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Bellingham Finance Committee (FinCom) and
Capital Improvements Committee (CIC) Joint Meeting Minutes
August 12, 2013 (Approved 8/26/13)

  • FinCom Present: J. Collamati (Chair), J. Allam, A. Elliott, R. Szczepan, G. Young
CIC Present: R. Lavallee (Chair), J. Collamati, R. Szczepan

  • FinCom Absent: J. Cibelli, K. Shkreli
CIC Absent: J. Cibelli, 1 vacant position

  • Police Chief Daigle and Officer Clinton presented the Department’s
requests to be included in the October Town Meeting.
Basic needs: 2 marked police cruisers
                    1 chief’s car (old chief’s car will replace Lt. Russell’s car)
Chairman Collamati asked about the mileage on the existing vehicles. Those figures were not readily available, so the FinCom would take the requests “under advisement”. The request will be revisited after available “Free Cash” is established and more information is gathered.
        The Police Department also requested 2 new radar trailers (stationary devices that
            measure the speed at which a vehicle is traveling). There was discussion about
            upgrading these trailers to include electronic messaging; currently, electronic \
messaging trailers are rented during road projects and elections. Further
discussion will take place between Chief Daigle and Chairman Collamati to
determine the cost effectiveness of purchasing dual-purpose trailers.

A FinCom motion was made to place Police Department requests “on hold” until
further information is available and “free cash” amounts are established.
Szczepan/Allam 5/0

  • School Department Requests were presented by R. Oakley and D. Ranieri.
  • High School Boiler – the high school heating system was designed to operate with 3 boilers; currently operating with 2 Burnam center-breach boilers for which parts are difficult to come by, are inferior to originals, and are manufactured outside the country. Expected lifespan of these boilers is 10 years; existing boilers are 12 years old.
A heating analysis regarding exactly what is needed to bring heating system to optimum performance was suggested; cost of the analysis was estimated at $6500-$7000.
        Although it was not necessary for the CIC to take a formal vote, Chairman
Lavallee recommended the evaluation.
A FinCom motion was made to recommend the up to $6500 from the school
budget to complete the high school boiler study.
           Allam/Young 5/0
b) One of the HVAC compressors at high school stopped working in 2004 and was
not repaired; a new compressor would have a 10 year warranty; the cost for a new compressor is $17,000.
A FinCom motion to recommend no more than $17,000 for a new compressor.
Allam/Young 5/0

  • Request to install magnetic fire doors at the high school. Hinges and hardware
have been malfunctioning due to continuous opening and closing. A request was made to install 18 of the 24 door assemblies at a total cost of $36,000 (6 assemblies were installed during school construction).
A FinCom motion was made to support a $36,000 expenditure to install 18 magnetic fire doors at the high school.
Szczepan/Young 5/0

  • A request was made to purchase 2 Kabota (models 25 and 325) plow/sanders for the School Department (a Kabota is in service at the high school with great satisfaction).
A FinCom motion was made to recommend not more than $44,000 to purchase 2 new plow/sanders for use by the School Department.
Allam/Elliott 4/1

  • New Business
The $25,000 that was approved at last October’s Town Meeting, to replace the boiler at the Senior Center, has proved to be insufficient. The Senior Center is requesting an additional $11,000 to provide the $36,000 total needed to complete the boiler installation.
A FinCom motion was made to recommend no more than $11,000 from Free Cash to
supplement the $25,000 approved last year, bringing the total amount to $36,000.   
Szczepan/Elliott 5/0

  • Capital Request Forms
Capital Request Forms were included in the meeting packet. A brief review of the forms took place. A suggestion was made to present an executive summary with the formal review at the 8/26/13 meeting, after FinCom and CIC members have had a opportunity to review.

  • Old Business
A question was raised regarding the Fire Department’s Rescue Vehicle regarding “gold” lettering on the vehicle. Fire Chief will address at the August 26, 2013 meeting.

A motion was made to accept the joint FinCom/CIC Meeting Minutes from 7/22/13 with minor changes.
CIC: Szczepan/Collamati 3/0
FinCom: Szczepan/Young 5/0

  • CIC Adjournment
At 8:56 PM, a motion was made to adjourn the CIC portion of the meeting.
    CIC: Szczepan/Collamati 3/0
  • New Business
A discussion took place regarding sponsors who need to be brought in to present their respective Articles. Mr. MacLachlan will be invited in to discuss his Soliciting Articles (7 and 8). Police and DPW will be invited in to discuss Article 15.

  • FinCom Adjournment
At 9:15 PM, a motion was made to adjourn the FinCom portion of the meeting.
FinCom: Szczepan/Elliott 5/0

The next joint FinCom/CIC meeting is scheduled for 8/26/13 at 7:00 PM at the Bellingham Municipal Center.

Minutes respectfully submitted by:
Larry Sposato
Finance/CIC Clerk

Minutes approved at 8/26/13 joint meeting.