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Bellingham Finance Committee (FinCom) and
Capital Improvements Committee (CIC) Joint Meeting Minutes
September 3, 2013

  • FinCom Present: J. Collamati (Chair), J. Allam, J. Cibelli, A. Elliott, R. Szczepan,
CIC Present: R. Lavallee (Chair), J. Cibelli, J. Collamati, R. Szczepan

  • FinCom Absent: K. Shkreli, G. Young
CIC Absent: 1 vacant position
  • At 7:02 PM, FinCom was called to order by Chairman Collamati; CIC was called
to order by Chairman Lavallee.

  • A discussion took place regarding replacement of town wide voice
communications system. Information was presented by Town Administrator Denis Fraine, Lew Moretsky (Upton Group), and MIS Manager Karen Jasinski-Dutil. It was agreed, that in order to get a firm number for next May’s Town Meeting, the project needs to go out to bid soon. However, there are some costs involved in sending the project out to bid (advertising, printing, legal fees, printing, staff salaries). It was mentioned that there could be a Special Town Meeting called to entertain the building of a new Police Station. That meeting could potentially take place during the winter months. The purpose of this presentation was to get the CIC’s recommendation to move forward with the bid process.
A CIC motion was made to recommend, in concept,  to move forward with bid preparation for the Police Station.
Collamati/Szczepan 4/0

  • CFO, Chris Laviolette, reported on financial information that could impact
October Town Meeting preparation. A very preliminary Free Cash estimate was discussed. A more accurate number should be available at the next FinCom meeting, after FY 2013 is closed and numbers are finalized. Free Cash number will be forwarded to Massachusetts DOR for certification. It is hoped that formal certification will be received from DOR prior to Town Meeting.

  • A FinCom motion was made to recommend Article 9 (Financial Affairs, Chapter
71 Bylaw Changes).
Szczepan/Allam 5/0

  • A motion was made to accept 8/26/13 Meeting Minutes with minor changes.
CIC: Szczepan/Collamati 4/0
FinCom: Szczepan/Cibelli 5/0

  • At 7:59, a motion was made to adjourn the CIC portion of the meeting.
Collamati/Szczepan 4/0

  • At 8:07, after discussion regarding next meeting dates and preparation for October
Town Meeting took place, a motion was made to adjourn the FinCom meeting.
Szczepan/Elliott 5/0

The next joint meeting of the FinCom and CIC is scheduled for 7:00 PM on September 23, 2013 at the Bellingham Municipal Center.

Minutes respectively submitted by:
Larry Sposato
Finance Committee/CIC Clerk