Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission administers Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 131, section 40, (The Wetlands Protection Act) and as such reviews a variety of applications in relation to changes made to a wetland or within a wetland buffer zone. Site inspections and reviews are conducted in conjunction with most filings. In addition, the Commission meets with proponents, consultants, and other town boards to provide guidance and input relative to the specified interests of The Wetlands Protection Act including: private water supply, groundwater supply, flood control, storm damage prevention, prevention of pollution, protection of land containing shellfish, protection of fisheries and protection of wildlife habitat. Lastly, the Commission manages and seeks to expand conservation properties through donation, purchase, or conservation restrictions as well as implement targeted goals within The Bellingham Open Space and Recreation Plan.
Do you have a question or concern that the Conservation Department can help with? Do you need someone to check out your property?
Use the link below to set up a time to call or meet with our Conservation Administrator, Hannah Crawford. 
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Conservation Staff & Board Members

Hannah Crawford

Conservation Administrator

Michael O'Herron


Neal Standley

Vice Chairman

Arianne Barton


Noel Lioce


Steven Kohler