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Joint Finance Committee and Capital Improvement Committee
Meeting Minutes
Monday July 25, 2016, 7pm
Bellingham Municipal Center
1.  Fin Com Present: JA, KC, MF, KG, KK(8p)
        CIC Present: RL, MF (NO QUROM)
2. Fin Com Absent: JC
        CIC Absent:  JC, JM
3. Meeting Commenced: 7pm

4. Police Department STM Capital Requests: Lt. Russell and Chief Daigle presented committees with proposed STM Capital Requests.
        a. Bulletproof vests: 18 vests will expire in 2017. PD uses Armor Level 2 duty vest. Request is to replace 9 vests this Oct and 9 next Oct. Each vest comes with a 5 year warranty and at that point, vests are replaced due to liability issues after warranty expires. 9 vests @ $851 = $7659
        b. Tactical Vest: These vests are used for the active shooter/barricade situations. Request is for 4 vests, as they will be put into the cruisers. 4 vest @ $1033 = $4,132
        c. 1 Semi-Marked Utility and 2 Ford Taurus cruisers. Historically, cars are taken out of the fleet and refitted to make them unmarked, however it is cheaper by $30K to buy 2 unmarked and 1 marked. Also one auxiliary cruiser will be used to replace an unmarked vehicle. In turn auxiliary Police will be given cruiser 410.                        1 Semi-marked Utility- $36,774.00=  $36,774.00                                                                                                           2 Ford Taurus  - $28,790.00 each   = $57,580.00                                                                                                                4 Cruiser Radios- $ 3,042.80 each = $12,171.20                                                                                                             1 Mobile Data Terminal- $5,574.00 = 45,574.00                                                                                                               Total: $112,099.20                                                                                                                                                              
1 Marked Cruiser (416) to un-marked plus graphics for auxiliary cruiser.                                                                          Body Work and Paint- $3,000                                                                                                                                         Transfer equipment- $800.00                                                                                                                                          AUX equip trans- $ 500.00                                                                                                                                                     Graphics (old&new)- $500.00                                                                                                                                            Total: $4,800.00
5. Fire Department STM Capital Requests: Chief Gentile and Deputy Poirier presented committees with proposed requests for STM.
        a. Replace deputy Expedition. Deputy vehicle currently has 100K miles. Deputy uses this vehicle to respond to all calls as well as meetings as the EMS Director. FD is looking to purchase a Chevy Tahoe. The Chief

Currently has a Tahoe and has given no problems to date. Total cost for vehicle with emergency equipment installed is $44,160.00
        b. Repairs and Upgrades to South Fire Station: 3 years ago the South FS reopened, it is manned 24/7 and is now too small for the men. Renovations need to be done to take over the second floor. Total cost for all renovation based on estimates is $197, 151.00; however, Full details are on file with CIC/FinCom clerk. RL asked that if passed, FD would need to seek a professional certification to make sure building is up to code. Selectman Mike Soter stated that they would be asking for an Architectural Specification as they did with the Keough renovations.
6. DPW STM Capital Requests: Don DiMartino presented to committee the proposed capital requests for STM.
Requests are as follows (Full Details on file with CIC/FinCom Clerk):
General Fund                    Req. $$                 Description             Notes

Equipment- Fleet
Bobcat Skid Steer Load
Replace 1997 Bobcat
Equipment- Fleet
Peterbuilt Large 6 Wheel Truck
(Plow-Salt Dump) Replace 1997(BS)
Fire Apron &DPW Fueling Area Concrete
Concrete fueling pad replacement w/fueling canopy (BOS suggested combing $130K DPW and $110K with Fire)
DPW Building Repairs
Roof replacement with insulation, ventilation and fire sprinklers
$1,163,000 TOTAL

Water Capital

Equipment- Fleet
Mini- Excavator
Add versatile for water pipe repairs, and grave excavation (360 degree swing and much smaller footprint than backhoe)
Project- (CIC vote NOT needed, previously approved)
Pulaski Water Mains
(Vote Funding Change)Fund with cash and eliminate debt cost for borrowing (Project Complete- Final payment to contractor Jan 2016)
Well #1 Replacement
Built in 1940 – showing signs of possible screen failure. Will use remaining WTP funds first
Wrentham rd.- Lake Street to Wrentham Water Main replacement
Major improvement to water hydraulic system. Replace 6” Asbestos Cement pipe w/ 8” Ductile Iron. Existing main has experienced many breaks and as a result, flooding has damaged area properties, Section of road will be resurfaced from curb to curb after project is completed.
Project (previously CIC Approved)
Lakeview Ave Water Mains (Phase 2 of Lakeview to Sand Castle Loop)
Connect the water main that was installed on Town land near landfill to the end of existing main on Lakeview Ave.
$1,229,000  TOTAL

7. Finance Committee Reorganization - Postponed
8. New Business: Emails, Bills, Correspondence:
New member appointed to FinCom, Sworn in by Town Clerk- Kevin Clark
Clerk Invoice for Month of July 2016- Motion made by KK, second by KC, 5-0
Motion made by KK to pay invoice for Association of Town Finance Committee dues in the amount of $236. Second by KG, recommended 6-0
9: Approval of Meeting Minutes:
        FinCom Meeting April 25, 2016 KK, KG 4-0
        FinCom Meeting May 2, 2016 KK, MF 5-0
        FinCom Meeting May 25, 2016 KK, KG 3-0
        FinCom Meeting June 22, 2016 KK, KG 5-0
Meeting Adjourned:  Motion to adjourn made by KG, Second by KK. 6-0 Adjourned at 8:30p