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Bellingham Finance Committee (FinCom) and
Capital Improvements Committee (CIC) Joint Meeting Minutes
July 22, 2013

  • FinCom Present: J. Collamati (Chair), J. Allam, J. Cibelli, A. Elliott, R. Szczepan, G. Young
CIC Present: R. Lavallee (Chair), J. Collamati, J.Cibelli, R. Szczepan

  • FinCom Absent: K. Shkreli
CIC Absent: 1 vacant position

  • FinCom meeting called to order at 7:00PM by Chairman Collamati
CIC meeting called to order at 7:01PM by Chairman Lavallee

  • A discussion took place regarding a telecommunications system (telephones) for the Town. The rationale for replacing the current antiquated system given:
  • there is no cohesiveness within other community agencies (Police, Fire, Municipal)
  • the manufacturer of the existing system is defunct and no spare parts are available
  • the existing system is “maxed out”
  • DPW’s system was installed in 1965
Systems being entertained: Rivia, Sysco (hosted); Mitel, NEC (VOIP)
Currently, Town departments utilize approximately 400 telephones.
A request was made by both FinCom and CIC members to receive a copy of an RFP; subsequently, RFP will be put out to bid.
No vote was taken by either the FinCom or the CIC at this time.
  • Fire Department Chief Gentile and Deputy Chief Poirier presented their case for
the purchase of a new rescue ambulance (proposal on file).
Over the past year, $8,000 in repairs were performed on the rescue vehicle to be replaced. Plan is to sell said vehicle to the highest bidder.

After reviewing documents, a motion was made to recommend allocation of $263,000, from Ambulance Receipts, towards the purchase of a new, fully-outfitted rescue vehicle.
CIC: Collamati/Szczepan 4/0
FinCom: Szczepan/Allam 6/0

The next order of Fire Department business was the replacement of “Engine 2”.
There is a 10-month lead time from order to delivery. Engine 2 currently has 88,000 miles and is expected to have approximately 100,000 miles by the time the replacement is delivered. The RFP for the new fire vehicle includes extrication and medical equipment.
Proposed specifications to be emailed to both the FinCom and CIC. Financing will be from borrowing, with loan payments (over 5 years) from cash receipts.
FinCom and CIC voting will take place after review and specifications are reviewed.

  • There was a discussion regarding 5-Year Townwide Capital Planning. All departments will be encouraged to plan 5 years out. All department heads will meet with Denis Fraine and Chris Laviolette and eventually the CIC to discuss planning.
  • A motion was made to accept the minutes of the joint FinCom and CIC’s July 8,   
2013 meeting.
FinCom: Szczepan/Cibelli 6/0
CIC: Szczepan/Collamati 4/0
  • At 8:35, having fulfilled the agenda for this joint FinCom and CIC meeting, motions were made to adjourn as follows:
FinCom: Allam/Elliott 6/0
CIC: Collamati/Szczepan 4/0

     The next joint meeting of the FinCom and CIC will take place on August 12, 2013 at
       7:00 PM in the lower level Selectmen’s Conference Room at the Bellingham
      Municipal Center.

     Minutes respectfully submitted by:
     Larry Sposato,
     Finance Committee/CIC Clerk