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Bellingham Finance Committee Meeting Minutes – 5/12/14

FinCom Present: J. Collamati (Chair), J. Allam, J. Cibelli, M. Fernandes
FinCom Absence: A. Elliott, R. Szczepan, (one vacancy)

Chairman Collamati called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM.

A review of Article 9 (Amend Article 1) took place. In anticipation of 911 Grant money coming through, the Police Chief requested that $39,448.00 be moved from Police Salaries to Police Expenses.
A motion was made to transfer $39,448.00 from Police Salaries to Police Expenses.
Cibelli/Allam  4/0
This motion requires an update to the 2014 ATM booklet.

A motion was made to approve the 5/5/14 Meeting Minutes with changes as proposed by Mr. Allam.
Allam/Fernandes  4/0

At 8:00 PM, having fulfilled the meeting agenda, a motion was made to adjourn.
Cibelli/Allam  4/0

Minutes respectfully submitted by:
Larry Sposato, FinCom Clerk