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Finance Committee and Capital Improvement Committee Minutes
Monday, August 18, 2014

1.      FinCom Present: John Allam, Raymond Szczepan, Joseph Collamati, Alexander J. Elliott
        CIC Present: Raymond Szczepan, Joseph Collamati, Roland Lavallee

2.      FinCom Absent:  Sean Coyle, Judith Cibelli, Matthew J. Fernandes  
        CIC Absent:  Jerald A. Mayhew, Judith Cibelli

3.      Meeting called to order:  7:00 p.m.

        Appearing Chief Steve Gentile, Deputy Chief Poirior, Lt. Prew and Ken Franks from KME.

        a.      TOWER TRUCK TO REPLACE THE LADDER TRUCK.  Amount requested is $950,000.  

        The Fire Department gave a presentation with regard to their request for the purchase of a new Tower Truck.  The first ladder truck was a 1949 American Lafrance purchased in 1985.  The second and current truck was purchased in 1995 and was an E-One 110' Aluminum Ladder. There are problems with this truck such as the aerial retracts and the hydraulics are worn out which are potential safety problems.  

        The Fire Department had a Committee to review the option of purchasing a new Ladder Truck v. Tower Truck.  A Tower Truck has a bucket designed which provides for more utility and safety.  The Fire Department Committee reviewed various manufacturers and their Trucks.   The Committee decided on a KME Tower Ladder because of the user friendly design/function, vehicle construction, safety factors and basket control among other safety options.  There are controls in the basket and below on the Truck.  

        Roland Lavallee commented that the Committee was studying this purchase for 1 1/2 years and the Capital Improvement Committee and Finance Committee are being given the information on a $940,000 truck just before Town Meeting.  He wants to see a copy of the Committee's Report/Summary/Comparison.

        John Allam asked about the truck specifications and whether the truck will have new untested components and technology, i.e.: was Bellingham going to be used as a field test for the new untested applications?  Mr. Franks relied that the specifications are being drawn up as "we speak" as to body styles and there is no field testing, all components and technology is currently in service on other vehicles, there is no new untested components or technology.  Mr. Franks also confirmed that the chassis, cab and other structural components are manufactured with US sourced steel and aluminum, it is not foreign sourced.  Mr. Franks also stressed that most of the components that will become part of the Truck are not proprietary, they are used in other vehicles manufactured by other companies, so sourcing replacement parts will not be as difficult or expensive compared to proprietary parts.

        Joseph Collamati wanted the gross vehicle weight to be confirmed.  Mr. Franks stated it is 81,000 lbs, not the 86,000 in the specifications.  

        The warranty is for the life of the vehicle and is not pro-rated.  Repairs are done in Hopkinton, MA (at their local plant) or at the Fire Station depending on the problem.

        It was asked if this Truck's specifications were sent out to bid.  It was bid through the Fire Association and a company was picked off the State bid list.

        Roland Lavallee asked what the standard price was for the Truck and were there additional costs for the options.  Mr. Franks stated that the cost was per the specifications for Bellingham.

        John Allam asked what the total cost is for the base truck model.  The reply was that the base price for the Tower Truck equipped with standard options was about $940K.  The proposed Bellingham Tower Truck was certain options that are not standard and some of the standard options are not included, and the price for the Bellingham model also approximates the base model price of $940K.  It was confirmed that $940,000 was the price for the base standard model Tower Truck.  The Chief stated that 940K does not include the trade in value of the current ladder Truck.

        It was noted that once the Truck is ordered it will be delivered in about one year from signing the contract, which approximates the time to manufacture.

        Joseph Collamati wants hard numbers, final report, pricing and figures on capital form.

Capital Improvement Committee: Raymond Szczepan/Joseph Collamati motion to recommend the purchase of the KME Tower Truck.  Vote: 2/0/1 (Roland Lavallee abstained)
The Finance Committee will schedule this item on the September 8, 2014 meeting.

        b.      EXPLORER TO REPLACE ONE OF THE OLDER VEHICLES. Amount requested $45,000. They would like to replace Car 3 which is 10 years old and has 96,000 miles with a Chevy Tahoe.  Funding would be from ambulance receipts.  John Allam asked for an accounting of the ambulance account to demonstrate that there is sufficient excess receipts to fund this and other purchases, noting that he had never seen an accounting for the ambulance receipts although the Finance Committee has approve capital expenditures for this source of funds.  The CFO mentioned that 1/2 of the receipts go to the general fund and the other 1/2 stays in the ambulance fund.  The committee would like to see a summary accounting of the receipts, expenses and transfers for the past few years and a projection for the next few years prior to committing the requested funds.

The Finance Committee agreed to postpone the vote until they receive an accounting for the CFO.  The CFO will have the figures at the August 25, 2014 meeting.

        Appearing is Chief Gerry Daigle, Lt. James Russell, Retired Officer Clinton.

        a.      THREE VEHICLES TO REPLACE 3 CRUISERS; Amount requested will be broken down as to vehicle, radios and mobile data terminals (MDT) below.  

        The Finance Committee will discuss the vehicles as three separate items, so they will not be considered a capital item.  

