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Joint Meeting of the Bellingham Capital Improvements (CIC) Finance (FinCom) Committees Meeting Minutes – December 23, 2013
Finance Committee Members Present: J. Collamati (Chair), J. Cibelli, A. Elliott, R. Szczepan
Finance Committee Members Absent: J. Allam, 2 vacancies
CIC Members Present: R. Lavallee (Chair), J. Cibelli, J. Collamati, J. Mayhew, R. Szczepan
Also present: C. Laviolette (CFO), R. Oakley

FinCom meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairman Collamati.
CIC meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairman Lavallee.

A review of plans for the creation of a Permanent Building Committee took place, and a copy of the proposed Bellingham Bylaw was discussed. Members of both the FinCom and CIC were in agreement with the concept of a Permanent Building Committee and the bylaw proposed.
CIC: A motion was made to approve the Permanent Building Committee Bylaw as amended.
Collamati/Cibelli  5/0
Note: FinCom approved the proposed bylaw as amended at its last meeting.
FinCom: A motion was made to forward the amended proposed bylaw to the Board of Selectmen.
Szczepan/Cibelli  4/0

FinCom entertained a request from DPW Director DiMartino to allow the DPW to overspend the Snow and Ice Budget.
FinCom: A motion was made to allow overspending of 2014 Snow and Ice Budget.
Szczepan/Elliott  4/0

FinCom: By request from R. Oakley, a motion was made to transfer $3000 from Reserve Funds to repair the boiler at South School.
Szczepan/Cibelli  4/0

A discussion took place regarding Winterization and Energy Efficiency at the high school. Based on suggestions made by National Grid, efficiency procedures will be implemented. National Grid will rebate $18,119.76 via the electric bill over time (4-plus years). Total cost = $43,916; direct cost to Bellingham is $25,796.24.
FinCom: A motion was made to support the energy efficiency procedures outlined by National Grid, including winterization at the high school, at a net cost not to exceed $25,796.24.
Szczepan/Cibelli  4/0

FinCom: A motion was made to approve the 10/28/13 meeting minutes as modified.
Szczepan/Cibelli  3/0 (A. Elliott was not present at 10/28/13 meeting, therefore abstained.)

CIC: A motion was made to approve the 12/9/13 meeting minutes with date correction.
Mayhew/Cibelli  5/0

At 7:55 PM, motions were made to adjourn the joint FinCom/CIC meeting as follows:
FinCom: Motion to adjourn.
Cibelli/Szczepan  4/0
CIC: Motion to adjourn.
Szczepan/Collamati  5/0

In the absence of any pressing agenda items for January, the next Finance Committee meeting is scheduled for 2/24/13 at 7PM, at which time FY2015 proposed budget reviews will begin.

Minutes respectfully submitted by:
Larry Sposato, FinCom/CIC Clerk