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Joint Capital Improvement Committee
and Finance Committee Minutes
Town of Bellingham – Municipal Center
Monday, March 26, 2012

1.      CIC Present: Kimberley Jennings, Roland Lavallee, Joseph Collamati, Toni Picariello
        FinCom: Daniel Spencer, Roland Lavallee, Joseph Collamati, Judith Cibelli, Toni Picariello Henri Masson.

2.      CIC Absent:  Paul Smith
        FinCom: Katie Quinn

3.      Meeting called to order:  7:15 p.m.

4.      ARTICLE 8 - HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION (Department of Public Works)

This is the annual Chapter 90 Article.  It is anticipated that the Town will receive approximately $525,000 from the State.  This money will be used for engineering, equipment and various road repairs, along with the $1,000,000 requested at the 2011 May Annual Town Meeting.   This article authorizes the Board of Selectmen to accept the money from the State.

FinCom: Daniel Spencer/Joseph Collamati motion to accept this Article.  VOTE:  6/0.


5.      ARTICLE 22 - DRINKING WATER TREATMENT PLANNING/ENGINEERING/$65,000 - (Department of Public Works)
        Donald DiMartino appeared.

The requested $65,000 is for Phase 3 (See last page) on the Drinking Water Treatment Plan and Engineering.  Donald DiMartino had received a Notice of Non-compliance with purifying our water supply from the DEP.  The issue is iron and manganese level in the some of the water wells.  The DPW is requesting the funds for conceptual planning and engineering for Well 12 (which is located at Cliff Road off of High Street) treatment, likely with filtration plant upgrades and for issues related to bacteria and chronic high manganese.  The conceptual plan is requested because it is not clear what is the best option regarding building the treatment plants.  Phase 3 is a study to include having our filtration plant upgraded and addressing issues regarding bacteria and chronic high manganese. There is $50,000 is the Water reserve fund.

Donald DiMartino explained that there is no health risk with manganese, but is discolors water and clothing.  There is no health risk with iron, but it clogs pipes.

To reiterate:  According to Wright-Pierce (consultant), the scope of the project is (from email to Donald DiMartino from Wright-Pierce):
•       Revised Scope - I added your suggested language and meeting quantities.  I also clarified that a contingency is being held at this time for the financial rate analysis as we don't know if the Town would like to do this or have us perform this ourselves or with a sub-consultant.
•       Anticipated Schedule - I roughed this out as best I could in accordance to the revised scope.  I tried to time the first two phase to finish up before the 3/20/12 compliance deadline noted in your Sanitary Survey (and is under the assumption you can give us a go ahead in a couple weeks).  I also show the Phase 3 work starting just after the Annual Spring Town Meeting.  I know that monies are usually not available until after 7/1, but we would be willing to start the work sooner upon a successful vote.  This analysis will take a good amount of time and I want to make sure we can finish everything up several weeks before your Special Fall Town Meeting (as you had noted is preferred for preliminary budgeting).
•       Proposed Fee - Our proposed budget is broken out by phase per our proposed scope.  As noted above, we are carrying a $15K contingency for the performance of a rate analysis since we are not sure who will actually do this yet (the Town, us, or our specialized sub).  It would be great if we could get a go ahead on the Phase 1 and 2 work soon (if possible).  

CIC: Joseph Collamati/Kimberley Jennings motion to recommend this article.  VOTE:  4/0
FinCom: Joseph Collamati/Daniel Spencer motion to recommend this Article.  Funding: $65,000 from borrowing.  VOTE: 6/0


6.      ARTICLE 27 - UNPAID BILLS - SEWER/$15,320.58 - (Department of Public Works)

Donald DiMartino received a bill from Woonsocket Regional Wastewater Commission (WRWC) dated October 4, 2011 for the 4th quarter billing for FY2010-2011 with a balance due of $15,320.58.  WRWC is revising their billing and doing a lot of updating to the facility.  

Joseph Collamati/Henri Masson motion to pay Woonsocket Regional Wastewater Commission.  Funding:  $15,320.58 from Sewer Surplus.  VOTE:  6/0.


        Final Warrant issued.
        Requested budget hearings for what Departments?

        Everyone will review the warrant and budgets and let Toni Picariello know what other departments, if any, should be scheduled for a hearing.  Toni Picariello will schedule the Department of Public Works, Police Department, Fire Department and MIS budget for a hearing.


        A.      Correspondence/Emails/Memo's etc.
                i.      Correspondence from Fire Chief
                        a.      Rescue Proposal
                        b.      Radio Grant
                        c.      Prior Minutes re: Ambulance & Air Pack Compressor

        B.      Marilyn Mathieu gave an update on the status of the new CFO position.  They are looking at the job description and have sat down with the School Superintendent, Board of Selectmen and School Committee.  The position is going to be a CFO/Business Manager.  They will need an additional person for MIS (to maintain the network, municipal, Police and Fire).  Marilyn Mathieu did a lot of the MIS and Captain Correveau did 80% of the highly specialized MIS for the fire and police, but he will be retiring.

