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Joint Capital Improvement Committee
and Finance Committee Minutes
Town of Bellingham – Municipal Center
Monday, March 12, 2012

1.      CIC Present: Roland Lavallee, Joseph Collamati, Kimberley Jennings, Paul Smith, Toni Picariello
        FinCom: Daniel Spencer, Henri Masson, Roland Lavallee, Joseph Collamati, Katie Quinn, Toni Picariello

2.      CIC Absent:  N/A
        FinCom: Carol Dill

3.      Meeting called to order:  7:15 p.m.

        Edward Fleury, Superintendent; James Testa, Maintenance; Francis Cartier and Cheryl Gray, School Committee.

Mr. Fleury passed out the Massachusetts School Building Authority ("MSBA") Summary Guide with regard to the Macy School Project.  According to the MSBA there are deadlines for each step of applying for state funding. (see next page).

According to the Statement of Interest submitted to MSBA from the School Department below are the goals of the project:

District Goal for School: Please explain the educational goals of any potential project at this school
The Clara Macy Elementary School in the Bellingham School District is the oldest school in the district. Clara Macy School was built in 1966. The following capital improvement needs have been identified at Clara Macy School to ensure energy efficient)' as well as safety for students and staff: the estimated replacement cost for each item is listed in parenthesis; Boilers ($200.000), Anti-Scold Mixing Valve ($3,760), Sump Pump ($l, 000). Independent Water Heating System ($21.143), Water Service ($48,410), Fire Alarm System ($86,000), Fire Suppression System ($211,970), Main Switchgear and Disconnects ($26,955), Electrical System Rehab ($450.000), Emergency Generator and Lighting ($175,310), Dimming System in Cafetorium ($15,000), Windows and Doors ($478, 460), Casework ($222.310), Kitchen Grease Interceptor ($8,503), New Pavement and Handicap Accessible Parking ($99,720), Roof ($326,860), Plumbing Fixtures ($156.000), Asbestos Abatement of Old Title Removal ($108,871), Tile Flooring ($100,000).

The total cost of the project is anticipated to be about $2.7 million (see below).  The feasibility study could come in with a different cost.  Some of the needs were included in the Flansburg Study such as emergency lighting generator (1975), heating, and some outlets.  

The Building Committee consists of School personnel, School Committee, Board of Selectmen, and FinCom.

The School Department is requesting $750,000 for the feasibility study which includes the architecture and all fees.  MSBA could reimburse the Town 52%.


Joseph Collamati asked if applying for the reimbursement is competitive based with other Towns?  Superintendent Fleury explained that Bellingham is not competing with other Towns.  The MSBA is meeting in July 2012 and the Town will need to front the feasibility study money of $750,000.  This money includes the administration fee for the entire building.  Does it include design services?  There will be an in-depth study of the structure of the building.  The feasibility study will only cover renovations to Macy School.  There is no plans for Stall Brook, as there is no need at this time.

The Town Meeting article states that the Town may vote to "borrow".  The Town does not have to hire an architect, etc. until MSBA allows the project.

The question came up again about the student capacity of both Macy and Stallbrook Schools. Back in 2010, the FinCom/CIC discussed that Macy, Stallbrook and South elementary school are not operating at their full capacity.  Mr. Fischer admitted that there is declining enrollment and the School Department was looking to be affective and not to lose any programs.  He said that they could fit Macy students into Stallbrook, but it would be crowded and they would have to look at class sizes.  It was mentioned that some of the student could go to South.  Mr. Fleury included Elementary space Analysis in the packet that he passed out.  (see next pages)

Joseph Collamati asked where the students will go during construction.  The school representatives said they did not know - they might use Stall Brook and/or do the construction during the summer.


        South School Roof issues: (Mentioned in newspaper article)
        (See past FinCom Minutes, attached)

FinCom asked about the South School Roof.  The Committee was informed that the contractors say that the roof is at the end of its life. Joseph Collamati suggested a 30-year shingle roof.  The existing roof is mostly shingle.

Toni Picariello prepared and passed out past FinCom/CIC information on the South School Roof issues.

        Article 17 - Football Field Reconstruction

This is a joint Article by the Board of Selectmen and School Committee.  A Committee was formed and 60% of schools have artificial turf.



Both Committees received an updated Capital Spreadsheet.


Both Committees received the Warrant.  Budget books will be ready in a week.

        A.      Correspondence/Emails/Memo's etc.
                i.      Invitation from Blackstone-Valley Tech School.
                ii.     Information regarding the history and use of the Fire Department Fleet.
                iii.    Bellingham: Road Construction Bonding.
                iv.     Bellingham hikes sewer, water rates (Milford Daily News, 3/10/2012)

        B.      Accept Minutes:
                FinCom: i       November 28, 2011
                                ii.     January 23, 2012
                                iii.    February 27, 2012

                        Acceptance of Minutes will be done at the next meeting.

        FinCom: Joseph Collamati/Henri Masson motion to adjourn.  VOTE: 6/0.  8:45 p.m.
        CIC:  Paul Smith/Kimberley Jennings motion to adjourn.  VOTE: 5/0.  8:45 p.m.

(Finance Committee: Accepted 4/9/2012)

September 10, 2007:

Article 2 – Capital Outlay
The following capital is no longer needed at this time: Primavera Renovations and South Elementary Roofing.

July 23, 2007

South School Roof - They had made minor repairs in the spring.  The roof is 20 years old. The school was built in 1988.

Roland Lavallee stated that the roof reports for the Fire and Library buildings came in with a report that stated the problems and remedies for fixing them.  Is the Town going to patch it until the leaks pop-up again??  It was mentioned that the FinCom requested information on March 26, 2007 and again on July 4, 2007, including any reports from the School in regard to the roof problem, which was never received.  Rousseau said he had a report and gave it to the Superintendent.  

Rousseau passed-out a one page memo to the Superintendent, dated July 11, 2007, with a quote of $50,000 from Gibson Roofs, Inc. and that “once the remaining repairs are complete the leaking issues should be resolved.” and then recommended that the $50,000 be transferred to fix the High School roof leaks. (see attached).

Swanson mentioned that they could use the $50,000 to fix the high school roof.  The South School roof repairs are complete and they paid for the South School roof repairs from their budget.  The High School is 6 years old.  She mentioned that the High School roof is only partially under warranty at this time, part of the roof is still under a warranty and other parts of the roof are not under warranty.  FinCom and CIC members were very concerned after hearing this.

The CIC took no action on this.

June 25, 2007:

SCHOOL DEPARTMENT (No response to letter regarding Roof Repairs)

Marilyn Mathieu passed out a list of the School’s capital projects.  The FinCom will request a meeting with the School Committee regarding their capital projects.

The School Committee did not respond to the FinCom letter to them dated March 26, 2007 requesting information on the roof leaks at the South School.  A follow-up letter will be sent requesting the information before the FinCom’s next meeting.

March 26, 2007

C.      Roland Lavallee edited the letter to the School department regarding the South School Roof leaks and Toni Picariello will send it out.

March 12, 2007

  • South School Roof Leaks.
We got a response to the email that Toni Picariello sent to the Superintendent inquiring on the status of the roof leaks.  The response was from the School Principal and gave no information.

February 12, 2007

It was mentioned that the South School roof is in need of repairs and the FinCom has not been informed of this.  Water leaks onto the gym hardwood floor.  A letter/email will be sent to Mr. Maddox inquiring as to the status of the condition of the roof.