2022 News from the Town Clerk!


From the Town Clerk:

The new year is upon us, and with it comes the time for the Annual Town Census. There are several reasons why responding to the census is important, most notably, the fact the State aid to Bellingham is based on population. Therefore, it is necessary that all residents “stand up and by counted”! The target date for mailing of the Street Listing census forms is mid-January, so expect to find one in your mailbox by the end of the month.

This year you will notice some changes, especially if you are applying for a dog license. Instead of having dog license forms attached to the census, there will be a separate dog license application sheet enclosed with your census. The form will allow more room for multiple dogs, and, a place to record whether a previously licensed dog has moved or is deceased. There is also a space for email address which is becoming more important as a means of communication, so please provide it. Another major change is the implementation of online payments for dog licenses. The application will contain information and instructions on how to apply and pay for your dog license from the comfort of your home.  A bank processing fee will apply.


In 2022, we will have three scheduled elections, and two Town Meetings:

                                                Local Town Election – May 3, 2022

                                                Annual Spring Town Meeting – May 25, 2022

                                                State Primary – Awaiting Legislative Approval of a Date in September

                                                State Election – November 8, 2022

                                                Annual Fall Town Meeting – November 16, 2022

The first day to obtain nomination papers for the May 3rd local elections will be February 16th.

Nomination papers must be presented for certification at the Town Clerk’s office no later than March 9th at 5:00 PM.

Local offices up for election are:

Selectmen (1)                      3-year Term                     1 Open Seat

Town Moderator (1)         3-year Term                     Incumbent: Michael Carr              

Town Clerk (1)                     3-year Term                     Incumbent: Lawrence Sposato

Constable (4)                       3-year Term                     Incumbents: David Brown, Richard Martinelli,

William Paine, William Roberts

Library Trustee (2)             3-year Term                    Incumbent: Nicole Buckley;

1 Open Seat

Planning Board  (2)             3-year Term                    Incumbents: Phillip Devine,

                                                                         Elizabeth Berthelette

Housing Authority (1)        5-year Term                    Tenant Representative

School Committee (2)       3-year Term                    Incumbents:Jennifer Atomonte,

                                                                                 Michael Reed, Jr.

There is legislation proposed to permanently require early voting and voting by mail for all State elections. We will keep you informed as the bills move through the Legislature.

Wishing all a Happy, Healthy 2022!!