New Bellingham Power Choice program price locks in price stability for two years

Bellingham Power Choice

New Bellingham Power Choice program price locks in price stability for two years

BELLINGHAM, MA. Bellingham has signed a new 24-month electricity supply contract with Direct Energy for the Bellingham Power Choice program that locks prices in for two years of stability. Power Choice Standard will change to 11.24 cents/kWh, and Power Choice Green will change to 11.51 cents/kWh. The new prices will go into effect with December 2018 meter reads, which is when the current contract with Agera Energy is set to expire. The new prices will apply to all rate classes, including residential, commercial, and industrial.

The new contract will provide savings when compared with 2018 winter utility Basic Service prices. Power Choice Standard will be 2.48 cents/kWh lower than National Grid’s winter Basic Service price and is anticipated to be lower than Eversource’s winter Basic Service price.

“The Bellingham Power Choice program has been a success for the community,” said Bellingham Town Administrator Denis Fraine. “More than 4,700 residents and business are participating, and we anticipate the program will have provided approximately $440,000 in total savings by the end of the contract with Agera Energy in December. With the new two-year contract, our aim is to add longer-term price stability to value that the program provides to the community.”

All active program participants will be automatically enrolled into the new contract with Direct Energy with their December 2018 meter read and will see the new prices on their January 2019 electricity bills. Anyone who wishes to enroll in the program with the new contract can be added to an enrollment waiting list by contacting the program consultants at 844-241-8595 or via email at Direct Energy will call those on the waiting list to verify enrollment after December 1. Program prices will impact the Supplier Services portion of participants’ electricity bills. Delivery charges will be unaffected by this contract.

The new prices will be in effect from December 2018 meter reads until December 2020 meter reads. During that time, National Grid’s and Eversource’s Basic Service prices will change and may at times be lower than the program price. The program goal is to deliver savings when compared with the average of each utility’s changing Basic Service prices. However, savings cannot be guaranteed, and program participants have the right to leave, or opt out, of the program at any time with no penalty.

The Bellingham Power Choice program is an electricity aggregation, which is a form of group purchasing in which a city or town selects an electricity supplier on behalf of its residents and businesses. The program goals are to provide Bellingham electricity customers with the potential for cost savings, as well as price stability and strong consumer protections. The program offers two options: Power Choice Standard and Power Choice Green. Power Choice Standard is the default program offering. Power Choice Green is an option that provides 100% green electricity. The program provides a town-vetted alternative to utility Basic Service and to other electricity supply offers in the marketplace.

More information is available by visiting the program website at