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Zoning Board Meeting Minutes 10/05/2017

October 5, 2017
Minutes of Meeting

Brian Salisbury, Chairman
Brian Wright, Member  
Arturo Paturzo, Member
James Jeskche, Alternate Member
Joseph Flanagan, Alternate Member

James Dunlea, Member
Peter Gabrielle, Member

Other Attendees:
James S. Kupfer (JK) – Town Planner & Zoning Compliance Officer

7:00 PM
BS opened meeting.  
Welcome to Brian Wright, returning member.
The first item on the agenda is a continuation of 2 Indian Run Road.

Continuation:  2 Indian Run Road – Kenneth and Debbie Pritchard
Variance for insufficient setback of a structure
Sitting In: BS, AP, JD, PG and JF  

JK explained they have planned the placement and size differently and are withdrawing their application.  
AP motion to grant as requested
BS second.
All in favor to accept the withdrawal.

New – 763 South Main Street – Quinton Jones
Special Permit for Home Occupation
Sitting In:  BS, BW, AP, JJ and JF

JK read the Public Hearing Notice.

BS motion to open the hearing.
AP second.
All in favor to open the hearing.

JK explained what was enclosed in their package (application, narrative and plot plan). He explained the reason he is before the ZBA is due to the fact that it was noticed he had business materials in front of his home.  He came to apply for a Home Occupation but after reviewing his situation JK explained it was necessary to apply for the Special Permit for a Home Occupation. QJ explained his fencing business is family owned since 2005.  The majority of the time the fencing materials are delivered directly to the customer but on a rare occasion it must come to his address.  He explained the materials that were noticed in front of his house are leftover material.  He is in the process of changing their chain link fence to a PVC one where they can store the leftover material and small tools.  The board asked what kind of tools he would be storing.  QJ stated small tools and a jackhammer. BS asked if any rooms inside his home were used for the business.  QJ stated one room for his office which is also used for homeschooling of his children.  JK stated he does not use more than the allowed 25% of the habitable floor area. QJ explained he does have 3 employees come to his home along with his son who lives with him. He does not plan on having more employees.  QJ explained that no customers come to him.  He goes to the location, gets the materials and then goes to the job. He does have a dumpster maybe 2x a year. The back yard is fenced in.BS asked why he can’t store material in the back yard.  QJ stated it was too small.  He stated he can store in the front but he needs to put the gate in.  BS asked about how much of left over materials he has on an average. QJ stated a few panels approximately 20-30 feet. The board stated the area is zoned B1.  Jolicouer Doors and a nursery/landscape business is right next door. BS stated it is not completely out of character.  JK explained that the board can put limits on some of the items. The chain link fence goes all the way up that side. AP stated the materials should be stored behind the fence and if there is a dumpster it shouldn’t be there more than 2 weeks at a time. The board agreed that the applicant shall construct a 24 foot x 20 foot 6 foot vinyl fence enclosure to screen in any fencing materials or tool.  JK explained if his business does expand he would have to come back before the board for an amendment to the Special Permit.  Also if any additional employees that are not family are hired then that would go beyond what is allowed and he would have to come for an additional permit for parking. They felt that no more than four employees would be sufficient and QJ agreed.   QJ asked about signage.  BS explained a 1’ x 1’ sign is allowed.  JK explained it is a B1 zone but he is in a single family home and he could help him with that if he chooses to apply for a sign permit. The board reviewed the materials, discussed the use, the area and the conditions they would like to see at this property and the residence shall stay owner occupied by Mr. Jones.  

BS motion to grant the special permit to allow a Home Occupation for a fence supplier and installation business with the conditions discussed.
AP second.
All in favor to close
All in favor to grant the Home Occupation with conditions.

 Minutes – September 7, 2017
AP motion to accept the minutes as amended.
BS second.
All in favor to accept the minutes as amended.

Board Reorganization

AP motion to nominate Brian Wright as Chairman.
BW accepted the nomination.
BS second.
All in favor to approve Brian Wright as the Chairman of the Board.

AP motion to nominate James Dunlea as Vice Chair.
JD was not in attendance but BS would let him know of the request.
BS second.
All in favor to approve JD as Vice Chairman of the Board pending his acceptance.  
                                                                        (*he has accepted)

Minutes – September 30, 2017
Site visit to Lakeview Estates
AP motion to accept the minutes as presented.
JJ second.      
All in favor to accept the minutes.

JK stated he would be inviting the new Town Counsel in to a future meeting.  She will be replacing Town Counsel, Jay Talerman.  

Meeting adjourned 7:45 PM

Approved 11/2/2017