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March 07, 2017

Committee Members:
Chairperson:            Tricia Leclair
Vice Chairman:        Luke Lavallee
Daniel Spencer
Tracey Taddeo
Carolyn Duhaime
EJ Renda

Also Present:
Town Planner and Zoning Compliance Officer:  James Kupfer
Health Agent:  Michael Catalano
Minutes Clerk:  Tina Griffin

Ms. Leclair called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm.  

A motion was made by Ms. Leclair to approve the minutes from February 07, 2017.  Her motion was seconded by Mr. Lavallee and the motion carried.  
Mr. Spencer abstained from the motion, as he was not present at the last meeting.

Mr. Lavallee had sent a copy of the updated regulations draft through email to all committee members before tonight’s meeting.  This updated draft consisted of changes and revisions from the previous Livestock Regulation meeting on February 07, 2017.  

The committee members went over each section of the new proposed regulations and discussed sections that required adjustments or revisions.  

Ms. Duhaime brought in some sample verbiage that she wanted to recommend to the committee for the section regarding inspections of the livestock.  The committee discussed this section and changed the language in order to better accommodate livestock owners as well as the animal inspector, Agent of the Board and members of the Board of Health.  

The committee members also worked on the “Fines and Penalties” section of the proposed regulations.  
Revisions were made in order to have a definite timeframe for the registering of livestock.  Additional changes were made to the wording of the fine structure for situations that may be posing risk to the health, safety or welfare of the livestock.

Committee members also discussed and revised the proposed permitting application that will be required for all livestock owners.  

Mr. Lavallee made the additional revisions to the draft during tonight’s meeting and emailed a new copy to all committee members before the meeting had adjourned.

Mr. Spencer made a motion to send these updated regulations to Town Council for review and then forward to the Board of Health with the committee’s recommendation for this to be the regulation that they draft and pass.  His motion was seconded by Ms. Leclair and the motion carried.

As of this time, there are no future meetings scheduled for the Livestock Regulation Committee.

Meeting adjourned by all committee members at 8:43 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tina M. Griffin
Tina M. Griffin