2020 Candidates' Forum Thursday, May 28th 10am ABMI Cable



June 9th is our Town Election Day. Each year, we present a Candidates’ Forum, a collaborative effort between the Senior Center and the Town Clerk’s Office. Obviously, this year we are forced to make many changes to the election process. Therefore, the Candidates’ Forum will be virtual event, accessible on ABMI Cable8; Comcast channel 8 and, Verizon Channel 47. You may also catch it streaming online at abmi8.org. The Forum will be repeated on the cable stations periodically until the June 9th election.

All candidates are invited, and the three candidates for Board of Selectmen have committed to participate. It is hoped that we will also have a presentation both for and against the Proposition 2 ½ Override ballot question.




10:00 AM, ABMI CABLE 8


If you would like to submit questions for the candidates, please email them to townclerk@bellinghamma.org with “FORUM” in the subject line.


Remember, if you are uncomfortable about going to the polls on the 9th  (NOON – 8PM), you may request Absentee (no reason necessary) or Early Voting by Mail ballots on the Town website.