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Joint Finance Committee and Capital Improvement Committee
Meeting Minutes
Saturday September 10, 2016 9:30am
Bellingham Municipal Center
1.  Fin Com Present: JA, KC, KG, MF (9:45a)  KK,        
        CIC Present: KC, KG,MF, RL
2. Fin Com Absent: JF
        CIC Absent: JM
3. Meeting Commenced: 9:30a

4. Article 7. Library Renovations- Library Trustee Sue Garten came to discuss their article 7. The library is seeking $15,000 for the purpose of new carpeting in the kid’s room and a new section of the adult library. Additionally they have already received a $10,000 grant and have been promised $5,000 from the former Macy School PTO. It would be more money and more disruptive to attempt to re-carpet the library in its entirety.
There was a discussion of adding  future carpeting costs into the library budget as routine maintenance expense.
Motion made by KG, and second by KK . Recommended by FC 4-0
5. Article 8. Bylaw Amendment: Littering- Michael Catalano, Board of Health. FC will be taking NO ACTION on this article as there is no financial impact.
6. Articles 12-17 – Don DiMartino- Comments from Don regarding each article were sent directly to FC members and copy is on file with clerk. Recommendations on these articles will not take place until the night of TM.
7. Capital Requests:
        a. Phase II IT Request- Karen Dutil- (There is a current server emergency. Oldest server has failed and currently the records of printed documents email and files are stored here. File data is so large that there is no where to move it to. A virtual server was created as a temporary workaround. Emergency reserve fund transfer requested for $28,900. Server can be purchased immediately and placed in service.. Once TM approves the capital request, $28,900 will be transferred back to expense fund. Motion made by KK, second by KC Recommended 5-0 by FC)
Phase II of It project is to replace aging servers (see note above), storage and networking system with new high availability environment. Cost for this Phase is $166,263. Motion made by KK, second by KG, recommended 4-0 by CIC. Motion made by KK, second by KC, recommended 5-0 by FC.
        b. Office Cabinets and Desk Replacements- Assessors and Inspectional Services- Tim McCarthy. New layout will make it more professional, n bring area up to where it should be. As much as they are trying to digitally store as much as they can, certain documents need to be kept for life of the building. Current shelves are not adequate enough. Motion made by KK, second by MF in the amount of $18,050, funding from free cash. Recommended by FC5-0
        c. Storage System for Vital Records- Town Clerk. Request for new DuPont locking shelving system. Town Clerk is required to keep certain records for life and the shelving system needs updating. Request is for $6,675. Motion made by KK, second by KC. Recommended by FC 5-0, funding free cash.
9: Amend Article 1 Requests: DPW Salary funding, Street light funding
  • DPW Salary: Adding TWO (2) positions so that Don can do job effectively. $53,000 Nov- June from taxation
  • Street lighting: New subdivisions and replacing lights at Town Common with LED lights. $7,000 from taxation
  • Custodian for Municipal Buildings: $8,000 to Municipal Buildings Salaries from taxation.
  • Move $39,448 from police salaries to police expenses.
Motion made by KK, second by MF . Recommended by FC 5-0
  • Debt Service Principal payment: $7,800. Taxation
  • Debt Service Adjustment: lower budget by ($70,908).
Motion made by MF, Second by KK Recommended by FC 5-0
Amend Article 3: Increase Water Enterprise by $670,908. Funding from Water Capital
Motion made by KK, second by KC, recommended by FC 5-0
10.  Capital Request recommendations (SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT)
11. All remaining STM Warrant Articles –
a. Article 18: $5 Million bond over 5 years. Funding source is borrowing. Motion made by KK< second by KC, recommended by FC 5-0
b. Article 19: $90,000 for preliminary study of sewer extension in Wethersfield neighborhood.  Motion made by KK, second by KC, recommended by FC 5-0 Amount NOT to exceed$90,000 funding source is free cash.
c. Article 20: Pass Over. Motion Made by KC, Second by MF Recommended 5-0 by FC
d. Articles 21-23 : Pass Over. Motion Made by KK, Second by KC, Recommended 5-0 by FC
e. Article 24: Pass Over. Motion Made by KC, Second by MF Recommended 5-0 by FC
f. Article 11: No action taken.

12. New Business: Correspondence, Emails, Bills, Invoices
13. Approval of Meeting Minutes: 8/22/2016 (JM) CIC: No quorum, FC: KK, KC- 5-0
14. Adjourned: 11:50a   CIC: KG, KC 4-0/ FC: KK, KC 5-0