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Capital Improvement Committee Minutes
Town of Bellingham – Municipal Center
Monday, December 8, 2014

1.      CIC Present:  Raymond Szczepan, Joseph Collamati, Judith Cibelli, Roland Lavallee

2.      CIC Absent:  Jerald A. Mayhew

3.      Meeting called to order:  7:00 p.m.

        With Fire Chief Gentile, Deputy Fire Chief Mark Poirier and Denis Fraine.

There are three fire stations in Town.  The main station or Station 2 is on Blackstone Street, Station 1 is in the south, known as the "Murray" building and the station in the north is not a working station, but a garage.

Chief Gentile and Deputy Chief Poirier outlined their capital needs:

Station 1 (South) Renovations would cost about $300,000 and is requested for FY2016.  The renovations include

  • Outside: Gutters, painting, lighting and roof replacement;
  • Inside: Day Room, Bunk Rooms, Officer's Room;
  • Apparatus floor will include sheet rocking to bring up to code;
  • Removal of asbestos boiler; and
  • Updating electrical wiring (original 1800's wiring).  A sprinkler system is not required as there is not enough square footage.
The Boy Scouts have been using the building for many, many years for their meetings.  Denis Fraine would not remove them from the building without an alternative, maybe the Keough School, as he would like to see the Keough as a community center.

Station 2 (Blackstone Street) was built in 1989 - Renovations.

  • Renovate and update electrical outlets;
  • Floors (carpentry & tiles);
  • Interior wall painting;
  • Upstairs office space;
  • Outside retaining wall needs replacing;
  • Apparatus ramp needs to be redone and graded
  • Flag pole needs to be relocated;
  • Chief's office needs to be separate from general public.
They informed the committee that if the Shoppes of Bellingham is constructed they will need the following:

Station 2 (Blackstone Street): $$1.5M
  • Expand building for larger station
  • Drive through building apparatus floor;
  • Expansion of Weight Room, Bedrooms, Dorm Room & upstairs office.
  • 10 additional men (4 at Station 1 (south) and 6 at Station 2 (Blackstone St.)
  • 10 Men/per shift.
There is only 1 volunteer firefighter left.  The volunteer firefighters have to get the same training a regular firefighter and most work full time jobs and are no longer available.

The equipment is fine and no replacements are needed until FY18.  The life of the equipment is as follows:

  • Rescue          10 year life
  • Engines 15 year life
  • Ladder Trucks   20 year life
They need to replace fire gear (jackets, pants, etc) but will try to get a grant.
Brush Truck 1 (1979) needs to be replaced, but they would like to buy a pickup truck, they will hold off to see if they can get a surplus vehicle from military.

        Appearing CFO, Christopher Laviolette

With regard to the Fire Department's capital requests, the Capital Plan is updated as follows:

2016    $00
2017    $00
2018    Rescue 1, $300,000.
2018    Rehab of Station 2 (Blackstone St), $1,500,000.00 (must get sound figures)
2019    $00
2020    $00

        A.      Denis Fraine informed the committee that the Board of Selectmen discussed the creation of a committee to review and draft a Bellingham Building Review Bylaw.  The committee would consist of 6 members (2 Board of Selectmen, 2 school committee, 2 Capital Improvement Committee members)  The Selectmen have nominated Michael Conner and Mike Soter to represent them, the School Committee have nominated Mr. Ranieri and Mr. Carr.  The two Capital Improvement Committee members interested are Joseph Collamati and Roland Lavelle, with Raymond Szczepan will be alternate

        B.      The committee wants to schedule the Library and COA for the next meeting to discuss their capital requests and condition of their buildings.

        C.      Minutes to be accepted:
                i.      November 10, 2014 (Jerald A. Mayhew, Judith Cibelli)

Raymond Szczepan/Roland Lavallee motion to accept the November 10, 2014 minutes.  Vote 3/0/1 (Judith Cibelli abstained as she was not at the meeting)

        D.      Chairman must write a Statement for the Annual Report - Due 12/19/2014
                Roland Lavallee will write the Statement.

Adjourned:  Joseph Collamati/Raymond Szczepan motion to adjourn.  Vote: 4/0.  7:45 p.m.

(Accepted, 7/13/2015)