy Jean Lavallee explained that technology is used to supplement learning and that the technology is integrated with the teaching. There is teacher supervision in the labs, usually one-on-one hands on learning and students can work at their own pace. Mr. Fleury said that teachers are mandated to know how to access resources such as language, research, math and more on-line learning.
The network switch is a computer networking device that connects network segments. They will be used in the labs. They got 13 switches last year and will be getting 40 this year.
The oldest computers will be 5 years old. They donate some of the computers to Primavera Center who used them to rebuild machines. There is a company that picks up the junk computers for free.
Roland Lavallee mentioned that this should become part of the normal school budget in the future.
See below for breakdown
Desktop computers
Replace 3 computer labs at High School
Replace l0 classroom computers at High School
Replace 10 classroom computers at Middle School
Replace 12 classroom computers at Clara Macy
Replace 12 classroom computers at South
Replace 12 classroom computers at Stall Brook
Replace 5 SPED computers at High School
Replace 2 SPED computers at Middle School
Replace 3 SPED computers at Clara Macy
Replace 3 SPED computers at South
Replace 3 SPED computers at Stall Brook