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JOINT Finance Committee and
Capital Improvement Committee Minutes
Bellingham Municipal Center
Monday, August 10, 2015

1.      FinCom Present: Joseph Collamati, John Allam, Matthew J. Fernandes, Kelly Grant, Kevin Keppler
        CIC Present: Roland Lavallee, Joseph Collamati, Jerry Mahew, Matthew Fernandes
2.      FinCom Absent: Judith Cibelli
        CIC Absent: Judith Cibelli

3.      Meeting called to order:  7:00 p.m.

4.      Bernadette Rivard : Young Adult Library Renovation
Bernadette came to present FC/CIC with the plans and reasons for a renovation of the Young Adult area of the library. Town would be funding the construction of walls, doors, carpets, and State and donation will be funding the rest. There was discussion around the need for this. With the increase in middle school ages utilizing the library, there currently is a lack of space. Closing in the young adult section, would also free up the community room for others to use after school. It would also allow for the expansion of programs. Plans are done, but still awaiting new estimate. Will go out to bib in September, and have actual cost for October town meeting.  Copy of plan is on file with FC Secretary.

5.      Denis Fraine/ Roger Oakley: Snow Removal from School Roofs/ School Capital
        A. Snow Removal- Denis provided us with additional information in regards to the paid invoice for snow removal. Reliable Roofing negotiated a lower rate with Roger Oakley, and they were to provide skilled laborers to clear roofs. It was brought to Denis’ attention after they started that the laborers were not skilled and it did result in some damage to the school roofs. Damage has been fixed by the company. In the meantime, after going through town counsel, and making a settlement payment of $200,000, FEMA reimbursed $150,000 of the incurred cost. Denis and Roger are looking to put out RFP to get a roof snow removal contract in place before next winter.  
B. School Capital: Roger went over each of the 6 priorities in his school capital request. (FULL REQUEST SUMMARY ON FILE WITH SECRETATRY)
        2. Kubota: question of whether it would actually save in overtime costs. Roger also stated that we would be looking at replacing 7 snow blowers this year as well. Kubota can be used for snow removal, salting and trash removal. Shed was previously approved and being built at Stall Brook. ($29,000)
        3. Floor Scrubber: Based on figures shown, would save more money by buying than leasing. ($15,000)

        4. Convert Keough to house PJP: Asbestos removal needs to be done before anything else. DESE required updates will be next. (Detail list of costs on file with secretary, exception Paint is $23,500) Roland asked Roger if this will really cover everything. In Rogers opinion it will, unless something outrageous comes up. Heating system is fine with replacement of a ventilator, and there is a lot of concrete that needs to be replaced. ($498,339)

        5. BHS Library Roof: Roger to get us exact square foot area, (he approximates 2700 sqf) . It was determined that there is no engineering study needed. ($120,000)

        6. Cameras and Key FOB System at BHS: Roger and Supt. Peter Marano presented the plan to upgrade the surveillance cameras at the high school. Cameras will cover the entire school, including hallways, football field, and parking lots. Key FOB would allow only access through 5 doors and administration and police would be notified when a FOB was used. It would also activate cameras. Proposal includes 35 cameras, images stored on server for 30 days, cameras on 24/7. Warranty is 1 year for parts, 60 days for labor. ($117,275)

VOTE: 4/0

6.      Don DiMartino- GIS Capital- Passed over as Don not present; FinCom asked that Don be present at next meeting to present.

7.      Chris Laviolette- Accounting Software Update:
Existing software system is inadequate, town needs a fully integrated program,especially with BOS request to go paperless in the future. Chris has gotten an estimate from SoftRight. This company will be able to provide the software that the town would need and have local support. There are many surrounding communities that use SoftRight and are happy. It was suggested my committee to have Chris make an appointment with a town using the software so he could have a 1 on 1 with them and see how the software works. Chris is also seeking another proposal.

8. Mail, Correspondence, Etc.
  • Email from Chief Gentile, RE: FD Ramp Work estimate. FC asks that Chief Gentile be present at next meeting to discuss. Joe Collamati will also be meeting with him this week.

        July 27, 2015
        Kevin Keppler/Matthew J. Fernandes motion to accept the July 27, 2015 minutes.  Vote 5/0

Adjourned:  Kelly Grant/ Kevin Keppler motion to adjourn.  Vote: 5/0.  8:35 p.m.