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Selectmen Minutes 12/21/2015
                                                December 21, 2015


The regular meeting of the Board of Selectmen was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairman Soter with all members in attendance.

Vote RE:  voting machines – discontinue Accuvote)
On a Spencer/Martinis motion, the Board unanimously voted to approve the use of the Image Cast beginning with the March 1, 2016 Presidential Primary and to discontinue using the Accuvote.

Joint Meeting with Planning Board (interviews to fill vacancy)
Members of the Planning Board present:  Brian Salisbury, Peter Pappas, Dennis Trebino.
Mr. Soter stated he will be asking each applicant to give a brief presentation as to why they are applying for this position.

  • Steven Kohler stated he has resided in Bellingham for 13 years and since becoming a resident, he has served on sub-committees appointed by the School Committee.  He is currently the Vice President for Bellingham Soccer and head coach for 1 – 2 teams a season.  He has attended several Planning Board Meetings and felt he could contribute positively to the process if he was a member.  With his 35 years of construction experience, he believes he could help the Board review future projects more thoroughly.
Mr. Martinis asked Mr. Kohler if he is appointed, would he run for the elected position.  Mr. Kohler stated he would most likely run
Mr. Pappas asked if he would still run if he wasn’t appointed with Mr. Kohler stating he feels he would have time to run noting that he would not coach teams as much as he has in the past.
  • James Dunlea stated he has a background in bylaw regulations, knowledge of planning and engineering documents for both large and smaller scale development.  He is familiar with the Town’s Zoning Bylaws and currently serves on the Zoning Board of Appeals.  
Mr. Dunlea was asked if he would run for the position and stated, if appointed, he would wait to evaluate time commitment and make his decision at that time.  
Mr. Connor asked Mr. Dunlea if appointed if he should recuse himself from hearings pertaining to the Campanelli Project.  He stated he would see how Planning Board members felt about him sitting on the project.  He did state however that he would be able to vote on the project without getting personal feelings involved.
Minutes of December 21, 2015
Page 2

Mr. Kohler was also asked about the Campanelli Project and also stated he would be able to vote on the project fairly.  However, he would defer to the feelings of the other Board members as to whether he should recuse himself.

Mr. Soter stated that both Mr. Dunlea and Mr. Kohler could speak with Town Counsel to see if they would have a conflict or contact the Ethics Commission directly.
  • Bruce Lord stated he has been a resident of Bellingham over 40 years and practiced law for approximately 35 years.  During that time, he appeared before the Planning Board, some of the time for a project and some time against.  He noted he no longer practices law, having given up his license in 2012.
A few projects he worked on were the very first power plant located in Town and Somerville Lumber building (which is currently Bluelinx).  Mr. Lord stated he would probably run for the position, but would not make a commitment at this time.
Mr. Lord feels the Planning Board looks out for the future of the Town.  He stated he is aware of the history of projects spanning 30 years and feels this would be an asset to the Board.
Mr. Salisbury asked Mr. Lord who some of his past clients were.  He sated the first power plant, Fafard, Dick Hill & the Business Association in the early years, representing both industrial and residential.
Mr. Martinis asked Mr. Lord if he was involved with the rezoning of Dick Hill’s property to industrial.  Mr. Lord stated he was not.  He was involved with the rezoning of the Bluelinx property from agricultural to industrial.

Mr. Soter asked for nominations to fill the vacancy.
Mr. Mayhew made a motion, seconded by Mr. Spencer to appoint Mr. Lord.

Mr. Soter asked if there were any other nominations.
Mr. Martinis made a motion, seconded by Mr. Connor to appoint Mr. Kohler.
Mr. Salisbury made a motion to nominate Mr. Dunlea, with no second.

Mr. Soter called for a vote on Mr. Mayhew’s motion.  Members of the Selectmen and Planning Board were polled with Mr. Spencer, Mr. Mayhew, Mr. Soter, Mr. Connor and Mr. Trebino voting in the affirmative.  
Mr. Martinis, Mr. Pappas and Mr. Salisbury opposed.

