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Bellingham Housing Authority
Meeting Minutes - Amended
September 12, 2017 held at Wrentham Manor

  • Call to Order at 6:05 p.m. for Regular Meeting. Announcement made that meeting is being recorded.
The following members, staff and others were present:

Lawrence J. Sposato, Jr, Chairman                       Joseph M Hall, Vice Chair               
Linda Cartier, Treasurer (until 6:40 p.m.)              Debra Sacco, Assistant Treasurer
Sandra L Tracy, Commissioner                    Monique Bergeron, Executive Director    

  • Public Input
  • Mr. Dann stated that a person who lives at Wrentham Manor is bothering people for money, drugs, anything he can get. Continues week after week. He wants to know what will be done about it. Restated for the audience that the man is manipulating other tenants. Mrs. Bianchino stated that the statements by Mr. Dann are hearsay. Mrs, Feola stated that she personally witnessed the behavior. Mr. Sposato polled the audience and eleven people have witnessed the behavior.
  • Mr. Sposato stated that the police are aware of the behavior and are investigating. The Authority is taking legal steps as well. The issue is confidential and cannot be discussed as per law and regulation. The situation is uncomfortable and the Authority understands. The residents need to have some patience.
  • Mrs. Sales inquired about the past violence. Mr. Bogan stated that he was involved. He apologized for frightening the residents.
  • The residents were name calling each other and Mr. Sposato stated that that was not necessary and measures are being taken to resolve the issue.
  • Mr. Bogan, Sr inquired about a time element. Mr. Sposato stated that that is not known.
  • Mrs. Gray inquired about what would happen to the residents at Depot Court because they have no generator. Mrs. Bergeron explained that there is a town disaster plan in place and residents will be moved. Mrs. Gray feels that is not fair because the residents at Wrentham Manor have a generator. Mrs. Bergeron explained that Wrentham Manor has a generator only because of the sewer pump which was installed by the town. The generator that was used at Depot Court was not properly installed and the town requested removal.  The Capital Improvement Plan has a generator planned but is out 1-2 years. Mrs. Bergeron will look into moving the generator to another year. The estimated cost will be $25,000 to $35,000. Mr. Bogan suggested a temporary generator.
  • Mrs. Gray asked about the mini-split heat pumps. Mrs. Bergeron explained that the project has gone out to bid, the bids have been approved (split vendors), and the purchase orders have been issued. Start dates will be given once equipment is received. The system will be heat and air conditioning and placed at the top of a wall in either the living room or dining area. All thermostats will be disconnected with the exception of the bathrooms. The unit also includes a secondary fan that will be facing into the bedroom; the fan can be shut off. A/C window units will not be required. The tenants will have control of the thermostats. Tenant who have medical issues and may need a window unit must have medical documentation. A tenant meeting will be planned in the future.
  • Mrs. Cerutti wanted to thank Mrs. Bergeron and the Board. The sidewalks are complete on one side of the development and have eliminated trip hazards. She also wanted to say the Norman is great and the tenants hate to see him go.
  • Approval of minutes of July 11, 2017 minutes
  • Mrs. Cartier made a motion to accept the minutes, motion seconded by Mrs. Tracy; Mr. Hall and Mrs. Sacco abstained; all in favor, motion carried.
  • Correspondence
  • MRVP Procedure Memorandum for Rent Increases for Oakwood effective February 28, 2017. Information given to explain the increase in rent payments.
  • Section 8 Management Assessment (SEMAP) Program Performance Rating: achieved a designation of High-Performer.
  • Tenant Request regarding smoking structure
  • Mr. Sposato stated that initially there would be no smoking any here on the property. The following agreement was that there would be a designate an area and the Authority would provide a table. The Board did state that there would be no structure. The Authority cannot expend money for a structure. Mr. Sposato also stated that some time in the future the state may require that the developments be smoke-free.
  • Mrs. Ladouceur stated that Medway Housing has a gazebo. Mr. Sposato may possibly have more funds than Bellingham. Mr. Bogan, Sr asked if the tenants could purchase the structure. Mrs. Bergeron stated that the Authority would have to check with the fire department, insurance company and possibly the state to verify that a structure would be legal. Mr. Bogan stated that means he would have to be out in zero-degree weather. Mr. Sposato stated that the no-smoking policy has been in place for years. The revisiting of the policy has been suggested many times. The state has highly suggested that LHA’s go to non-smoking. Mrs. Bergeron will research the structure issue.
  • Mr. Bogan interrupted the conversation to ask more questions about the incidences with the other tenant. Mr. Sposato stated that the conversation is over regarding that subject. A rude comment was made from the audience. Mrs. Bergeron stated that comments like that are why the problems persist. Back-biting, name-calling and disrespect is why the problems continue.
  • DHCD Performance Management Review (PMR) Results
  • DHCD regulations to conduct a PMR annually; similar to an audit
  • The BHA had a few corrective actions:
  • Underspent Maintenance Expenses (line item 4400); budget revision should have been done
  • Underspent Extraordinary Maintenance (line item 4610); budget revision required
  • Due to the above budget issues, suggest budget review quarterly
  • Reminder that Quarterly Operating Statements and Year End Operating Statements must be submitted 45 days after quarter end.
  • Mrs. Cartier suggested that any extra funds could go towards to a new generator. Mrs. Bergeron stated that is a possibility.

