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Joint Finance Committee and
Capital Improvement Committee Minutes
(with Notes & History)
Town of Bellingham – Municipal Center
Monday, September 12, 2011

1.      FinCom Present: Carol Dill, Joseph Collamati, Henri Masson, Daniel Spencer, Roland Lavallee, Toni Picariello
        CIC Present: Joseph Collamati, Roland Lavallee, Toni Picariello, Paul Smith

2.      FinCom Absent: Katie Quinn
        CIC Absent: Judy Manning

3.      Meeting called to order:  7:15 p.m.


        The Committees welcomed Paul to the Capital Improvement Committee.


        The Committees welcomed Dan Spencer to the Finance Committee.


Columbarium (Cemetery Commission) $35,000.  

This is for a Columbarium Units and Wall Niches to store the ashes of the deceased.  There are 32 units per side.  This will be placed in Scott Cemetery on Center Street.  The town charges $400 for the internment, the niche and to open and close them and $200 for the engraving.  The Cemetery Committee would like to construct a second columbarium and prepare the site for the future (3rd and final Columbarium) at this cemetery.

Oak Hill Cemetery is closed, there is no more room and they are looking at adding a Columbarium at Center Cemetery in the future.

Joseph Collamati/Henri Masson motion to recommend this Article.  Funding:  $10,000 from the sale of graves; $6,000 from grave openings and $19,000 from Free Cash.  VOTE:  6/0.


        3 Fully Equipped Cruisers (Police Department); $106,000.

        Chief Gerald Daigle, Gerry Correveau and Peter Morelli appeared.

To iterate: He is requesting 3 cruisers for $35,000 each.  These 3 cruisers will replace 3 with high mileage.  One that was going to be replaced (85,000 miles) was in an accident a few weeks ago.  The Police Department has 16 cars.  Each car cost about $28,000 with an additional $5,000 for computers.  Joseph Collamati mentioned that he should look into Panasonic Toughbooks, because they are cheaper and that installation of all equipment should be done at one place.  The three cars that would be replaced are ones with high mileage: $85,000 (in accident/K-9 Unit); 95,285 (K-9 Unit); 98,995 (Detective).  These cars will be given to the Town for use by the Building, Plumbing, Health Inspectors and Department of Public Works.

After much discussion the Police Department will stay with the original quote, which is a state bid.  HNQ will transfer everything, except the computers.

Joseph Collamati/Carol Dill motion to recommend the 3 cruisers for $103,500.  Funding:  $12,000 from Cruiser Revolving Account; $91,500 from Free Cash.  VOTE: 6/0.

        Police Department Expenses - $37,256.00

The Police Department had received a grant for 911 equipment and bought $35,000 worth of equipment.  This year the Town was turned down for a grant.  They are requesting the money to the upgrade to the 911 System with the $35,000 worth of equipment.  They have another grant that will be used to pay the dispatchers salaries, and the budgeted salaries are being requested to be transferred to the expenses.

Carol Dill/Daniel Spencer motion to recommend the transfer of $37,256.00 to Police Department Expenses.  Funding:  Transfer from Police Department Salaries.  VOTE:  6/0.

9.      ARTICLE 4 - CAPITAL OUTLAY (OVER $50,000)
        Generator (Police Department) $60,000

Police Department is requesting a new generator.  Toni Picariello mentioned that she had heard that the existing generator is working fine.  Chief Daigle confirmed that the generator is working, but it is too small.  The existing generator runs on natural gas, but it was recommended that the larger generator run on diesel.  They are looking at the state bid list, but needs to send out requests for quotes.  The generator would be location outside the back door Peter Morelli will review the bids with the Police Department.  Joseph Collamati suggests getting a quality generator.  They are looking at a 30KW, but a question came up as to will this be big enough.  They need a generator big enough to cover the 911 System, heat, equipment, lights, etc.  Jerry Correvieau would like to ask Gary Remillard at G & L Electric.  The FinCom and CIC would like to see a more detailed generator and request, i.e.: size, brand, what type of fuel and a more exact cost.  This request has been rescheduled to September 26, 2011.

        Fire Department Salaries; $41,462.00.

Chief Ranieri and Deputy Chief Gentile appeared.  
The Fire Department is requesting the transfer from Ambulance Receipts Reserved to Fire Department salaries to pay the difference of the Deputy Chief salary to the Chief Salary because Chief Ranieri submitted his letter to retire at of January 2012.  This transfer is to cover the salary account in order to pay for the Chief's vacation buy-back.  

Pursuant to the Town Accountant's email: "Chief Ranieri has 109 vacation days as of 8/31/2011…..we will be calculating those days at $419.11 per diem which is a total of $45,682.99"

Carol Dill/Daniel Spencer motion to recommend transferring $41,462.00 from the Ambulance Receipts Reserved Account to the Fire Department Salary Account.  VOTE:  6/0.