A vote was also taken on Mr. Martinis’ motion with Mr. Pappas, Mr. Salisbury and Mr. Martinis voting in the affirmative.  Mr. Spencer, Mr. Mayhew, Mr. Soter, Mr. Connor and Mr. Trebino opposing.

Mr. Lord was appointed to fill the vacant position on the Planning Board until the 2016 Annual Town Election.
Minutes of December 21, 2015
Page 3

On a Mayhew/Spencer motion, the Board unanimously voted to approve the December 7th minutes as submitted.

On a Mayhew/Spencer motion, the Board unanimously voted to approve the Class II Licenses for Doc’s Classic Auto, 174 Mendon St., Marty’s Auto, 46 No. Main St., and Maple St. Auto, 146 Maple St. and to approve the Common Victualler License for Chevy’s Ice Cream, 191 Pulaski Blvd.

On a Mayhew/Spencer motion, the Board unanimously voted to not renew the Class II License for Murray Enterprises, 191 Pulaski Blvd.

The Board took no action on the Common Victualler License renewal for Wenger’s Farm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jacqueline Bokoski
Administrative Assistant

Mr. DiMartino – DPW Update
Mr. DiMartino appeared before the Board to provide an update on various projects.  Mr. DiMartino started with the presentation of a Mailbox Damage Policy for the Board’s consideration.
Mr. Connor expressed his desire to ensure damaged property is inspected prior to any work being completed and limited to no more than one reimbursement annually.
Mr. Spencer concurred stating his preference to see the inspection documented by the DPW.
Mr. Soter stated he did not think a policy was necessary and we may be over reacting to a bad winter.  Mr. Spencer expressed his preference to see a policy in place to address repairs moving forward.
Mr. Martinis stated he felt the repairs performed by the Town are a good service and would like to see it continue.
On a Mayhew/Connor motion, the Board voted three in favor and Mr. Soter and Mr. Martinis opposed to adopt the Mail Box Damage Policy as presented by Mr. DiMartino with the amended language which requires DPW inspection of the damage prior to reimbursement.

Mr. DiMartino introduced John Rhodes of P.S.C. Engineering who is performing a conceptual design of Taunton Street improvements.  Mr. Rhodes explained the roadway improvements should include drainage installation, and sewer and sidewalk
Minutes of December 21, 2015
Page 4

construction are something the Board can consider.  Mr. Soter asked what the length of roadway repairs will be.  Mr. Rhodes explained the work will total nearly 5,000 feet in repair.  Mr. Spencer questioned the total cost of the work.  Mr. Rhodes indicated it would likely be in excess of six million dollars without sewer installation.  Mr. DiMartino stated the drainage installation will be nearly 50% of the total cost.  Mr. Rhodes indicated the drainage was very important due to the close proximity to a Town well, additionally, without drainage the road will not last more than 4-8 years.  

Mr. Soter questioned how much of the Wethersfield neighborhood could benefit from a sewer extension on Taunton St.  Mr. Rhodes explained approximately 250 homes located in the Wethersfield II area could benefit from sewer extension.  Mr. DiMartino stated this area scored the highest marks in sewer needs assessment after the Lake Hiawatha and Silver Lake neighborhoods.  Mr. Connor suggested sewer extension as a possibility for any development associated with the Macy School redevelopment.  All members agreed to pursue some type of survey to gauge resident interest in sewer connection.  Mr. DiMartino and Mr. Fraine were directed to begin this process.

On a Mayhew/Martinis motion, the Board unanimously voted to approve the proposed water purchase agreement with Milford as proposed by Mr. DiMartino and approved by Town Counsel (attached).

On a Mayhew/Spencer motion, the Board unanimously voted to award the bids for lead abatement and septic design for the Community Development Rehabilitation Program as bid and recommended by Community Opportunity Group and presented by Mr. Fraine.

On a Mayhew/Spencer motion, the Board unanimously voted to adjourn at 8:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Denis C. Fraine
Town Administrator