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Selectmen Minutes 12/15/2014

December 15, 2014

The meeting of the Board of Selectmen was called to order at 7 p.m. by Chairman Connor with all members in attendance.

Public Hearing on the application of Vet’s Package Store, Inc., 240 South Main Street, for new Officer/Director and change of Manager.  Mr. Connor explained he advised the applicant there was no need to attend since this was an internal transfer within the family due to the death of the license holder.  Mr. Connor asked if there was anyone in the audience with questions, to which there were none.

On a Mayhew/Spencer motion, the Board unanimously voted to close the Public Hearing.

On a Mayhew/Soter motion, the Board unanimously voted to approve the transfer as requested.

Mr. Connor welcomed State Rep. Kevin Kuros, who was in attendance to provide the Board with an update on various legislative activities.  Representative Kuros stated the petition filed by the Town for an additional package store license was before the Senate and would have to be approved prior to the end of this legislative session or it would need to be re-filed.  Rep. Kuros stated he would be holding office hours in Bellingham every other month.  Mr. Soter expressed his interest in seeing the Hartford Avenue reconstruction project move forward more quickly than the suggested 2019 schedule.  Mr. Soter also suggested the need to review legislation which will increase the small business exemption to allow more businesses to participate.

Mr. Spencer questioned whether local aid cuts would be realized during the current fiscal year.  Rep. Kuros answered the legislature has made it clear they would not support any such reductions.

Mr. Mayhew asked Rep. Kuros to continue working on ways to ease the Special Education costs which continue to increase each year.

On a Mayhew/Martinis motion, the Board voted to approve the minutes of November 24, December 1 and December 11.  Mr. Spencer abstained from the acceptance of the December 11 minutes as he was not in attendance at that meeting.

Minutes of December 15, 2014
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On a Spencer/Mayhew motion, the Board unanimously voted to authorize the DPW Director to sign the Notice Award Letter, contract documents and to award Contract 4, Wells #1 and #2 SNETT water main improvements to the low bidder, C.J.P. and Sons Construction, Co., Inc., Millis, MA, as recommended by the DPW Director and the project engineers.

On a Mayhew/Spencer motion, the Board unanimously voted to approve the attached list of license renewals.

On a Mayhew/Spencer motion, the Board unanimously voted to adjourn at 7:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Denis C. Fraine
Town Administrator