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Finance Committee Meeting Agenda
Bellingham Municipal Center

Monday April 10, 2017 7pm
Lower Level  Meeting Room

  • FinCom Present: All Members
  • FinCom Absent:

  • Meeting called to order: 7pm

  • Bonvie Homes / Article 19 New England Country Club Zoning Change: Ron Bonvie presented his preliminary plans for 55+ ADC built on NECC lands. Golf Course will remain a public course. Other changes of note, entrance will be moved to the bottom of the hill on Paine Street to help with the traffic flow. There are many moving parts still as there are studies still being done, as well as studies that cannot be done until zoning changes passes. This will all be 55+. Therefore, with no children in these homes there will be less strain on the school systems. Ron also provided committee members with financial documents estimating what the tax revenue could possibly be. (Full documents on file with FC Clerk) All roads will be private, town will have nothing to do with maintaining it. But planning board will still have say in the land. Bonvie will take care of water and sewer maintenance, trash pick up, plowing etc.  This project also has the ability to build as the economy allows. Start with 30 buildings, if they sell faster, they build more, and vice versa.
ARTICLE 19: Zoning Change New England Country Club- Motion made by JC,second by KG. Recommended 7-0.


  • Discussion of FY 2018 Budget Items

  • ATM Article Review and Recommendations
Article 20, recommended pass over, KK, KC 7-0
Article 17: JC, KC 7-0
Article 15: KK, KC 7-0
Article 16: KC, JF 7-0


  • New Business, Correspondence, Bills:.
Beth Cornell, HR for the town came to discuss the group health insurance rate. Talking about 6.6 Mil for health insurance this years .This year we are facing a shortfall over $700K. Looking to add $1.1MIL to add to cover the cost. 3rd quarter report is not in yet fro BCBS and HP, Town is self insurance so town pays monthly and every quarter there is a review. There have been some major and catastrophic illness that account for the deficits. Cost have been slowing done, but ultimately we cannot foresee major illnesses. Looking to amend Article 1 in the amount of $1.2MIL to cover costs and looking to appropriate $6.6 MIL for next fiscal year.

  • Approval of Meeting Minutes from March 13 (Holding these minutes) and March 27( KK, KC 4-0) meeting

  • Adjourned: 8:15p