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Capital Improvement Committee Minutes
Town of Bellingham – Municipal Center
Monday, February 13, 2012

1.      CIC Present: Joseph Collamati, Paul Smith, Toni Picariello

2.      CIC Absent:  Roland Lavallee

3.      Meeting called to order:  7:15 p.m.

        (Updated Capital Plan, dated 2/3/2012)

        Appearing for the Fire Department was Chief Gentile and Deputy Mark Poirier.  They are requesting new vehicles:

  • a new ambulance.  They have two, one bought in 2008 and one in 2002.  The 2002 would be replaced.  They stated that there was a low oxygen alarm problem and would cost of $80,000 to fix it.
  • Engine 3 - all the wiring must be fixed.
        Toni Picariello would like to see a list of all the vehicles that the Fire Department has.  Joseph Collamati added that he would like to know the mileage and hours.  Toni Picariello will research the past minutes for ambulance and air compressor information.


        An updated Capital Spreadsheet prepared by Marilyn Mathieu was distributed.  Joseph Collamati mentioned that the CIC really needs to get serious and request more details re: capital requests in order to prepare a realistic 5-10 year capital plan.

        The CIC received a spreadsheet from Donald DiMartino regarding Bellingham Water System - 20 Year Capital Improvement Plan.

        A.      Correspondence/Emails/Memo's etc.
                i.      Email from School Department re: MSBA Study/Macy School

                Toni Picariello will request a hearing with the School Department regarding the Macy School Project.

                ii.     Department of Public Works capital:
                        1)      Traffic Safety Improvements
                        2)      Bridge/Culvert Rehab
                        3)      DEP Letter to Board of Selectmen re: Capital

                Most capital will be recommended to be considered for the October Special Town Meeting.

        B.      Toni Picariello attended the Library Meeting on 2/9/2012 re: their capital requests.

                Toni Picariello informed the Library Trustees that they would need more information and dollar figures for their capital requests.

        C.      Board of Selectmen is interviewing their appointee to the Capital Improvement Committee on 9/13/2012:

7:00 PM – Judith Cibelli
7:10 PM – Peter DeGenring
7:20 PM – Kim Jennings

                Board of Selectmen appointed Kim Jennings to the Capital Improvement Committee.  Her information is 16 Daniel Drive, 508-928-1370; Email:  Kim sat in on the meeting and will be sworn in next week.  Toni Picariello will update the CIC Roster once the Town Clerk swears her in.

        D.      Minutes to be accepted:
                i.      July 25, 2011 (Executive Session) (4 members)

        Joseph Collamati/Toni Picariello motion to accept the July 25, 2011 Executive Session Minutes.  VOTE:  2/0/1.  (Paul Smith abstained because he was not a member of the Board at that time)

                ii.     August 8, 2011 (4 members)

        Joseph Collamati/Toni Picariello motion to accept the August 8, 2011 Minutes.  VOTE:  2/0/1.  (Paul Smith abstained because he was not a member of the Board at that time)

                iii.    November 14, 2011

        Joseph Collamati/Paul Smith motion to accept the November 14, 2011 minutes.  VOTE:  3/0.

                iv.     December 12, 2011 (Judy Manning, Paul Smith)

        Joseph Collamati/Toni Picariello motion to accept the December 12, 2011 Minutes.  VOTE:  3/0.  

                v.      January 9, 2012

        Joseph Collamati/Paul Smith motion to accept the January 9, 2012 Minutes.  VOTE:  3/0.  

Adjourned:  Joseph Collamati/Paul Smith motion to adjourn.  VOTE:  3/0.   8:30 p.m.