        Fire Department Expenses; $31,348.00

The request is for the Fire Department maintenance budget for truck repair, work uniform accessories for Deputy and Chief, Dress Uniform for Deputy, Turnout gear for Deputy, Turnout coat for Chief and Ambulance medical supplies.  

        According to Chief Ranieri's email back in July 2011:

In June and July we had to make costly repairs to the aerial ladder which is a 1995 E-one.  In June we had to rebuild the extension/retraction cylinders which were leaking. These had to be removed, rebuilt and reinstalled. The cost of that repair was $4732.18.  We had to replace worn pulley bushings at the base section of the aerial-$376.50. These repairs and some other repairs came out of FY11 budget.

In July to date we have repaired rotted exhaust manifold pipe which cost $ 986.34; replace front and rear brakes and rotors which cost $3,642.37; replace front springs and rebush which cost $1,657.21; replace shive bushings which cost $591.83; replace hydraulic gauge at turntable which cost $194.66; ABS light on had to replace sensor which cost $220.00; replace air filter which cost $334.76; driver’s outrigger warning light sensor which cost $192.14 and replace cartridge holder to keep outrigger up which cost $491.70.

To date I have spent almost $9,000 for repairs. I am sending this to inform you that 1 month into the fiscal year and I have spent almost 35% of the line item for motor vehicle repairs. I will continue to monitor this and keep you informed as the year progresses. If you any questions please feel free to contact me.

Roland Lavallee wants to know how much money is in the maintenance budget.  We will ask Marilyn Mathieu for an itemized listing.  Carol Dill asked why the Chief cannot use $14,800 from his budget and if he runs out a transfer can be done at the May Town Meeting.

Carol Dill/Joseph Collamati motion to recommend $24,348.00 from the Ambulance Receipt Reserved Account to the Fire Department Expense Account.  VOTE:  6/0

11.     ARTICLE 4 - CAPITAL OUTLAY (OVER $50,000) - CIC
        Brush Fire Truck (Fire Department); $56,200.00

        To reiterate from the past meetings and FinCom/CIC requests:

From August 22, 2011 minutes: The new quote came in at $60,000, $5,000 less then what was requested.  Joseph Collamati mentioned that this new quote still included a $1,080 radio and the radio is not needed, since they can transfer the existing radio to the new truck.  Joseph Collamati wants the Fire Department to get a new quote without the radio.  They will be scheduled on September 12, 2011.

Email from Deputy Chief Gentile, 8/24/2011:  Here are the latest quotes for the Brush Truck. I will be going before the committee on the 12th. I originally asked for $65000 however, with the assistance and recommendation of Mr. Collamati of the finance committee, the price of the brush truck is now $56,159.00 a savings of $8,841. If I can be of assistance in any way feel free to let me know.
Deputy Gentile

CIC:  Paul Smith/Joseph Collamati motion to recommend the purchase of the brush truck.  VOTE:  4/0.
FinCom:  Joseph Collamati/Henri Masson moiton to recommend this article.  Funding:  Ambulance Receipt Reserved Account.  VOTE:  6/0.

        Upgrade Network; Projects 1-4 (CFO); $71,500 - CIC

From June 27, 2011 Minutes: Marilyn Mathieu is requesting $49,905.00 to transfer into the MIS-hardware Account.  The server keeps crashing.  The CPU is operating at 100% most of the time which causes massive delays, payroll processing takes 9 hours instead of 3, and totally inefficient.  They have experienced a network "meltdown" due to upgrades to our servers that have not kept up with our "Citrix" farm.....this has and will continue to impact payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, billing, etc.  She had planned on requesting these funds in October, 2011 but these issues cannot be postponed.  She is confident that the server, brought in 2005, will not last much longer.  They will replace the main server with a HP hardware from the state bid list.  Marilyn Mathieu was going to request $71,000 at the Fall Town Meeting for servers and upgrade, but with this transfer will only be requesting ~$21,000 to finish the upgrade.

From July 25, 2011 FinCom/CIC meeting minutes:  Marilyn Mathieu passed out the 2012/2013 Technology Roadmap prepared by Integrated IT Solutions for the Town's computer system.  She is requesting $41,395 for Project 1 (Upgrading Exchange Server to Exchange 2010 and Introduce Second BDR).  Joseph Collamati asked about Projects 2, 4 & 5.  They total $35,000.  He asked if it would be beneficial to do all the upgrades all together and get it done.  Roland Lavallee thought that the overall cost of Professional services was really high.  Marilyn Mathieu was asked to come back with a figure to complete the upgrade as one project instead of doing it piece-meal.

