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Capital Improvement Committee Minutes
Town of Bellingham – Municipal Center
Monday, January 12, 2015

1.      CIC Present: Judith Cibelli, Roland Lavallee, Jerald A. Mayhew

2.      CIC Absent:  Joseph Collamati, Raymond Szczepan

3.      Meeting called to order:  7:00 p.m.

Laura DeMattia, Director appeared.  Laura mentioned three projects that she would like to see in the near future. She passed out information regarding population trends based upon the 2010 census and the Town’ Master Plan which showed an increase in the demographic that would use the facilities

  • A modest expansion to the building
  • More parking
  • Expand the supportive day program.  The COA has been providing the program for 20 plus years.  Right now they have room for 12 people.  More and more elders are staying at home, but need daytime supervision.
The population of seniors has been and will be increasing.  People 60 years old and Bellingham residents can be members of the COA.  Everyone has different interests and the COA hosts many different programs and classes, both self-help and fun activities.

They have not requested any funding for a van, as the vans are now purchased through GATRA (Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority) at no cost to the Town.

Roger Oakley did maintenance on their 3-zone heating and air conditioning.  

Jerald A. Mayhew mentioned that any addition should be adding on to the current first floor for the ADA compliance.  A second floor would need an elevator installed which would cost a lot more money (installation, upkeep, maintenance, inspections).

Laura would like $15,000 for a study on the expansion project funded in FY2017.

Denis Fraine mentioned that the generator at the police station may be moved to the Senior Center.

        Bernadette Rivard, Director, Suzanne Garten, Trustee and Amy Bartelloni appeared and passed out documents with information on their capital requests.

        They had quite a few needed future projects.  The Library opened in 1989.

  • Young Adult section expansion; an Architect has done a plan, which was paid for by State aid. There are between 30-50 kids from the Middle & High School going to the Library for an adhoc after school program.  Most of them are waiting for their parents to pick them up after work.  The cost would be approximately $125,000 and is requested for FY2016.
  • Carpet replacement for all public areas in the building, except in the community room.  There is no asbestos problem; They are requesting $40,000 for FY2017.
  • Generator so the Library could be used during power outages for the residents. During the last power outage, residents used the Library to charge their devices and use email. The Library representatives stated that their internet comes from Worcester.  A rough cost would be $40,000 which includes installation.  This is requested for FY2018.
  • Exterior Building maintenance - They are looking at vinyl siding only on the wood sections of the building.  They checked out ceramic "Rhino Shield" but it was expensive.  Most of the building is brick. They are estimating around $35,000.
  • Town sewer hook-up in the future, hopefully in FY2020.  Cost would be about $60,000.
  • 20 year old heating/air conditioning (HVAC) for repairs and maintenance.  They have forced hot air and spend about $5,000 per year for service contract & maintenance.  They would like a newer more energy efficient system.  It was mentioned to ask Raymond Szczepan to go to the Library and look at the system.
        The Library roof is about 5-6 years old.

        Christopher Laviolette, CFO, updated the spreadsheet as the requests were discussed.

        A.      Minutes to be accepted:
                i.      December 8, 2014 (Jerald A. Mayhew).  The minutes will be approved at a future meeting.

        B.      Chairman must write a Statement for the Annual Report.  Report was written by Roland Lavallee and Toni Picariello submitted it to the Board of Selectmen.

        C.      Mail:  

                Distributed the Conflict of Interest compliance package from the Town Clerk for members to complete.

        D.      Board of Selectmen Capital Improvement Committee Member.  Not discussed.

        E.      The Bellingham Building Bylaw Committee will be meeting sometime in February.

        F.      Capital Improvement Committee would like to hold an informal capital project meeting with the School Department & Municipal Buildings (Roger Oakley) in February.

        G.      Capital Improvement Committee would like to hold an informal capital project meeting with Parks Department and Department of Public Works at the March meeting.

        H.      Denis Fraine mentioned that the security cameras and servers at the new police station may be upgraded to cover all schools sometime in the future.

Adjourned:  Jerald A. Mayhew/Judith Cibelli motion to adjourn.  Vote: 3/0.  8:20 pm.

(Accepted: March 9, 2015)