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Selectmen Minutes 11/28/16

                                                November 28, 2016

The November 26 meeting of the Board of Selectmen was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Chairman Soter with Mr. Spencer and Mr. Martinis in attendance.  Mr. Soter stated the meeting was scheduled in order to continue the Public Hearing discussion relative to the tax classification.

Mr. Laviolette stated the Board would need to vote the Small Business exemption as well as the percentage of the tax shift.  

On a Spencer/Martinis motion, the Board unanimously voted to continue the 10% Small Business exemption.

Mr. Soter expressed his desire to see the tax shift expand in order to provide greater relief to residential properties.  Mr. Soter further stated his belief it will be necessary to increase the split should residential values continue to increase faster than the values for industrial properties.  Mr. Martinis stated he was prepared to increase the split but agreed with Mr. Soter to wait to review the matter again next year.

On a Martinis/Spencer motion, the Board unanimously voted to adopt a .89 split, maintaining the percentage previously adopted.  Under discussion, Mr. Soter stated he would vote with the majority in order to move the matter along in light of the fact only three members were in attendance.

Mr. Martinis reasserted his desire to have as much information earlier in the process next year.

Also under discussion, Mr. MacLachlan presented the Board with a nine year analysis of his property taxes asking the Board to keep in mind the expenses and annual percentage increase on residential properties.

Mrs. Cournoyer updated the Board on a proposed house re-numbering for properties located along Box Pond Road and Drive.  Mrs. Cournoyer explained she will be contacting the affected residents individually and inviting them to her office to discuss the issue.  Mr. Fraine suggested the matter be added to the agenda at a future meeting in order to provide residents an opportunity to discuss the situation.  All members asked Mrs. Cournoyer to review any costs associated with the address change to ensure residents are not financially impacted.

On a Martinis/Spencer motion, the Board unanimously voted to approve the licenses as presented and read from the attached “license renewal” listing.

Mr. Soter requested the DPW place more visible signage on Scott Street.  Specifically, the “Do Not Enter” signage is not visible enough to motorists who may not be familiar with this road.

On a Spencer/Martinis motion, the Board unanimously voted to adjourn at 7:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Denis C. Fraine
Town Administrator