        C.      Toni Picariello mentioned that we have not received the Blackstone Valley Tech budget yet.  Marilyn Mathieu will get the figures and update the budget.

9.      Adjourn:
        FinCom:  Henri Masson/Daniel Spencer motion to adjourn.  VOTE: 6/0.  8:00 p.m.
        CIC:  Joseph Collamati/Kimberley Jennings motion to adjourn.  VOTE: 4/0.  8:00 p.m.

(Finance Committee: Accepted 4/9/2012)

Task 3 - Solution Identification and Evaluation
 Water Supply Needs:
o Work with DPW to understand current baseline water usage and project future water
o Evaluate any limitations of current Water Management Act Permits and Registration
statements for projected water use increases.
o Identify possible solution paths to resolve any identified limitations. A focus on and
solid understanding of the water system's unaccounted for water (UAW) will be a key
component to this.
 Treatment Needs:
o Identify treatment needs and possible solutions for microbiological compliance
issues. Possible solutions include continuance of current chlorination practice (with
upgrades to meet anticipated MassDEP requirements) to other potential disinfection
practices (such as ultraviolet light). Identify any known incompatibilities with other
treatment practices and needs.
o Identify treatment needs and possible solutions for Fe & Mn issues. Possible
solutions will range from sequestration to the various common removal processes.
Identify any known incompatibilities with other treatment practices and needs.
o Identify limitations of microbiological and Fe & Mn solutions for downstream
impacts (i.e., permit limitations imposed on wastewater discharges to the Woonsocket
wastewater treatment plant and Charles River Pollution Control District).
o Compare identified microbiological and Fe & Mn solutions for compatibility and for
simultaneous compliance with other regulatory needs (e.g., current corrosion control
practices, disinfection byproducts, etc.).
o Perform site visit of the existing GreensandPlus™ facility to preliminarily determine
the flow regime, layout/expandability, limitations, etc. DPW to provide as-builts,
design criteria, operational data, etc. prior to site visit.
o Evaluate centralized and decentralized treatment options as applicable.
o If desired by DPW, review pros/cons for the implementation of aeration in the water
treatment process for potential long-term O&M cost savings.
o Quantify capital and O&M costs for viable options.
 Other Source Options:
o Interconnections - Investigate the potential of full or partial water supply from
neighboring communities. Identify and preliminarily estimate costs for viable
options. Hydraulic modeling would ultimately be required to determine/confirm
hydraulic compatibility, but is not included at this time.
T#9545 Page 3 of 3 February 7, 2012
o Surface Water Supplies - Investigate the viability of developing surface water
supplies from water bodies in Town. Analysis assumes the capacity and safe yields
have been previously determined for each source.
o New Wells - Investigate the potential of utilizing other current or previously
identified well sources in town (e.g., Well #s 9, 10, and 13). If desired, identify other
potential groundwater well opportunities based on published mapping.
o Existing Wells - Investigate the potential for capacity maximization and/or water
quality improvement via the use of strategically located replacement or multiple
replacement sources for existing sources.
o Quantify capital and O&M costs for viable options.
 Prepare draft summary report that comprehensively presents needs identification and
evaluation process. Report will include recommendation for the most economical longterm
solution for the Town's water quality issues. Tie in identified costs with DPW's
existing 20-year Capital Improvement Plan. Identify steps and projected durations
required for implementation and potential sources of funding for recommended option.
The draft report shall be titled "Strategic Town Wide Drinking Water Treatment and
Supply Plan". The strategic plan will provide a road map for the identified drinking water
needs, including a scheduled implementation plan for the preferred alternative complete
with a cost estimate.
 Evaluation of potentially viable options will include the development of a screening matrix
for consideration by the DPW as noted below:
o Estimated capital costs
o Estimate O&M costs
o Ease of operations
o Residual disposal concerns
o Compliance with present and anticipated future regulations
o Reliability and redundancy
o Use/re-use of existing infrastructure
o Extent of local control over water supply and pricing
o Permitting complexity
o Other factors
 Meet with Bellingham DPW to review draft report and comments for incorporation.
 Rate Impact Analysis - assist Town with or perform rate impact analysis of recommended
option's cost. $15K contingency being carried for this draft.
 Finalize report per meeting and comments received and provide up to 10 hardcopies and
one electronic copy if PDF format.
A total of 10 meetings are to be provided as noted below:
 1 meeting to present the Preliminary Plan (anticipated BOS meeting in April)
 4 meetings to present draft results from Task 3 (Capital Committees, BOS, etc.)
 4 meetings to explain finalized plan from Task 3 (Public, Boards, Town Meeting, etc.)
 1 additional meeting as requested.