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Bellingham Housing Authority
Meeting Minutes
January 10, 2017 held at Wrentham Manor

  • Call to Order at 6:03 p.m. Announcement made that meeting is being recorded.
The regular meeting of the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners was held at Wrentham Manor. The following members, staff and others were present:

Joseph M. Hall, Esq, Chariman                   Lawrence J. Sposato, Jr, Vice Chairman
Linda Cartier, Treasurer                                Debra Sacco, Assistant Treasurer
Sandra Tracy, Commissioner                              Monique Bergeron, Executive Director            

  • Approval of minutes of December 13, 2016 minutes
  • Motion to approve minutes made by Mr. Sposato, discussion.
  • Mrs. Cartier noted to amend the following:
  • Section 1.1 approval of October 11, 2016 minutes; motion was made by Mr. Sposato not Mrs. Cartier.
  • Section 4.2 Mrs. Cartier noted minutes should reflect Mrs. Tracy’s absence during vote of resolution.
  • Mrs. Bergeron affirmed corrections were made in draft and noted any new changes to minutes.
  • Motion seconded to approve minutes by Mrs. Sacco, all in favor, motion carried.

  • Public Input
  • No response to request.
  • The Board members inquired about the hanging quilts in the community room. Mrs. Bergeron explained that a resident from Depot Court, Mrs. Harrison, donated them.
  • Correspondence
3.1 Resident Survey Statewide Results
  • Discussion regarding summary of Chapter 200 & Chapter 705 Housing Summary Spring 2016.
  • Mrs. Bergeron explained DHCD collected demographic information from survey respondents. Mrs. Bergeron confirmed that the Authority was not chosen as a candidate due to the fact that none of the Family participants responded.
  • Mr. Hall recommended adding state wide survey questions to BHA surveys to gather more information from tenants.
  • Mrs. Tracy inquired on the percentage of tenants with heating problems. Mrs. Bergeron answered that 60% of tenants reported no heating issues. Mrs. Bergeron noted that heating across the state is different for every agency; Bellingham uses electric heat.
       3.2 PHN 2016-40 DHCD Guidelines for Executive Director Contracts
  • Discussion regarding new guidelines in contracts for new and existing Executive Directors.
  • Mrs. Bergeron noted there was no approval, just a cover page. Mr. Hall noted that DHCD admits that they are not a party to the contract.
  • Mrs. Sacco inquired to Mrs. Bergeron if written communication had been sent to DHCD. Mrs. Bergeron responded no, not until contracts are signed by herself and board members. Mrs. Sacco inclined how documents must be returned with thirty (30) days. Mrs. Sacco noted in 2016-40 under Transition After Effective Date states each authority must submit written communication if they have an existing contract in effect. Mrs. Bergeron agreed, will send required document and thanked Mrs. Sacco for her interpretation.

     3.3 PHN 2016-41 DHCD Guidelines for LHA Hiring of Executive Directors.
  • Mr. Hall noted that DHCD has presented new guidelines for newly hired directors.

Mrs. Cartier questioned pest control in regards’ to only specific buildings. Mrs. Bergeron stated pest control is done in rotation by three buildings. Mrs. Cartier inquired about Depot Court pest control. Mrs. Bergeron stated yes, the same rotation is made, but Depot Court has a problem because tenants feeding the birds.

  • New Business
  • Civil Rights Certification
  • Mrs. Bergeron stated the Civil Rights Certification for the Housing Choice Voucher Program and is required on an annual base. Expiration date is current. A vote should be taken.
  • Motion made by Mrs. Sacco, seconded by Mr. Sposato, all in favor, motion carried.
     4.2 Resolutions 2017-01 Earned Sick Time Policy
  • Mrs. Bergeron stated we do not pay sick time, but, employees may earn sick time. Sick time must be permitted and the policy is for all other employees except full-time employees. The policy is based on a sample that is provided by the Attorney General’s office.
  • Mr. Hall stated policy was mandated but board still must cast vote.
  • Motion made by Mrs. Cartier, seconded by Mrs. Sacco, all in favor, motion carried.

  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Mrs. Cartier asked about Hat Creek Outfit if part-timer workers received uniforms. Mrs. Bergeron explained that the Authority does provide long sleeve shirts, and one sweatshirt to the part-time staff. However, Hat Creek is plumbing supplies.
  • Mrs. Tracy inquired on an error in payroll. Mrs. Bergeron stated she had accidently paid herself $37.50 instead of 37 ½ hours. Mrs. Bergeron stated she voided the $37.50 and reissued the correct check.
  • Mr. Hall inquired on property insurance was in effect, Mrs. Bergeron stated that several policies have come due recently.
  • Mrs. Cartier inquired on what consisted of the deposit ledger reimbursement. Mrs. Bergeron stated that is was for the reimbursement for security deposit of pet deposits.
Mrs. Cartier asked about the part-time staff hours. Mrs. Bergeron explained that each staff person can only work half less one hour of their supervisor.
Mrs. Cartier asked about a “reverse stop payment”. Mrs. Bergeron explained that the bank reimbursed the Authority a stop payment fee.

** Please note that the recording machine stopped functioning at this point. All minutes from this point forward are from written notes.

  • Accountant’s Report
  • Executive Director’s Report
  • Highlights of report presented
  • Met with INET Communications and nextiva to discuss VOIP.
  • Met with several companies to discuss purchasing a new copy machine.
  • Any other business that may legally come before the board
  • Board discussed scheduling Executive Session meeting.
  • Agreed to January 31, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at Wrentham Manor                                                                                                                                                                
  • Meeting Closure
  • Next meeting February 14, 2017
  • Motion to adjourn made by Mrs. Cartier, seconded by Mrs. Sacco, all in favor, motion carried.