        Three Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicles are requested.  Crown Victoria's are being phased out and more departments are going with utility vehicles.  Mr. Clinton is retired but still does the maintenance on the police vehicles.  The Department needs an additional vehicle because of new hires in March.  They have 16 cars now, but will have 17 with this request.  The Utility vehicles will have a replacement cycle of 4 years.  They are 4-wheel drive & all wheel drive with the same chassis and engine as a sedan.  Selectman Soter looked up the mileage specs and the utility gets better mileage than the sedan with city driving.  They want to go through HMQ to purchase the vehicles.

        These vehicles will replace 2 older vehicles and add 1 for a vehicle that was junked.
        The Marked Utility Vehicle      $33,801 x       3       =       $101,403.00
        Radio/Program           $2,677.62       x       3       =       $8,032.86
        Mobile Data Terminals   $5,280.00       x       3       =       $15,840.00

Finance Committee:  Raymond Szczepan/Alexander J. Elliott motion recommend three utility vehicles which include radio/program and MDTs in each.  Amount requested as listed above.  Funding: Free Cash. Vote: 3/1 (Joseph Collamati voted against only the MDT)

        b.      FOUR BULLET RESISTANT VESTS; amount requested is $869 each, total $3,476.00.

        Four new officers will be hired in March, 2015 and the vests will be needed for them.  

        Joseph Collamati asked about the "rating" of the vests and a question regarding the price given was the same price as the vests ordered in December 2012.  Lt. Russell will get the information. (See below for 8/20/2014 response)

Finance Committee: Raymond Szczepan/Alexander J. Elliott motion to recommend the purchase of four vests for $869.00 each for a total of $3,476.00.  Funding: Free Cash.  Vote: 4/0

        c.      PORTABLE MESSAGE BOARD; amount requested $13,500.00.

        The Police Department is requesting the message board to announce safety issues, traffic tie ups, construction projects, etc.  At this time, they borrow boards from other towns or rent them.  They would like the purchase the Wanco, Metro VMS because of the three quotes they received, Wanco has a 5 year warranty and the company is Liddell Brothers in Halifax, MA, who will service it.  The Finance Committee was told the Town does not currently own a portable message board.

        Raymond Szczepan mentioned that this item was a "wish" and not a necessity.  He would like to take this under advisement and discuss it further.

        a.              Review of final warrant

        Toni Picariello mentioned that Article 13 - SNETT parking and Access Land Grant was replaced with Article 13 - General Bylaw - Foreclosed Property.  

        b.              Mail:

        a.      Updated Liaison List

                Toni Picariello will finalize the Liaison list as is and send to all departments.

        b.      (Voted on at a prior meeting) Benelli to Central Blvd. Water Main Loop - Recommendation differences
Amount requested:  $130,000 ($40,000 for 2015; $90,000 for 2016).  
Capital Improvement Committee: Joseph Collamati/Judith Cibelli motion to recommend the project at $130,000.  Vote: 3/0
Finance Committee: Matthew J. Fernandes/Sean Coyle motion to recommend $40,000 for FY2015 request for planning and land acquisition.  Funding:  Water Surplus.  Vote: 5/0.

        c.      (Voted on at a prior meeting) Pine Grove Avenue Sewer Station Construction (Abandon Sewer Siphon) - Recommended differences
Amount requested: 205,000 ($105,000 Planning, Land acquisition & partial construction; $100,000 to complete construction)
Capital Improvement Committee: Joseph Collamati/Judith Cibelli motion to recommend $205,000 for 2015 & 2016 Funding to the project.  Vote: 3/0.
Finance Committee: Matthew J. Fernandes/Sean Coyle motion to recommend $105,000 for FY2015 project.  Funding: Sewer Surplus.  Vote: 5/0.

Toni Picariello had a question about how to word these items in the Town Meeting Booklet, as the Capital Improvement Committee recommended the entire multi-year project and the Finance Committee recommended only the FY2015 funding..  The Finance Committee agreed that it should be included in the booklet as written above.

11.     Approval of minutes
        a.      June 23, 2014 (Sean Coyle)

Finance Committee: Raymond Szczepan/Joseph Collamati motion to accept the June 23, 2014 minutes.  Vote:  4/0
Capital Improvement Committee: Joseph Collamati/Raymond Szczepan motion to accept the June 23, 2014 minutes.  Vote: 2/0/1 (Roland Lavallee abstained)

        b.      July 14, 2014 (Raymond Szczepan, Alexander J. Elliott)

Finance Committee: Joseph Collamati/John Allam motion to accept the July 14, 2014 minutes as corrected.  Vote: 3/0/1 (Alexander J. Elliott abstained as he was not present)

Capital Improvement Committee: Joseph Collamati/Roland Lavallee motion to accept the July 14, 2014 minutes.  Vote: 2/0/1 (Raymond Szczepan abstained)

        Bills:  No bills presented.

Capital Improvement Committee: Raymond Szczepan/Roland Lavallee motion to adjourn.  Vote: 3/0.  9:00 pm
Finance Committee: Alexander J. Elliott/Raymond Szczepan motion to adjourn.  Vote: 4/0.  9:00 p.m.

(Capital Improvement Committee: Minutes Accepted 11/10/2014)
(Finance Committee: Minutes accepted 11/24/2014)