  • New Business
  • Executive Director Contract Approval
  • The Board has unanimously voted for a three-year contract with a 3% increase for year one, and the carry-over of vacation is one week. The contract must be submitted to DHCD for approval. A motion was made by Mrs. Cartier to approve the contract as presented, seconded by Mrs. Sacco, all in favor, motion carried.
  • Mrs. Cartier removed herself from the meeting at 6:40 p.m.
  • Resolution 2017-19 2018 Fair Market Rent/Payment Standards
  • Motion made by Mr. Hall to approve the Fair Market Rent/Payment Standards, seconded by Mrs. Sacco, all in favor, motion carried.
  • Treasurer’s Reports
  • Mrs. Sacco inquired about Kate’s hours. Mrs. Bergeron stated that she is scheduled to work Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. At times she may work a different day or different hours but no more than 17 hours per week.
  • Accountant’s Report
  • Mr. Hall asked if there were any financial issues that Mrs. Bergeron has noted. Electric is high, Maintenance Salaries are over, Maintenance Contract Costs are up, and the purchase of a new truck is on hold until DHCD can determine if a capitalized expense is appropriate. Maintenance salaries are up due to the agency’s recent vacancies. Discussion of salaries and contract costs especially with winter coming.
  • Mrs. Bergeron announced that one of the part-time maintenance staff has given his intent to resign. The hope would be to hire a part-time person to full-time due to past problems with this position. Discussion ensued. Mrs. Sacco suggested that the Authority possibly go from two part-time maintenance staff to one full-time staff person. Mrs. Bergeron will discuss with Mr. Conlon and bring back information at the next meeting.
  • Executive Director’s Report
  • Highlights of report presented
  • Mrs. Sacco asked for information regarding the accrual of time-off.
  • Work order report is not included due to a software problem.
  • Mr. Sposato inquired about the accounts receivable seems to be the same. Mrs. Bergeron explained that the numbers are similar; just a coincidence.
  • Mrs. Bergeron clarified the notice regarding inspections. Inspections will be done one building a month. Tenants will be notified in advance. Mrs. Bergeron will put an announcement in the newsletter.
  • Any other business that may legally come before the board
  • Mrs. Cerutti inquired if the board could meet at Depot Court. Mr. Sposato stated that it is only fair to the residents who reside there and for the board members who live closer to Depot Court to hold meetings at that location again. Mr. Sposato proposed that the meetings could be scheduled every quarter. Discussion ensued.
  • Meeting Closure
  • Next scheduled meeting is October 10, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at Depot Court
  • Motion to adjourn made by Mr. Hall, seconded by Mrs. Sacco, all in favor, motion carried.