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Capital Improvement Committee Minutes
Town of Bellingham – Municipal Center
Monday, May 9, 2011

1.      CIC Present: Judy Manning, Roland Lavallee, Joseph Collamati, Toni Picariello.

2.      CIC Absent: Mary Beth Cuomo

3.      Meeting called to order:  7:15 p.m.

        Attending Peter Morelli (Planning Board), Edward Featherston.

4.      ARTICLE 1 - MIDDLE SCHOOL BOILERS (Special Town Meeting on 6/13/2011)

        This issue was brought up prior to this May 9, 2011 meeting.  The CIC needs to revote this Article because it will not be brought up at the May 25, 2011 Annual Town Meeting, but will be voted at a Special Town Meeting on June 13, 2011.  The Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) has required special language and its own Article.  This Article had been lumped in with the other Capital Projects over $50,000.

        Roland Lavallee mentioned that instead of the 3 boiler previously requested, there will be 4 smaller boilers so that they can cycle through the boilers.  Peter Morelli asked if there would be a commissioning report.  (See footnote below).  Roland Lavallee mentioned that there will be a MSBA required project manager.

        The bid has gone out and figures should be available before the September 13, 2011 Special Town Meeting.

        To reiterate, see notes from the Joint FinCom/CIC meeting of April 11, 2011.

Appearing:  Richard Marks (RDK Engineers, Boston)
Mr. Marks explained that the Budget for the boilers has increased to $600,000 and there is a 99.9% that the school building assistance (SBA) program will approve the project and reimburse the Town 51.21% ($306,000).  The Town has 90 days to recommend the project.  There will have to be a Special Town Meeting, probably on June 8, 2011.  The bid will go out April 12th and will be due in about 3 weeks.  The cost breakdown is as follows:
Feasibility Study Agreement     $17,440.
Administration          21,400.
Architectural/Engineering       34,260
Site Acquisition                0
Construction Budget             497,222
Alternates              0
Misc. Project Costs             2,500
Construction Contingency                24,861
Owner's Contingency             1,462
Total Project Budget            $599,145
The Green Repair Program Committee has been established.  School Department applied for money to replace two boilers at Bellingham Memorial Middle School.  The Middle School boilers are 47 years old (1964).  Honeywell is the company and would replace the old with 4 high efficiency boilers and controls (a whole new system).  In the meantime, they retubed the boiler at a cost of $17,000.
Town Meeting vote in the fall recommended $440,000, since that Town Meeting the cost had increased.  Also, in the fall 3 high efficiency boilers & controls would replace two 47 year old boilers.  They are now planning on 4 boilers.
Capital Improvement Committee: Joseph Collamati/Judy Manning motion to recommend the Boiler project.  VOTE:  5/0.
FinCom:  Raymond Szczepan/Henri Masson motion to recommend $600,000 for the Boiler project.  Funding:  Borrowing.  VOTE:  7/0.

Joseph Collamati/Judy Manning motion to recommend this capital project.  VOTE:  4/0.


        Appearing from the Road Committee, Dawn Davies and Department of Public Works Superintendent Donald DiMartino.  Roland Lavallee and Joseph Collamati are also on the Road Committee.

        The roads mentioned are roads in dire need of repair.  Roland Lavallee stated that there needs to be a "road program".  Below is a list of all roads in need of some type of repair.

Mann Street
Maple Street (Construction)
Med Street (no pavement left)
Quail Run
Bruce, Monique, Lisann (all Wethersfield)
Hartford Avenue (shopping center area)
Maple Street to Hartford Avenue
Hartford Avenue (Varney Bros. to Depot Street)
Wrentham Road (Payne Street to Lake Street drainage)
Littletree & Laurel
Chestnut Street
All roads around Lake Hiawatha.

Donald DiMartino will be asking for $15,000 for a survey of the roads in the entire Town.  We use the Beta System and we have the software, but it needs to be updated.