The FinCom and CIC agreed that this project should not be done piecemeal and would like a figure to complete the project.  The only question was the cost of the professional services.  Marilyn Mathieu received a revised quote and is requesting $71,500.00 for the upgrade, which will include going from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008.

CIC:  Joseph Collamati/Paul Smith moiton to recommend this request.  VOTE:  4/0.
FinCom:  Joseph Collamati/Carol Dill motion to recommend this request.  Funding:  Free Cash.  VOTE:  6/0.

        6-Wheel Dump/Salt/Plow Truck (DPW); $167,000 - CIC

        Donald DiMartino appeared.  To reiterate:

This will replace another of our Large 6 wheel dump/salt/plow.  At the meeting a few weeks ago the FinCom/CIC requested that he look into the MHQ State Bid.  I reviewed their 2011 book.
 MHQ specs Freightliner trucks in this size.  (There is no Ford Truck option in a truck this size)
 The base price is $93,500 for a 35,000 Gross Vehicle Weight truck with:
·       240 HP engine
·       12,000 Front Axle
·       23,000 Rear Axle (w/ 4,500 Helper Springs)

  Minuteman Trucks specs International trucks
  The price is $70,031 for a 35,000 Gross Vehicle Weight truck with
·       300 HP engine
·       18,000 Front Axle
·       30,000 Rear Axle (upgrade)
  There would be a $23,000 plus increase in the cost should we go with a MHQ Freightliner and it is a lesser truck in HP and axle strength.
 Both have the same Allison Model 3000 RDS transmission.  All plow and dump accessories would carry the same costs.
 The DPW Management and Mechanics prefer we go with a consistent fleet and therefore the International.
 The DPW request continues to be $167,000 for the Minuteman Trucks State bid International Truck with Combination Body.

Donald DiMartino will be going with the International Truck, because the cost is less than the Freightliner.  He will need to order it by October 15, 2011 or the price may go up.  There is a 3-4 year warranty.

CIC: Joseph Collamati/Paul Smith motion to recommend this purchase.  VOTE:  4/0.
FinCom:  Carol Dill/Henri Masson motion to recommend this purchase.  Funding:  Free Cash.  VOTE:  6/0

        Engineering Study-Long Term Planning (DPW); $51,989.34 - CIC

From Donald DiMartino's email: In the last few years there has been an increase in iron and manganese level in the some of the water wells.  The levels from the Cross Street wells and Cliff Road wells are approaching levels that drove the Department of Public Works to build the Hartford Avenue treatment plant in the 1990's. Wrentham Road wells have elevated iron levels.  The Ground Water Rule (Safe Drinking Water Act Rule) and the recent bacteria results is likely going to force the Town to disinfect year round.  It would be hard to centralized treatment facility.

Donald DiMartino is requesting this money for conceptual Planning engineering for future Well 12 treatment likely with filtration plant upgrades and for issues with bacteria and chronic high manganese.  He believes that this is the best route to go for the treatment issues.  He will get cost proposals from a few companies.  Joseph Collamati asked what was the difference between a conceptual plan and a "plan".  Donald DiMartino explained that the conceptual plan is because it is not clear what is the best option regarding building the treatment plants.

CIC: Joseph Collamati/Paul Smith moiton to recommend this request.  VOTE:  4/0.
FinCom:  Daniel Spencer/Henri Masson motion to recommend this request.  Funding:  $35,000 from Blackstone Mains; $8,755.98 from Pulaski Water Mains; $8,233.36 from Stone St. and Farm St. Mains.  VOTE: 6/0.

        Cross Street Water Facilities (DPW); $264,993.54 - CIC

From Donald DiMartino email:  $325,000 was previously appropriated to fund the long needed facilities rehab.

Donald DiMartino is requesting this amount for the Cross St Water Facilities Upgrade Additional Funding.  The Cross Street building is in tough shape.  He would need to upgrade two buildings, control repairs and corrosion treatment.  We should have bids in hand by September 22, 2011 and can then determine if more money is needed to do this project.  This is the top priority.

CIC: Joseph Collamati/Paul Smith moiton to recommend this upgrade.  VOTE:  4/0.
FinCom:  Carol Dill/Henri Masson moiton to recommend this upgrade:  Funding:  $290.05 from Water Audit; $9,742.0 from Auxiliary Power; $132,529.61 from Filtration Plant and $122,431.18 from Facility Upgrade.  VOTE: 5/1 (Carol Dill voted against this request)

        Mann Street Water Main Replacement; $165,000

According to Donald DiMartino, one of the bigger projects is water main replacements on Mann Street.  They presently have 6" asbestos cement pipe, which will be replaced with 8" PVC pipe.  The amount requested is $165,000 and it will come from the water enterprise surplus.

