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Bellingham Housing Authority
Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2017 held at Wrentham Manor

  • Call to Order at 6:00 p.m. for Regular Meeting. Announcement made that the meeting is being recorded.
The following members, staff and others were present:

Lawrence J. Sposato, Jr, Chairman                       Joseph M Hall, Vice Chair               
Linda Cartier, Treasurer                                Debra Sacco, Assistant Treasurer
Sandra L Tracy, Commissioner
Monique Bergeron, Executive Director    

  • Approval of October 10, 2017 minutes
  • Mrs. Cartier made a motion to accept the minutes, motion seconded by Mr. Hall.
  • Mrs. Cartier requested that in Section 6 the discussion regarding hours should state “29” and the word “burden” could be changed to “commitment”.
  • All in favor with changes, motion carried.
  • Public Input
No public in attendance

  • Correspondence
  • PHN 2017-25 Revised Guidelines for Executive Director Contracts
  • Upon initial review, Mrs. Bergeron stated that there were many references to employee-at-will, DHCD review, a mandatory cover sheet, required hours, and state percentage of salary. Discussion regarding the notice.
  • DHCD Information: Tenant Board Members
  • Discussion regarding board member terms. Mrs. Cartier’s term is still considered a “hold-over” until DHCD promulgates regulations.
  • Mr. Sposato stated that the town does have new counsel. Board would like to meet with new counsel. Mr. Sposato will coordinate.
  • Mrs. Sacco requested clarification on board composition. Mr. Hall explained that members will remain at five. However, one town elected member will become an authority elected resident. The state did not give concrete instructions to municipalities in regard to elections. Therefore, each city/town did what they felt was best for that city/town.
  • MassNAHRO Update: Issuance of FY18 Budget Guidelines & New Executive Director Salary Schedule
  • Mrs. Bergeron explained that Mr. Conlon has let us know that at this moment in time, the Authority will be able to manage its financial situation.
  • Discussion ensued regarding budget submission, amended budgets and submission time lines.
  • Hampden Technologies Updates
  • The DHCD Portal Project is still not implemented which was a part of the new regulations from 2014. The portal is the state-wide centralized waiting list
  • Some DHCD guidelines have changed from last year regarding the AUP, so PHA is trying to amended their reports to match.
  • PHA is giving notice that the subscription will increase $13.00 per month effective January 1, 2018. The total rate will increase from $ 2,424 be $ 2,580 per year.
  • New Business
  • Resolution 2017-224 Disposal of Fixed Assets
  • Motion made by Mr. Hall to approve disposal, seconded by Mrs. Sacco, all in favor, motion carried.
  • Resolution 2017-25 Approval of Final Completion FISH# 02540 667-1 Roof Replacement Phase II
  • Motion made by Mrs. Cartier, seconded by Mrs. Sacco, all in favor, motion carried.
  • Old Business
  • Resolution 2017-21 Public Records Request Policy
  • Mrs. Cartier asked if the office hours on Friday should reflect that Mrs. Bergeron returns to Wrentham Manor. Mrs. Bergeron stated that she may return for a total of one ½ hour and did not think that was important to note in the policy.
  • Mr. Sposato inquired as to how many requests the Authority receives. Mrs. Bergeron stated that in the last seven years, one for a divorce case.
  • Motion made by Mr. Hall to approve Public Records Request Policy, seconded by Mrs. Cartier, all in favor, motion carried.
  • Resolution 2017-23 Maintenance Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Mrs. Bergeron stated that changes made were for pagination/table of contents.
  • Motion made by Mr. Hall to approve the Maintenance Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Discussion regarding highlighted area which is just highlighted, no change. Mr. Sposato inquired about the reporting procedure. Mrs. Bergeron explained that this is for Maintenance staff not board meeting requirements. Mr. Sposato inquired as to the accountability of the staff with the work order system. Mrs. Bergeron stated that all the staff know how important work orders are.
  • Seconded by Mrs. Sacco, all in favor, motion carried.
  • Treasurer’s Reports
  • Mrs. Bergeron stated that there is a $23,958 difference in invoices paid from last month. The difference is due to a payment being made to Edward Paige for the Depot Court sidewalks. The Authority received a partial reimbursement from DHCD; operating budget is slated to pay the balance.