        Roland Lavallee mentioned that he had been notified by the Morse's that they were going to sell the business and would like to give the Town "first option" for a price of $1M.  A space needs analysis for the Department of Public Works would be helpful.  Donald DiMartino stated that he had no problem with looking at the Morse property, that it is better than what he has now.

        The water problem caused by Toll Brothers was brought up.  Peter Morelli and David Brown of the Planning Board met on March 29, 2011 with Toll Brothers and their responsibilities.  Toll Brothers needs to study to see if it was the blasting that caused the problem as reported by DelMarco, Hydrologist.  Was the pipe the correct size?  Who is responsible for the repairs?  Toll Brothers Attorney, Mark Kablack contacted Lee Ambler to see if he could set up a meeting.  It was questioned whether Lee Ambler was now representing Toll Brothers, but was stated that he was contacted by Toll Brothers only because they knew he had been involved in the Town.

        Roland Lavallee will contact the Morse's to see if a tour could be taken of the property.

        Peter Morelli mentioned that a 7,000 ton salt shed could cost approximately $800,000 (the salt needs to stay dry) and the lifts can be put in around $20,000.

        To reiterate other discussions on this subject over the years:

FinCom Minutes: 4/4/2011:
Joseph Collamati and Roland Lavallee brought up the good deal of purchasing the Morse property for $1M.  There is an offer to lease purchase over 3 years.  The debt budget is decreasing.  The property would make a good Department of Public Works building.  The salt and sand could stay on Blackstone Street.  This will be scheduled for the May 9, 2011 CIC meeting.

CIC Minutes: 7/14/2008:
Mr. & Ms. Morse email regarding the sale of their business at 200 Center Street and offering the property and buildings to the town for $1.3M.

CIC Minutes: 12/12/2005:
        Don DiMartino had emailed the Committee an updated Capital Improvement Program Request Form and updated DPW Facilities Plan for our review.  He is requesting $8 Million dollars for the project and an estimated year this could be funded.
        DiMartino also handed out Conceptual Building Costs and Special Needs Assessment.  In 2003 a study of the Town's property was funded and prepared.  The facility is proposed to be located behind the Fire Station and the Senior Center off Blackstone Street.  DiMartino was asked whether the Town or School owned the land.  He will check that out.  
        Per the study, the land would need to be prepared for development.  Collamati asked about the Army Corps of Engineers doing the site work.  DiMartino will call Bob Riorden regarding that.
        Marilyn Mathieu, CFO, mentioned that the Town is going to lose $1 million in revenue from the Co-generation plant on Depot Street.
        Picariello asked what type of construction the buildings would be, metal, wood, concrete and how many square feet for each building and the property?  DiMartino estimated that the facility would be about 71,000 square feet, but stated that the report or project was not finalized; they only have a rough plan.
Lavallee requested to see the Gannett Fleming, Inc. report and he is not in favor of metal buildings.  Lavallee stated every building should be built for longevity.  Lavallee wanted to know "what about the Morse property".  DiMartino will get the information and the report on the Morse property.  
Mathieu will look into debt exclusion or 2-½ over-ride.  The police will be looking for a new facility also.  She doesn't think the Town would vote on an over-ride at this time, with heating and gasoline costs and the overall state of the economy.

CIC Minutes:  7/11/2005:
In reviewing the requested capital projects, R. Lavallee brought up that the DPW is still requesting a new facility.  He wants the committee to look at the Morse property on Center Street as an alternative to a "new" building.  This will be discussed further.

        A.      Anticipated Capital Projects for Fall Town Meeting.

                Right now the projected projects would be road repair projects.

        B.      Accept Minutes:
                September 13, 2010 (Judy Manning, Roland Lavallee)
                January 24, 2011 (Joseph Collamati, Mary Beth Cuomo)
                April 11, 2011
                These will be accepted at the next CIC meeting.

Adjourned:  Joseph Collamati/Judy Manning motion to adjourn.  VOTE:  4/0.  8:00 p.m.