Starting Tuesday, September 4th E.L. Harvey & Sons Will Handle the Trash and Recycling Service. 



Starting Tuesday, September 4thE.L. Harvey & Sons will handle the trash and recycling service. 

You can expect little changes however these important changes you will need to take note.  


Your pickup day will remain the same, but the time

your bins are emptied may change.  You should

always have your bins out on the curb by 7:00 am

and removed from the curb by 7:00 pm. 


Another import change is if you have any questions, issues or concerns with your pickup or how to dispose of an item you will call Harvey directly.  Harvey and Sons has a fully staffed call center to help you.   As of September 4th - CALL 800-321-3002 for all trash-recycling answers.


For questions about Household Hazardous Waste Day in the late
Spring, you will call the Board of Health for the date. 


Sharps Mail Back Program will be discontinued.  You may drop your sharps off at the Senior Center.

E. L. Harvey & Sons at 1-800-321-3002