Live Feed to the Library’s Seismograph, BC-ESP Blog of Recent Earthquakes, and USGS Earthquake Map

  • Click here to connect to a live feed from the Bellingham Library’s Seismograph.
  • Click here to learn how you can monitor the library’s seismograph from your home or any location with an internet connection!
  • Click here for earthquakes recently recorded by Boston College Educational Seismology Project (BC-ESP) sites.
  • Click here to compare our seismograph’s current live feed to live feed of other seismographs in New England.
  • Click here for a United States Geological Survey listing set to show earthquakes over 2.5 in magnitude that have taken place all over the world. You can customize the display for location, time and other information by clicking on the settings button in the upper right corner of the site, next to the question mark.