TTHM in Drinking Water Third Quarter Public Notice

glass of water

Attached are two documents in pdf.

  1. The official Public Notice required under the drinking water regulations
  2. The question and answer document that provides an up date of corrective actions as well as information MassDEP has provide regrading reducing exposure to TTHM.

We have had good TTHM results for all of 2018.  We continue to be out of compliance and must issue the public notice as we have yet to get back to a running anual average less than the contamination limit of 80 ppb.  We expect that our November sampling will return us to compliance.  Our November 2018 sampling will replace the high results from November 2017 that started our non-compliance.  Our actions and plans moving forward should continue to control TTHM and yield good numbers in November 2018 which will then return us to a running annual average below the limit at all sampling locations.