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Capital Improvement Committee Minutes
Town of Bellingham – Municipal Center
Monday, July 11, 2011

1.      Present: Roland Lavallee, Joseph Collamati, Toni Picariello, Judy Manning.

2.      Absent: n/a

3.      Meeting called to order:  7:15 p.m.

        A.      Vice Chairman

Toni Picariello/Judy Manning motion to nominate and vote Joseph Collamati as Vice Chairman.  VOTE:  4/0.

        B.      Chairman

Roland Lavallee/Judy Manning motion to nominate and vote Roland Lavallee as Chairman.  VOTE:  4/0.

        C.      Clerk/Secretary

Joseph Collamati/Roland Lavallee motion to nominate and vote Toni Picariello as Secretary/Clerk.  VOTE:  4/0.

        A.      Paul Smith

        Mr. Smith has lived in Town for 18 years and wishes to become involved in town related activities.  He disclosed that he is a neighbor of Toni Picariello and his wife works for the Town as Human Resource.  

        Toni Picariello mentioned that the position was advertised May 31, 2011 on the website and sent to the Milford News as a Press Release on the same day.  Mr. Smith was the only person who applied for the position.

Joseph Collamati/Toni Picariello motion to recommend Paul Smith as the citizen at large to the Board of Selectmen for their appointment.  VOTE:  4/0.


        Per the June 7, 2011 letter from the Fire Chief to Denis Fraine.  Steven Gentile, Deputy Fire Chief appeared and passed out a Memo outlining the request for a $65,000 Brush Truck.  The truck would cost through MHQ $26,684.00.  The truck is a Ford F-350 and the quote is through the Plymouth County Commissioners Cooperative Contract.   An additional amount of $33,900.00 is requested for a Skid Unit and Whelen Light and Siren Package from Fire-1 Manufacturing, Inc.  

        A skid unit is a shield under the vehicle to help prevent damage when the truck goes through the woods for a fire.

        Joseph Collamati questioned why the skid unit and light package was not through MHQ (Municipal Headquarters) and asked the Deputy to get a quote from them.

        The Fire Department has 3 brush trucks right now:

        a.      Engine 8 (1968) - this is the truck to be replaced.
        b.      Brush 1 - is 30 years old and not dependable.
        c.      Brush 2 - newer truck, but cannot be used in the woods.  

        The Deputy mentioned that they need a basic brush truck that they do not have to worry about in the woods.  There is an average of 3 calls for brush fires per week.


        Joseph Collamati wants to look at what we have, we need a footprint and 200 Center Street facility needs to be measured - inside & outside to have floor plans.

        Gannett & Fleming visited 200 Center Street last week.  When they did there report, they did not plan out the building.  They prepared a report in 2007 showing additions to the Blackstone Street facility.  Roland Lavallee does not want the Town to use Gannett & Fleming as the consultant on this project, he knows them.  He would like an independent company.

        Donald DiMartino mentioned a wash bay and one was quoted by Gannett & Fleming to cost about $400,000.  Roland Lavallee mentioned that a wash bay is used to clean the trucks/equipment and in the winter, to clean the salt off the trucks.  What is needed and what Medfield has is a curtain type wall and a power wash.  

        Roland Lavallee stated that it would be beneficial is all the equipment was stored inside and that would also be measured and considered.

        During the tour, there was a concern about zoning.  According to a June 28, 2011 email from Denis Fraine: "Last night there was a discussion at the Finance Committee meeting relative to zoning requirements for Municipal facilities.  As I stated during last night's meeting Town Counsel had been contacted as requested by the Selectmen at their June 20th meeting to clarify any zoning limitations for municipal uses.  Town Counsel has advised municipal uses are allowed in any zone as stated in the Town’s zoning bylaws, the only restrictions would relate to the necessary setbacks of the applicable zone.  Accordingly, zoning restrictions are not an issue relative to municipal uses."  There is no problem with zoning.

        Per a June 17, 2011 email from Donald DiMartino:  "Whatever course we take we will need engineering assistance to move forward with DPW Facilities upgrades.  We should plan to allocate some funds at this Town Meeting for that assistant for both the DPW and Police building/facilities in order to be on track for possible FY2014 appropriation for construction. It will probably be in a capital or non-capital article with no separate article needed."  This will be discussed and covered by the DPW Facility Feasibility Committee.

        The Documents that are available are:
                a.      2004 Report by Gannett Fleming:  Center Street Facility Evaluation;                     b.      2003 Space Needs Assessment: Salt Shed, Mechanics Shop, Wash Bay.                       c.      2003 Space Needs Assessment by Gannett Fleming.


