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Selectmen Minutes December 18, 2017
                                                December 18, 2017

The regular meeting of the Board of Selectmen was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairman Soter with all members in attendance.

Public Hearing – application of AC Adventures LLC d/b/a Urban Air, Chad Darling, Mgr. for a Restaurant Wine & Malt, Common Victualler and Automatic Amusement License, 189 Mechanic St.
Mr. Soter read the public hearing notice with a unanimous vote taken on a Spencer/McNulty motion to continue the hearing at the conclusion of the Bellingham Cheerleaders recognition.

The Bellingham American Youth 12U Cheerleading Team was given proclamations from the Board of Selectmen in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments.

Urban Air – continued
Attorney Antonellis represented Chad Darling and Andrew Powell from Urban Air stating this is a trampoline park with a café and bar area with seating for approximately 40 individuals.
Mr. Martinis asked why a Beer & Wine License is being requested at an establishment where the majority of patrons will be children.  
Attorney Antonellis stated the beer & wine will be for parents to enjoy while their children are using the park’s activities.  Mr. Martinis asked what controls will be in place to stop underage individuals from getting alcohol.
Mr. Darling stated adults wishing to have an alcoholic beverage will receive a wrist band before purchasing their drink. Individuals without a band will not be allowed to have alcohol.  
Mr. Powell stated this will not be a destination for drinking alcohol.  The alcohol will be sold to individuals who wish to have something to eat and a glass of wine or beer while waiting for their children.  
Mr. Martinis asked if there will be other security in place aside from the wrist bands.  Mr. Powell stated the alcohol beverage cups will be totally different from the soft drink cups.
Mr. Spencer expressed his concern with individuals drinking and using the trampoline.  Mr. Darling stated no one with a wrist band will be allowed to use the trampolines.

Mr. Soter asked if there was anyone present to speak on this application.  No one responded.
On a Spencer/Martinis motion, the Board unanimously voted to approve the application of AC Adventures LLC d/b/a Urban Air, Chad Darling, Mgr., for a Restaurant Wine &
Minutes of December 18, 2018
Page 2

Malt, Common Victualler and Automatic Amusement License with the hours of operation being Monday – Saturday, 11 AM – 1 AM; Sunday – 10 AM – 1 AM located at 189 Mechanic Street.

Update on Water System – Wright Pierce
Mr. DiMartino appeared before the Board and provided an update on the Town’s DEP water quality consent order.  He once again emphasized we are not under emergency order and there is no need to boil water.  He explained detailed information relative to the consent order is posted on the Town’s website.  Rich Protasowicki of Wright Pierce also appeared before the Board. He stated Wright Pierce is reviewing both treatment facilities as well as monitoring the quality of raw water.  At this point in time, there is no clear answer as to why there is an elevated level of TTHM in the town’s water.  Additional testing is being conducted and various strategies are being explored in consultation with the DEP.  Mr. Soter questioned whether the issue could involve human error and if there are safe guards in place to ensure that is not the case.  Mr. Protasowicki stated there is no indication that human error is the cause but the operation of the plant will be reviewed.  Mr. DiMartino stated he will appear before the Board once there is more information to provide.  

Center Street traffic calming update
Mr. Bogdanovich stated he attended the October 16th Selectmen’s meeting, at which time speeding concerns were brought before the Board.  Since that time, a traffic study was performed on Center Street and Fox Run Road by Beta Engineering.  The studies were held on November 15th & 16th.  Center Street’s traffic count was 4,000 cars per day with an average speed limit of 43 mph.  The MassDOT posted speed limit is 45 mph.  The traffic count on Fox Run was 1,000 cars per day with an average speed of 37 mph.
Mr. Bogdanovich stated he was surprised to hear the average speed limit wasn’t higher than that and stated self-enforcement is the answer at this time.  He went on to state the speed reduction he noticed with the placement of a speed trailer on the street.
Mr. Kupfer was asked if he could work with the Safety Officer to see if there are grants available to pay for speed trailers.

Road Committee Update
An update on road repair planning, along with recommendations, was submitted to the Selectmen with no action taken by the Board.  This item will be placed on the January 22nd agenda.
On a Martinis/Spencer motion, the Board unanimously voted to appoint Larry Sposato to the unexpired term on the Board of Assessors.

On a Connor/Spencer motion, the Board unanimously voted to approve the DPW Director’s request to dispose of obsolete equipment as listed in his December 7th letter (attached).
Minutes of December 18, 2017
Page 3

On a McNulty/Spencer motion, the following abatements were approved:  residential water, $1051.55; residential sewer, $74.35 and residential trash, $48.50.

On a Spencer/Martinis motion, the Board unanimously voted to accept the minutes of November 20th as submitted.

On a Spencer/McNulty motion, the Board voted, with Mr. Martinis abstaining, to accept the minutes of November 29th as submitted.

On a Spencer/McNulty motion, the Board unanimously voted to open the Annual Town Meeting Warrant this evening and set the closing date for February 9, 2018, 12 noon.

On a Martinis/Spencer motion, the Board unanimously voted to approve the license renewals as listed with the exception of Executive Auto and Stearns R.V.

Under discussion, Mr. Connor stated he noticed that Stearns is not operating and hasn’t been for a while.  It was noted the owner of this establishment was in the process of selling the business.  Mr. Connor made a motion to approve the Class I license renewal for 120 days and at the time, update the Board as to the owner’s plans, seconded by Mr. Spencer with all members voting in the affirmative.

Mrs. McNulty asked if any complaints were received for Executive Auto and was advised that none were submitted to the Selectmen’s Office.
On a Connor/Martinis motion, the Board voted to approve the Class II license renewal, with Mr. Soter opposing.

On a Connor/Spencer motion, the Board unanimously voted to approve the Second Hand Dealers License for Thrifty Witch, Mechanic St.

On a Connor/Martinis motion, the meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Jacqueline A. Bokoski
Administrative Assistant