  • Mrs. Cartier made note that the Administrative Assistant’s hours are reduced. Mrs. Bergeron will expand on that in her report. Questions regarding payroll were answered appropriately.
  • Accountant’s Report
  • Mrs. Bergeron responded to a question queried by Mrs. Cartier last month regarding Mobility Issued. Mobility Issued are fees from BHA vouchers that have ported-out to other cities/towns. Another agency in that vicinity i.e. Worcester administers and charges the BHA a fee. The fees increased over the last year from $190.878 to $121.96. Therefore, the budget line item shows an increase to the budget.
  • Mr. Sposato inquired about line 7520 and specifically the landscape trailer and if it was purchased. Mrs. Bergeron sated that the trailer has been purchased and was over the estimate/budget. Mr. Sposato also asked about the new truck. Mrs. Bergeron stated that possibly next week that will go out to bid/quote.
  • Mrs. Bergeron stated that a budget revision is definitely must be completed. Mrs. Bergeron has been in contact with Mr. Conlon.
  • Mrs. Bergeron has reviewed the Schedule of Extraordinary Work. Some items will not be able to be purchased due to the overages on the Equipment. She is still working on cameras and light pole replacement.
  • Executive Director’s Report
  • Highlights of report conveyed.
  • Discussion regarding vacant units. Mr. Hall suggested that staff could prepare a vacancy sooner than 11 days. Mrs. Bergeron stated that eleven days is a big push for the staff but she will try to reduce the vacant days.
  • Mrs. Bergeron responded to a question regarding salary increases for maintenance staff. Mrs. Bergeron stated that the percentage increase for Maintenance Supervisor was 3.61% ($1.05/hour) and the Maintenance Laborer was 2.86%. Therefore, the increase was not $6.00. Mrs. Bergeron inquired to the Labor Board in regard to the rates for part-time staff. The Labor Board staff affirmed that ANY staff must receive the rates.
  • Mrs. Bergeron announced that the solar net metering project has netted one electric invoice for $68.00. More savings should occur once the mini-split heat pumps are installed. Mrs. Cartier asked if the Authority owns panels somewhere. Mrs. Bergeron explained that the Authority is the host of a project in Westport; the Authority does not own the panels.
  • Mr. Hall indicated that there was an increase to tenant receivables. Mrs. Bergeron stated that one additional has been added due to a mediated court-ordered repayment agreement.
  • Mr. Hall asked about the Work Order report. Mrs. Bergeron stated that there was an error in the cells; the reports are correct and the board report is only updated for the current month. The staff are always aware of the time frames for work order completion.
  • Mrs. Bergeron announced that the assistant is going to have back surgery; leave will be 3-8 weeks. Mrs. Bergeron has been searching for a temporary replacement.
  • Mrs. Bergeron stated that interviews will begin next week for the open maintenance laborer position.
  • Mrs. Sacco asked about obtaining a snow removal contract. Mrs. Bergeron stated that she is working on snow removal, the truck and painting.
  • Mrs. Cartier asked if Mrs. Bergeron has tenant meetings. Mrs. Bergeron indicated that there are no scheduled, regular tenant meetings. Though, the developments have been quiet. Wrentham Manor tenants are in the process of establishing a tenant organization. Wrentham Manor has started a weekly coffee hour with 10-14 in attendance. Depot Court has weekly bingo and the COA is donating snacks for that function.
  • Discussion regarding the generator for Depot Court and the feasibility. Mr. Sposato asked about the generators from the Town. Mr. Fraine indicated that two suggested generators were both going to be used elsewhere.
  • Any other business that may legally come before the board
  • Mrs. Cartier asked about the status of obtaining a secretary. Mr. Sposato needs to know how much time would need to be devoted to the minutes. Mrs. Bergeron stated that an hour or two should be the maximum amount of time depending on the length of the meeting. Mr. Sposato indicated that he has approached a few people but the question remains about compensation. Discussion ensued. Mrs. Bergeron will poll SMEDA to ask if any other agencies hire a person to prepare their minutes.
  • Meeting Closure
  • Discussion about meeting location.
  • Next scheduled meeting is December 12, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at Depot Court
  • Motion to adjourn made by Mrs. Cartier, seconded by Mrs. Sacco, all in favor, motion carried.