The work will be coordinated with the roadwork that will be done.  Hopefully this will be done by this fall.

CIC: Joseph Collamati/Paul Smith motion to recommend this project.  VOTE:  4/0
FinCom:  Carol Dill/Henri Masson motion to recommend this project.  Funding:  Water Surplus.  VOTE:  6/0.


        The request is to transfer $40,000 from Water Salaries to Water Expenses.  This money will be used to contract out water main construction work as follows:

  • New Lake Street - Near Cross Street
  • New Cross Country Main - between Maddie Way and the North Woods II subdivision
  • Valve cut in South Main Street various locations.
FinCom: Joseph Collamati/Henri Masson motion to recommend transferring $40,000 from Water Salaries to Water Expenses.  VOTE:  6/0

        MIS/GIS Mapping (DPW); $35,000

Since 2005 the Town has appropriated a total of $115,000 for this ongoing project.  This year the amount requested is $35,000.  The money will be used for good mapping of the drainage system, finding graves, developing a vehicle maintenance program and expansion of Peoples Forms.  Donald DiMartino hires a person from Beta Group to set up the system.  

Since Donald DiMartino mentioned that the Department of Public Works does not have maintenance records for the vehicles they have, the members of the FinCom are very concerned and Carol Dill wants to see developing maintenance forms a priority.  Donald DiMartino informed the committee that he had no one to enter the information.  Roland Lavallee mentioned he could get a boy scout who needs community service badge or an elder who is working off their taxes.

FinCom:  Carol Dill/Henri Masson motion to recommend this expenditure.  Funding:  Free Cash.  VOTE:  6/0.

        Repair/Replace Dump Bodies (4) (DPW); $40,000

This request is to replace 4 dump truck bodies that are badly rusted with new bodies.  Joseph Collamati went to the Department of Public Works to check out the equipment and mentioned that they were in bad shape.  The bodies to be replaced are 1994 (B-3) large dump/salt/plow truck; 1997(B-7) small dump/plow truck; and 1997 (B-12) catch basin truck.  Work could be done on the 2001 B-19 truck.

FinCom: Joseph Collamati/Henri Masson motion to recommend this request.  Funding: Free Cash.  VOTE:  6/0.


Below is what the Road Committee recommended.  The Road Committee exists of: Donald DiMartino, Joseph Collamati, Roland Lavallee, Marilyn Mathieu, Denis Fraine, Skip Goodnow and Dawn Davies.

Major Road Rehab:
1.      Mann Street (with new water mains) - West of South Main - Reclaim and reconstruct the road
2.      Blackstone Street (Candace to Debra Lane) Mill and Overlay Eliminate poor pavement area.
3.      Maple Street (Ray Ave to Hartford Ave) reconstruct and regrade the roadway and sidewalks with storm drains added - design should be done in the spring of 2012.
4.      Beech Street (with new water, drains, and sidewalks)
  I will be looking at Hartford Ave to address the rutting at intersections.

Preventative Maintenance
  Crack Sealing - We will try to crack seal all of the sections noted on the spreadsheet I compiled from the Pavement Management Program
 Chip Sealing (surface treatment) - we will plan to do Harpin St and South Maple.

Storm Drain Engineering:
 Wrentham Road area near the Cemetery - I will get engineers back to work on design, ConCom permitting, and land acquisition likely needed to build stormwater facilities/basins.  This is set up work for a probably 2013 Wrentham Road improvement project.

CIC:  Joseph Collamati/Paul Smith motion to recommend the above road repairs.  VOTE:  4/0
FinCom: Carol Dill/Daniel Spencer moiton to recommend the above road repairs.  Funding:  Borrowing.  VOTE:  6/0.

        A.      Reminder:  ATFC Annual Meeting, October 15, 2011 at Tri-County Regional Tech School

        B.      Toll Brother's Road Acceptance Issue
        Received an email from Walter Basnight, AIA, a registered Architect to Ms. Morse who was the original applicant for Pierce Estates (now the Toll Brothers Project) commenting on what was requested on the original plan.

        C.      Correspondence/Emails/Memo's etc.
  • Information on the General Obligation Bond Advanced Refunding from Marilyn Mathieu.
  • Memo from Denis Fraine re: FY2013 Budget Schedule.

CIC: Paul Smith/Joseph Collamati motion to adjourn.  VOTE: 4/0.  9:45 p.m.
FinCom: Carol Dill/Joseph Collamati motion to adjourn.  VOTE:  6/0.  9:45 p.m.

(Accepted by FinCom on November 28, 2011)
(Accepted by CIC on November 14, 2011)