        There was discussion about how the Committee should be set up.  Joseph Collamati/Judy Manning motion to set up the Committee as follows:  VOTE:  4/0

To establish the "DPW Facilities Feasibility Committee", which will include two (2) members of the Capital Improvement Committee, one (1) member of the Finance Committee, two (2) members of the Board of Selectmen and two (2) citizens at large.  Denis Fraine and Donald DiMartino will serve in an ex-officio nature.  This Committee is volunteer and the purpose is to investigate utilizing the property at 200 Center Street as a DPW facility.  All meetings shall be posted, agenda's prepared and minutes taken.  The proposed first meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 9, 2011 at 7:15 pm at the Town Municipal Center.

        Roland Lavallee mentioned that he would rather not have a DPW employee serving on the Committee.  

        Toni Picariello reminded the CIC that under the Town Charter and General Bylaws, it is the CIC that considers all capital as follows:

  • Per the Bellingham Charter:  Section 7: Capital Improvements Committee
5-7-1 There shall be a capital improvements committee which shall consider the relative need, timing, cost, completeness of planning, community support, availability of outside funding and other factors said committee members shall deem appropriate to the individual proposed expenditures and the effect each will have on the financial position of the town.
        Membership, terms of office, method of appointment and additional functions of the capital improvements committee shall be determined by town by-law.

  • Per Bellingham General Bylaw:  Article 7.02. Estimates Of Funds For Capital Improvements
The Capital Improvements Committee shall study those capital improvements as defined in Article 1.02 that are above fifty thousand dollars ($50,000). The Board of Selectmen and all boards, committees, heads of department, or other officers of the Town authorized by law to expend money shall furnish to the Capital Improvements Committee, with their annual budget requests, detailed estimates of the amount necessary for capital improvements for the departments under their jurisdiction for at least the coming five (5) years.
        The Capital Improvement Committee shall consider the relative need, timing, cost, completeness of the planning, community support, availability of outside funding, and other factors the Capital Improvements Committee shall deem appropriate to the individual expenditures and the effect each will have on the financial position of the Town.

        The CIC received an email from Denis Fraine on July 1, 2011 indicating:  The Board of Selectmen voted last night to support the Finance Committee’s recommendation to have the CIC take the lead with regard to the DPW Feasibility Committee.  The Selectmen are requesting as many 2-3 members from their Board be allowed to participate with the Feasibility Committee.  Don and I will also participate in an ex-officio nature.  

        A.      Anticipated Capital Projects
                (Previous:  Road Repairs)

        Donald DiMartino discussed the updates on the road repairs.  Roland Lavallee believes that the Road Committee needs to let the Town residents/taxpayers know what is being done and the status.

        Donald DiMartino informed the CIC of the repairs on Hartford Avenue with regard to the culvert.  MassDOT did the design.  The DPW will need to submit a filing with the ConCom and get an Army Corp of Engineering permit.  The Town may need to appropriate $400,000 toward the repair of the culvert.  The State will provide a pre-cast concrete culvert by August 24, 2011.

        Also discussed was that Fafard will do all the road work on Cross Street and the Town will do the overlay word on Center Street.

        B.      CIC Roster

        The committee members review the Roster.  Judy Manning updated her phone number.

        C.      Accept Minutes:
                a.      September 13, 2010 (Judy Manning, Roland Lavallee)
                b.      January 24, 2011 (Joseph Collamati, Mary Beth Cuomo)
                c.      February 14, 2011
                d.      March 14, 2011 (Mary Beth Cuomo, Judy Manning)
                e.      April 11, 2011
                f.      April 25, 2011
                g.      May 9, 2011 (Mary Beth Cuomo)

Joseph Collamati/Toni Picariello motion to accept the 9/13/2010 minutes:  VOTE:  2/0.
Judy Manning/Toni Picariello motion to accept the 1/24/2011 minutes.  VOTE: 3/0
Joseph Collamati/Toni Picariello motion to accept the 3/14/2011 minutes:  VOTE: 3/0
Joseph Collamati/Toni Picariello motion to accept the 2/14/2011, 4/11/2011, 4/25/2011, 5/9/2011 minutes.  VOTE:  4/0.

        D.      Correspondence, emails, flyers, etc.

        The committee has not heard anything about a School Building Committee for the Boiler project at the Middle School.  In order to receive funding from MSBA, a review committee was supposed to be set up.  Joseph Collamati thought he was going to be the CIC/FinCom member ex-officio.  Toni Picariello will follow up.

        Toni Picariello mentioned that she emailed the School Department re: status of the MSBA response to their $2,000,000 renovation request for Macy School.  No one has responded to her as of this date.

Adjourned:  Joseph Collamati/Judy Manning motion to adjourn.  VOTE: 4/0.  8:30 p.m.

(Accepted 7/25/2011)