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Finance Committee
Capital Improvement Committee
Bellingham Municipal Center
Monday, April 13, 2015

1.      FinCom Present: Raymond Szczepan, Joseph Collamati, John Allam, Matthew J. Fernandes, Judith Cibelli
CIC Present: Roland Lavalle, Raymond Szczepan, Joseph Collamati, Judith Cibelli

2.      FinCom Absent: Sean Coyle, Alexander J. Elliott
        CIC Absent: Jerry Mayhew

3.      Fincom meeting called to order:  7:00 p.m.
           CIC meeting called to order:  7:00 p.m.     

4.      Budget item 302 Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School (BVT)
        Dr. Fitzpatick (Superintendent) and Mr. Hall (BVT School Committee Chairman) presented the 2016 budget.  They explained the 1.65% budget increase due to the increase in students and decrease in State Aid. Cost per student for Bellingham is $11,028 (without debt), and $11,279 (with debt included).
Joe Collamati / Judith Cibelli motion to recommend Bellingham's portion of the BVT budget in the amount of $1,161,785.  Vote 5/0.

5.      Fire Department
        Chief Gentile and Deputy Chief Poirier presented the Fire Department budget and Article 14 - Non-Capital Outlay Expenditure request. They answered numerous questions about the Stretcher and Imager Cameras.  The Fire Department currently has one color Imager Camera, the two additional cameras requested would be Black and White displays. They  are utilized to identify heat sources (fire or bodies).
Joe Collamati / Judith Cibelli motion to recommend Non-Capital Outlay Expenditures as listed: Vote 5/0.
        Stretcher               $38,000 from Ambulance Receipts
        3 Gas Meters            $5,400          from Ambulance Receipts
        2 Imager Camera $14,000 from Ambulance Receipts

        Budget item 220 Fire Department
Joe Collamati / Raymond Szczepan motion to recommend Fire Department Budget in the amount of $2,588,922.  Vote 5/0

6.      School Department
        Article 25 - MSBA School Roof Project
        Mr. Fleury and Mr. Oakley presented on the MSBA process and costs associated with utilizing the program. The MSBA process was explained where the total amount must be appropriated before the project can be approved by the MSBA, so the School Committee is requesting $1,450,000 be appropriated by borrowing. The state, through MSBA will reimburse 52.69% of the project.  The reimbursement should come before the start of the project, so the Town should only have to borrow 47.31%.
Joe Collamati / Matthew J. Fernandes motion to recommend Article 25 in the amount of $1,450,000 from borrowing.  Vote 5/0

        Article 14 - Non-Capital Outlay Expenditures
        Mr. Fleury and Mr. Oakley presented the Non-Capital requests for the school department. Mr. Oakley requested that the "remaining balances" from numerous completed projects be transferred to new projects/purchases as listed below:
        Project                                                 Remaining Balance       
        Macy Carpet Replacement, Article 5, 10-9-13             $1,497.32
        HS Magnetic Door Hold-Opens, Article 5, 10-9-13         $37,560.15
        HS Compressor, Article 6, 10-10-12                              $2,014.00
        Maintenance Dept. Pickup Truck, Article 6, 10-10-12     $2,001.00
        MS Kubota, Article 6, 10-10-12                          $3,116.00
        Scissors Lift, Article 6, 10-10-12                              $1,011.00
        Asbestos Study, Article 14, 5-28-14                             $12,084.00
        Total                                                           $59,283.47

        Proposed Projects / Purchases                           Amount
        Equipment Storage Shed (21'x18' metal) at Stall Brook   $15,800.00
        Library Carpet Replacement at Stall Brook                       $ 3,500.00
        Band Room Carpet at High School                         $15,000.00
        Plow for Kubota at High School                          $4,600.00
        Lotus Pro Units (3)                                             $7,400.00
        New Back Boards and Floor Striping AP Room at BMMS      $12,983.47
        Total                                                           $59,283.47
Raymond Szczepan / Joe Collamati motion to recommend transfers as listed above.  Vote 2/3. Motion was NOT RECOMMENDED
        Further discussion took place on how to fund projects/purchases and if any money was actually in the accounts after the project was completed.  It was determined that the remaining balances on all completed projects revert to the General Fund and do not remain in the account. The FINCOM felt that after a project is complete, the remaining balance does not automatically remain with that Department to be spent at their discretion.
Raymond Szczepan / Joe Collamati motion to recommend the Non-Capital Expenditure listed above in the amount of $59,283.47 from Free Cash.  Vote 4/1.

7.      Article 15 - Revolving Funds
        Christopher Laviolette (CFO) presented the revolving fund accounts.  The FINCOM questioned the maximum amounts and compared to the amount in the warrant.
Joe Collamati / Matthew J. Fernandes motion to recommend Article 15 - Revolving Account Funds, with the stipulation that the FINCOM Comments be removed.  Vote 4/1.

8.        Article 13 – Capital Outlay (over $50,000)
No Requests at this time

  • Budget item 610 Library
The handout provided by the library was reviewed.  No questions.
Raymond Szczepan / Matthew J. Fernandes motion to recommend the Library Budget item 610 in the amount $533,629 Vote 5/0

  • Budget items 191 Workers Comp Agent and item 152 Human Resources
Both items were reviewed and revoted to amend the March 30 FINCOM vote.
Joe Collamati / Matthew J. Fernandes motion to recommend budget item 191 in the amount of $10,500 and budget item 152 in the amount of $80,807.  Vote 5/0

11.     Budget item 251 Town Inspectors Budget
        Christopher Laviolette (CFO) handed out an updated Town Inspectors Budget.  The FINCOM reviewed and revoted their March 30th vote.
Joe Collamati / Matthew J. Fernandes motion to recommend budget item 251 in the amount of $141.398.  Vote 5/0   

        a.      Mail/Correspondence/Etc.:
13.     Minutes:                        
        March 23, 2015
Raymond Szczepan / Matthew J. Fernandes motion to accept.  Vote 5/0
        March 30, 2015
Raymond Szczepan / Matthew J. Fernandes motion to accept.  Vote 4/0
(Judith Cibelli absent from meeting)

14.     Motion to adjourn FINCOM.  
Joe Collamati / Judith Cibelli.  Vote 5/0 Time 8:38 p.m.

15.     Motion to adjourn CIC.  
Joe Collamati / Judith Cibelli.  Vote 4/0 Time 8:40 p.m.

(Finance Committee: Accepted April 20, 2015)
(Capital Improvement Committee: Accepted: July 13, 2015)