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Finance Committee Meeting Agenda
Bellingham Municipal Center

Monday February 27, 2017 7pm
Lower Level Conference Room

  • FinCom Present: JC, KK, KC, JA, MF, JF (7:11)
  • FinCom Absent:

  • Meeting called to order: 7p

  • School Committee presentation of 2017-2018 school budget: ( FULL BUDGET BINDER ON FILE WITH CLERK) Mike Reed: Several members of board present as well as RL, MB, DP. Very excited to present the budget to us. Showing fiscal discipline. Efforts helped to create a budget that is responsible. Modest increase over last years budget. 3.3% increase over last year  ($800,000). Smallest increase that has been asked for over the last 2 years. $600,000 is strictly salary, unions including BTA and AFSCME. Contractual obligation. 27 students with special needs are in out of district placements, which account for $200,000 increase. Identifying key areas for improvement across the district as well. Moving staff to follow students, and increasing where needed. District continues to move in the right direction, create sustainable programs, maximize professional development, align curriculum and drive performance K-12.
PM: Next year we will roll out a Chromebook program. Each 7th grader will be given a Chromebook. FY 19 will look to increase to grade 8 and 9. $50,000 lease, 4 year lease. 60 Chromebooks at KMA, and additional 193 for next year.

Other Notes: Increase in Athletic budget was discussed.
                       Discussion of step increases, raises, and the BTA (Accounting for $600,000         increase)
                Drop in enrollment by 35 students
                Only 50 Students applied to go to BVT this year. Down from 75 last year.

Doug Maclachlan asked for clarification on steps increase and salary increases.
Also asked about increase in budget where enrollment goes down. It was explained that salary increase, special education tuition increases have to be paid.
Bellingham is also above the state average for high needs population. 28% across the district.
JA: Would like to see the dollar figure of 1.5% increase in salary and dollar figure for step increase.

  • Snow and Ice Emergency Spending Vote: Effective November in the Municipal Modernization act, would allow us to refrain from voting on this. Clarification was asked for and Chris will get  it for committee

  • Continuation of the January 23 discussion with the TA and CFO regarding funding the Group Insurance Trust Fund, the Towns expense for self-insured Medical/Health insurance for Town employees: CL does not have a set of Gap financial balance sheet yet. He will get the committee one ASAP.  JA requests that the committee be provided with the deficits from last year. The auditors sheet is not transparent.. Committee requests the Gap Balance sheet before a vote on this matter.

  • New Business, Correspondence, Bills: Clerk Invoice for month of February.
Approved Clerk Invoice JC, MF approved 5-0
Correspondence from Chief Gentile, in regards to IV Pumps that will need to be purchased for ambulances. KG will email Chief for clarification as to why we need 4 pumps with on 2 ambulances.


  • Approval of Meeting Minutes from Jan 23 , 2017 meeting (KC,JC) MF, KK, 6-1

  • Adjourned: Motion Made by KK, KG  adjourned 8:21p